Jow Forums on suicide watch:

White Nationalism is considered terrorism.

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if I ever saw someone at a rally or protest wearing that outfit. id be like "see that dude over there? hes some kind undercover police retard"

>35 page report
>less than one page about white nationalism
>one paragraph about breivik and another about a synagogue shooting
>antifa has a paragraph on the same page (no mention about that in the media)
>99% of report is about islamic terrorism


Real White nationalists look like normal people who are sick of being told that they don't deserve to run their own countries.

The worst part is, people who push "diversity" publicly deny that they are anti-white racists, whilst decrying racism, and defining their actions as something other than what they are.

The left has been pushing for a race-war with one hand, and strangling the chance of opposition with the other.

The real threat to the gradualist socialist race-grievance faggots are people who are low-key red-pilled, and keep their power level on the low-low.

Because we look like everybody else until we shoot you from behind your own lines.

Remember Thomas Mair.

Please let this escalate.

Not even once

There are bound to be unintended negative consequences that will arise as a result of this.

why would the establishment being desperate and hysterical enough to slander its opponents as terrorists make Jow Forums go on suicide watch? it's proof we're winning and they're getting desperate

>The left has been pushing for a race-war with one hand
You wish they did, because many of us European Natives can't wait to see it coming

Good, now I know they see myself and others like me as a threat. They're scared.


Don't you have a nose you should be tying vlad?

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>saw a pajeet on the bus today wearing a shirt that said 'punjabi pride'.
Thanks San Fagcisco for supporting racism.

They have been attacking whites the same way for a long time. Now they just admit it

>Russian originate in Northeast Europe near the Baltic sea
>conquest lebensraum in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia
>not Europeans

To be honest suicides clean up the gene pool greatly. Not like you can comrehend covert eugenics, Ramirez


I'm sure whoever wrote this report is like...
> Shut the fuck up liberals before you get us in trouble....fuck....wasn't even really about that....

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Well if you're already classified as terrorists, may as well make some terror. Until everyone on this board goes full Tarrant there will be no change.

>400 years
How does the average American know less about their own country than the average European?

The scariest part for most of these leftist marxists is that we are your average white Americans that work next to them, listen to them complain, and still keep the same sympathetic expression. But on the inside...

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I guess we're officially considered terrorists now, by Trump's DHLS?

Drumpf himself is now a terroist.

They will keep pushing different narratives to get people divided by race and ideology while pushing more technology like Neuralink and AI and just totally enslave us all. Everyone will forget about their physical shell and their race or heritage because we will all be the Borg. This whole thing will probably only last another 4 years at the most and then something massive will happen to change our focal point as a species. Watch the tech and see where it is going because AI and synthetic people makes all of us human totally obsolete and useless in the long run. The elites just want to kill us all off and replace us eventually anyway.

Russians are european dumb fuck

Then what would you call indoctrinating the youth with anti-white propaganda in schools?

It's a prelude to war, and anybody with a brain can see it; first you have politicize your foot soldiers.
Then you Radicalize them.
Then you put a gun in their hand.
Then you have a war.

Americans are such LARPfaggots

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