I really think this is his finest work

I really think this is his finest work.
Trump’s mastertweet

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>bright and wonderful future

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these greta threads are annoying as fuck. But I have to agree that tweet was pretty funny

Trump is hanging with his Jewish masters so much, he even adopted their inside jokes of double thinking.
>happy young girl
such a sad ageing teen
>bright and wonderful future
in her words there is no future
i really doubt you will make past your fame 15 min
>so nice to see!
i dont give a fuck about you

The mad lad strikes again.

Trump Classic
Trump spends way too much time on Jow Forums


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I swear to god trump lurks here

Trump is such a fucking chad.

Trump had been knocking it out of the park lately. He called Chris Coumo, Fredo like 4 times yesterday

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I was watching his new mexico speech and someone asked about the sanctions on Iran. He said " I think sanctions are a very severe form of winning"

I am a registered Dem and I'm voting Trump just for the memes.

I would be sad too if my mother drank with me in the womb

Trump treats her like she is -a precocious child to be patronized but ultimately ignored. Now let's talk about anything else.


Implying people with money browse Jow Forums

If anything by now it's become quite apparent to those paying attention that Drumpf is the Master at trolling, like the time a reporter brought up Ilan Omar marrying her brother he said "You should look into that"

>it's real
This motherfucker.

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I doubt he has time to lurk in this shithole of a site. But I bet he pays someone to do it for him.

God I love our President!

I'm betting on Baron being the inside guy and of course groomed by his older brothers.

Some do, believe me.

of course he does

OK this is epic.

My best friend makes close to a million/year after taxes and he loves lurking this shithole. We're more f/a//tg/guys, but Jow Forums is fair game with happenings.

how can you expect people to care about 100Years in the future when we are convinced not to have kids

somethings "up" with here huh?

rent free

Usually mark dice is gay bit this was good

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the only people who speak at the UN are people the politicians are using for publicity. First it was the fags then the cunts and now this climate cunt.

Uhhh yea what do you think Jow Forums is bro???

She looks like she had a mouthful of chowing tobacco

nah, Mark Dice is still gay.

Jesus christ what a gay retort.

>after clicking "don't recommend this channel" and "not interested" to everything about this dumb girl

you think maybe they overtuned the "verification" update?

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How long till she is irrelevant?

Duh. Ya think?

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This one was my favourite


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She's a sixteen year old kid...

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doesn't matter, epic thread, libtards BTFO epic style MAGA fellow pedes!

Put this kid on Offical The Apprentice edition suicide watch

absolute kino

shit this one was old the last time i was here; don't you guys update your playbook?


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I wouldn't bully Greta if I were you. I don't think she is from around here.

Actually it’s penniless niggers who don’t browse here the anons who do browse here are a 50/50 split of white privilege males and Jews all of whom ha e money in their pockets

Holy shit that girloid is totally sending dark energy at POTUS.

Someone post the video of her being turbo spergy

Greta is from germany or something.

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I can't believe a nazi like her is allowed a platform

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Is that right?

Most orthodox jews in israel are dirt poor tho

This just proves that Trump isn't a real person

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Holy shit it’s real. Kek I love this crazy bastard

The Democrats / media milk everything as long as they can, Stormy Daniels, Christine Blasey Ford, the Mueller report. When it's clear they can't wring anything else out of it they drop it and move on to something new. When that new thing doesn't work out they reassess the things that they might have been able to squeeze a little bit more out of and try again.
So, to answer your question she will be dropped soon enough. Something else will replace her and then when that doesn't work a while down the line you're see her pop back up again.

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Trump is a feta cheese robot.

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Lmao she's such a cunt

Shots fired

I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body.

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I don't know, the one about Ariana Huffington's husband turning gay sure has staying power.

Thats what making children for bullshit so great.
If you put a childs face on it, then any criticism can be directed to said child.

The fucker barely sleeps, do you think he stops at a few tweets? If that wasn't him posting black cock webms on /tv/ an hour ago I'll eat my hat.

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Gee I wonder why everyone is getting cancer

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Bump for Greta.

This is true I took a year-long assignment in New Paltz and a lot of my work took me down to the area around Kiryas Joel the big Orthodox enclave.
Apparently almost everyone who lives in that town is on some sort of social assistance program and literally every child in the entire city has been declared disabled by the state of New York so they can all attended the same school together. Apparently a few members of the community do hold jobs and are able to support some of the other ones but mostly it appears to be public assistance. Also their townhouses didn't look that great and the parking lots are full of old beater cars.

i love how the weird angry little girl gets eclipsed by big chad president. cinematic :)

A lot of big people browse Jow Forums. Less and less so because of its decreased usefulness and research, but there are still a lot of fairly big names.

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You think that destroying your environment is smart?

Do you shit on your front lawn?


Haha! Yes, fellow Democrat! I too am a registered member of the Democratic Party. That said, this President's antics leave me in a most excellent humour. I too plan on voting for him in the 2020 presidential election! Haha!

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What could possibly go wrong?

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that's bucolic and not bubonic, don't get it twisted yo

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Hard core orthodox jews don't use condoms so they multiply fast, the men are expected to just read the Torah all day and the women take care of the kids, so no money is generated. It's probably the most retarded culture out there, maybe with the exception of Germany.

Looks like a modern plague mask though...

You gotta admit... Looks like a war scene...

GM corn set to stop man spreading his seed

Whoops you have been sterilised

at least that was a tasty burger


Except no City in the u.s. actually looks like that. I'm pretty sure there aren't even any cities in China that look like that

Stop projecting. Not all of us are pathetic wageslaves.

Delete this

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Dude you are absolutely spot on. It is unfortunate such a bizarre little girl is singing the same tune. Maybe she's a double agent for Monsanto?

She's right though. Trump is just slurping his masters cut cock like always.

zoomer btfo by boomer

All you have to do is [spoiler] eat the bugs_________________________________ [/spoiler]

Yeah that manipulated stock photo picture isn't anywhere on that list either. Did you actually bother reading it? No city listed actually looks like that. The header photo was just another manipulated stock picture

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Literal poetry.

She is an autistic Swedish girl(male)

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Me? Destroying the environment?
Western nations are the world leaders of environmental conservation and lowering environmental impact. With processes, systems, legislature and guidelines in place in all western countries to follow. Which in turn is constantly validated and improved upon.
Almost the entire amount of negative environmental impact comes from Asia, South America and Africa. If we could just get these regions to catch up to our nations and follow what we do then the world and the environment would be in such a better place.

Does this happen? No, instead you mindless dumb fucking idiots regurgitate absolute bullshit by your masters because they know western people would happily give them billions of dollars and even more constrictive laws in our nations. The regions that account for a good 90% of all environmental problems don't give them shit, hence they are almost entirely ignored.