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How long will the US remain the dominant superpower and why?

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About 12 years ago

The United States will remain the holder of the strongest military on paper but due to it's own geographic isolation, ideological and social discohesion will lose it's capability of force projection and the foreign influence which force projection affords. What sort of superpower has a porous border and lacks the will to enforce it's own laws? We're a paper tiger, friend. I'd give it 25 years until we're completely exposed as such.

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the us is no longer the dominant superpower

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The U.S hasnt been a superpower since 1997.

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we got a good 5-10 years left before the Chinese Hegemony is basically running shit.

The US hasn’t not been a superpower since the 1800s. The question is how much do we exercise that power.
My opinion? Zero. Let someone else take that wonderful position of global violence welfare.

this basically

Sir John Glubb's "The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival"
Your time's up, China will inherit your title, and after them it'll be either EU/some country from Western/Central Europe or Brazil

At least the rest of the current century, no other country on the planet can even dream of accomplishing global power projection capabilities. European countries are culturally pacified, there would have to be a huge cultural shift to make any kind of militarization drive feasible. Russia doesn't have the economy or manpower for it. China doesn't even have a blue water navy yet. Major developing countries like Brazil and India are still entirely reliant on sourcing foreign military equipment. The US will remain a hegemonic world power by virtue of already having the infrastructure and logistics in place to support global military power projection, while nobody else in the world has any realistic path to attaining it anytime soon.

As long as the banking cartel wants them to.

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25 years is too early, but this. UK and France still have their ICBMs, nuclear warheads and subs/aircraft carriers, but they are not fooling anybody.

>China doesn't even have a blue water navy yet.
how long do you think it will take them to get one? All your R&D and know-how is an oPen book to them.

That they have gone over two decades playing world power hopeful without making any progress on that front, who knows. That is just one step of the process though. The PRC could decide one day that they should invest all of their industry into shitting out a massive naval fleet within a few years, but that won't give them power projection capabilities on its own. The US maintains its massive aircraft carrier battle groups thanks to a world wide network of military logistics established over the course of the Cold War. This network relies on having allies who can provide friendly ports all over the world. Who in the world is going to give China access to anything, and for what reason?

Debts. Argentina and Venezuela are opening military based and ports for chinks and ivans. Africa will soon give these same priviledges to them too, so...Yeah

>US a superpower

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Supporting a battlegroup takes more than just having a place to park, none of those countries are capable of logistically supporting a naval fleet. China would have to build the ports and naval bases themselves, and ship in everything required to keep their fleets running on their own. China would be setting itself up for something like this, if they ever attempted power projection under those circumstances.

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