Are they both deep state?

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No just allowed to be stupid


Probably MKUltra victims who are filled up with demons placed in them by their Satanic overlords working in the occult circles behind the scenes of government and media.

no they are organic movements and the media is sympathetic to their cause of saving the world but angry bootlicking dRUMPF incels want to stop them at literally all costs

of course

everyone on TV is controlled

They're coached and controlled, whatever they are

nah. just pawns

they arent directly. They are connected and associated with it through other people. Trust me though. when they get older they will be part of that system


They know these boards are full of pedos so the created and pushed out Greta, who is 16 (and technically legal) but looks like she's 12-13 and somekind of loli.
Only a matter of time till Shadman makes a comic of her.
With all the threads about her being spammed this is 100% a shill operation probably. They want to force-meme her.

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It's fucking hilarious that this kid triggers Jow Forums enough to make 30 threads about it. stay butthurt, you fucking cucks.

Greta is suddenly an angel next to that crazed young man.

ummm biden likes

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imagine being so dumb you think all greta threads are organic

They are one and the same. The same actor, Frankie Muniz from the sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle," also played Adam Lanza the Sandy Hook shooter.

Real thinking humans aren't allowed within 6 niggers of a live broadcast, these kids are impressionable and will say whatever they are told to.

no but they got the same handlers

What does that even mean? How is one “MK Ultra’d“?
I feel like the spooks win every time you go far enough to not buy the globalist bullshit but fall short in your facts, logic, and evidence.

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Manufacturers of agendas scoop these kids up. I think the kids are genuine initially, but of course they get brought in and coached and honed into PR agents and paid handsomely.

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Yes, they’re not human. They are new AI bots. The autism was a glitch in the software.

Considering we have evidence Hogg was 22-23 when Parkland happened, and he was pushed on us as a 'survivor' of a California high school shooting the year before that, yes. He's very much deep state. The fetal-alcohol baby? I think her parents are into some evil shit and are just exploiting her retarded ass.

>everything I don't like is shilling!
you aren't that important, stop being paranoid you fucking shizo

Nah, she's another target that people who fund anti global warming rhetoric choose because she actually gives a shit about something the vast majority of people don't seem to give a fuck about.

Hogg's father is in the CIA so in his case yes.

This. Plus Daisy got sent to Harvard with shit grades.

They are both jewish.

They are products of the deep state. The deep state is ran by a Jew in Tel-Aviv

I unironically would love to be in Greta’s DEEP STATE. FBI come at me!

more like both victims of MK Ultra, which was created by the deep state

This. Thunfish is obvisouly mental challenged as has some fucking gen defects. She once twitters by herself saying that nuclerar energy is clean and would be so much better, before getting "educated" shorly by her parents and "donars" that nuclear energy is bad (caus it wont lead to full scae deindustrialization of the western world).

Living in the epycenter, aka germany, and believing in Ted, at this point I'm not even sure if we shouldn't use those fucking globohomo retards for our own goals. Just go FURTHER. Fucking snap electronics per se. Get the kid out into nature instead etting hooked on their smartphones and talmud vision.

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Flying monkeys of the left. Who knows what their agenda is anymore.

Hey rabbi. Whatcha doin’?

yes but she's also a prop tool that won't be alive in 2030.

Go back to Syria and learn to speak English

Could her face be any more annoying ?

Holy fucking shit you are dumb. MK Ultra takes homage to the monarch butterfly which takes 4 generations of it to migrate down to bumfuck Mexico. It's about doing soft core propaganda throughout the years so you will eventually have a generation that embraces stupid shit like cuckoldry, trannies, and carbon tax as if it were their own original ideas. Go fuck yourself you dumb faggot ass cake boy. Go be a newfag in your little gay baby pie corner.

Revolutions are always carried out by the young generation.
The Hippies are trying to spark the young generation to think that eco-Communism will save the world and they are heroes.
The reason Revolutions are always carried out by young people is because they think they know everything but they are super easy to manipulate, because they don't actually know much at all.

She is

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>Jow Forums NPC catchphrase #52

Greta looks fucking disgusting.


Jesus Christ Jow Forums boomers are fucking stupid

>haha you’re not important but it’s also the main hub of Nazi radicalization that needs to be shutdown haha

his dad was in the FBI for like 25 years. Now he works for Cubic

unironically. who the fuck thinks a person is let on the air of a multi billion dollar company that isn’t blackmailed or have their nuts in a vice.

nice reading comprehension you fucking mutt

>asspie makes UN speech
>trump tweets about it
>it blows up on the chan
>must be a conspiracy

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Why do they look so similar? Weird Tbh

>implying anyone isn't deep state

i think maybe they were grown in a lab

I'm a german, you stupid jew golem. What in the fuck makes you think a shitskin would advocate against technological slavery and using what we have to get to our goals?

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Sounds about right

hoggs sister has the same basketball shaped head as Greta

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They both have weird fucking faces

American brains can't function properly dur to being clogged with jew cums and McDonalds grease.

Sensible policies for a happier Europe. Go Germany!

No here's the true deep state.

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>Revolutions are always carried out by the young generation.
Well, that's wrong. Anything else?

Delet this

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check this shit out. I barely had to do any work

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They both literally have crooked mouths, and dead eyes. There's something odd going on.

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ill let you in on a little secret. They were both created in the DARPA labratory

They are being used by the deep state, but they do not realize the game they are in.
But yeah, deep states need faces in order to brainwash the masses. And most of those faces know it and play their part (Clintons, Obama, Bush, May, BoJo, Elliot Higgins from Bellingcat, etc.).

Antifa are technically contracters, so no, not the both of them.

They prolly are fucked in the head.
But I see that face everytime someone who is immature tries to affect gravitas or affect an air of maturity that they in fact do not have.
Once you notice it, you see it everywhere.

eyerows and earlobes....

You'd have to be retarded to think that either of these isnt a mouthpiece of the deep state. They just are both of the "useful idiot" variety, naive children brainwashed for their entire lives by propoganda until they had absorbed so much they simply became it themselves. You shouldn't hold animosity to either one for their ignorance. One day, when either one of them realized fully how they were manipulated and used, they will feel a heavier weight of guilt and self disgust than I can imagine

if by "deep state" you mean physically and mentally defective then, yes.

ive never seen these two in the same room

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Very good point. Checkem

I have a hunch they have both been to Epstein's Island, got their heads fucked up and became the perfect pawns.

if you ever read David Hogg's reddit posts before the shooting, you may change your mind


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Who is this girl on the left and why am I seeing her everywhere

Ohh needs to be corrected

seeing them next to each other like that really makes me realize how much her face looks like a square

Both have been "conditioned" or brainwashed. Puppets.

Yes, anyone who the media pushes is controlled. The real question is, how are the elite trying to scam us this time? Wealthy families have been scamming the goyim for generations. They use the media they own to push these scams.

can some drawfag make me an image of daisy hogg and loli greta taking turns on an ar15?

They're just puppets. Basically "think of the children" told what to say and likely make some tidy money of it. I don;t doubt they believe what they say. But only children can get away with saying tings as retarded. Lefties are learning that if adults say this emotional reactionary shit they get laughed at. So find emotionally stunted autistic kids to do it for them so it has more of psychological appeal. It didn't really work with can't remember the guys name. Bluntly too old and male. Now young and female..."such virtue, such innocence". An attempt to play directly into peoples parental nature.

donations to orgnizations, buying shit, non profits and all that crap. its like a big racket

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David is a jew, so yes.
Not sure about greta, she's retarded so that increases the likelihood of her being a jew.

Well for one she's a nazi

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Yeah, has that weird look too

Both useful idiots and pawns for globalists. Hogg kinda damaged his rep for obviously milking it all for what its worth and perving on girls for pity pussy (he has a #metoo coming before this year is out).

Potato Thumbtack will fizzle out when vids of her parents' abusive coaching sessions are leaked (they beat her for forgetting her lines).

>MK Ultra’d“
Rape, torture, and other trauma at a young age to produce multiple programmable personalities.

>Jews control the world secretly
>Jews are actually retarded
Pick a fucking side.

Greta can suck my dick. I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body.


No, but their handlers are. The kids are just brainwashed.

matter of fact, look at OPs pic of Davids eyes and tell me they dont look like every other mass shooter out there. glassed over

This is it. They feed twitter what they want to hear and it shits put cash. They only exist because money and 'muh what about the children. '

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One of them is clearly mentally retarded why did they put them in their opposite roles are the people who made these characters mentally retarded? oh wait they are. ahahahahahaha fucking retards ahahahahaha

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Jesus that's an ugly child, someone pls kill her already

useful idiots

she seems a bit downsy doesn't she, bit of a moon face innit,

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I'm just here to call someone a nigger before i go to bed
You're a nigger