Give me the rundown on the most important things I need to know about Ukraine

Give me the rundown on the most important things I need to know about Ukraine.

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1.Western Ukraine is filled with non-Slavic Dinaroid-carpathid abominations, Southern part of it with jewish and turkic mongrels. Used to be filled, that cancer spread to racially Slavic Eastern and Northern Ukraine, Aprox. 20-35% of Ukraine is made of non-European subhumans

2. Incredibly corrupt and is EVEN MORE kiked in top echelons of government and oligarchy than shithole that is Russian Federation

3. European or not cockholes flee to Poland, France, Iberia and Norway to do shit tier jobs

4. Local population is pretty racist and there is a good chance of a proper non-kosher revolt or putsch by Azov

5. nice cuisine

It's full of hohols

based and russiapilled

Protip: no one in Ukraine tells the government how much money they really make, the real average is a lot higher than $300 a month

You wish. Entry level jobs in richest Russian cities like Moscow and Petersburg are 20,000-40,000 rubles a month

That's 312-625 dollars a month respectively.

I used to believe Ukrainian women were beautiful, unfortunately I now know they are actually all whores who have taken miles of cock by their mid teens.

Womens there are the most whorish backstabbers you will ever see.

The gender disparity is because 1) men have been leaving eastern europe disproportionately, but also 2) the birth rate is low so there are a lot of old people compared to young, and women are more represented in higher ages

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Here's some rare and important information about Ukraine.

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I like how some idiots took that shitpost in left bottom corner of your post seriously. No one is denying that Ukraine's government is totally corrupt and controlled by Jewish oligarchs and politicans. That's why they need a second Euromaidan (a non-Kosher one this time). Or if AZOV pulls itself together and executes a military coup which is likely gonna happen in the near future.

I just wanted to point out (((Novorossiya))) is just as corrupt and inluenced by people from the same tribe.

You must understand, the crucial parts of the war happened in the beginning. The Ukrainian army was almost non-existent back then.
Nationalist volunteer battalions did most of the war’s dirty work - without getting anything in return by the government.

That's also why Azov hates the Ukrainian government. They never received a proper thank you for literally saving their country from falling into pro-Russia separatist hands.

But yes, of course all heroes in war must be remembered and be credited.

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Ukr*inians are mongrels. Simple as

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Allot of them are cam models and prostitutes too

Colombia doesn't look that bad compared to Eastern Europe

Considering all the watch sellers based in the Ukraine selling new old stock of fancy soviet era watches for anywhere from 50-150USD a pop I'd say some of them are industrious enough to know how to make a living.

>watch sellers


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