NIGGERS. In Hungary. NIGGERS in MY city of Budapest. Niggers on the bus, niggers on the tram. Please America...

NIGGERS. In Hungary. NIGGERS in MY city of Budapest. Niggers on the bus, niggers on the tram. Please America, take you NIGGERS and get the fuck out of MY country!

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How much did they lower the standards for that female to become a cop?

ok but you must send Hungarian women here too in return. 1 qt per 1 nigger.

What kind of beat are you rapping this to?

Form a gang and start stomping them in camera dead zones

Thats THE ONLY language nonwhite subhumans understand - extreme violence

20-40 attacks like that and it will be known around Africa, Middle East and Asia that Hungary is a dangerous hostile place

maybe she is an excellent sharpshooter and has amazing driving skills? There are some skilled fem police officers in Eastern Europe

Throw out of your country them before be too late!!!

What are you talking about? Hungary is one of the few European countries that is proud to stay white and not allowing immigrants there’s no blacks in Hungary

you can't run mate every city is going to end up blacked from moscow krakow to Tokyo it's over

Everyday, I see more and more niggers. Last week I saw a mixed couple with a hideous half Hungarian/half African mutt baby. This must stop now.

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Same here, fuck the JEWNITED STATES.

Sorry user but your government has already paid in advance for a shipment of bbc to satisfy your women. The purchase is non-refundable.

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I'm guessing your women are to blame. They usually are.

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Form a gang like rus here said.

I've seen videos from Poland of men driving down the street blasting the Nazi anthem full volume.
Be like Poland.

Those skills do nothing when it's time to put hands on a nigger.


Tops reddit r/dankmemes bro

don't worry, Budapest is just a waypoint, they'll be heading towards uk/Germany/Sweden very soon

For the love of god, whatever you do, don't feed them.

Where? I barely see 1-2 a week. But gypsies are an other question.

Reality check. She sucks the chief's dick.

It depends on if the Jews run your media, or how much JewSA media your culture consumes. If you are only now starting to see this`stuff, there is still time to put a stop to it.