This is literally what christcucks, kikes and muzzies worship

This well endowed deity is what these semite cultists have been killing and dying for for millennia

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No that's just some Canaanites scribble.

There are 16 non political Christian threads up right now I counted

Guess which one the mods will chose to delete, the Christian non political spam or the one anti Christian thread

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It’s literally written in ancient Hebrew, not cannite, and it was found in southernn Israel, which was never a part of cannite territory, on top of that the name written on it is literally mentioning ywhw and other jewish deities

But nice try, man s got to cope

You are aware that both the canaanites & edomites worshiped both El & Yahweh before jews did right?

Thats not what god looks like. God looks like this. He lives in a big tree in heaven. And watches over the humans.

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It's a mix of several entities from different religions and cults in a patchwork of nonsense. Their texts are like that too.

>there are people on pol right now who follow that unironically and think they're redpilled


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This is how atheists literally worship science.

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Pretty much...

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that was produced sometime in around the 800s bc in the northern kingdom. that means in the reign of omri, a powerful but wicked general and usurper, his son the weak willed ahab who was ruled by jezebel, or his son after him.

the books of kings and chronicles describe the times in which those like ahab reigned, and when the great prophet elijah was sent in a dire mission to guide a small remnant, seven thousand, who had not bent the knee to baal., as well as warn the king and queen to repent.

during this era kings and chronicles clearly describe that the people had taken the worship of the Almighty and syncretized it into babylo-ugarit mythology, blasphemously having God Almighty married to astarte and having baal as sire.

this is shown inthe archaeological record.this disgusting graffiti proves how depraved the northern kingdom was becoming. sadly the southern kingdom was not far behind in wickedness.

actually the Christian thread. they have been fighting back because jannies are niggers and have been deleting Christian threads while not deleting obvious antichristian shill theads.

Duh, we've known for a long while that the Jews originated as a tribal polytheistic culture, not so different from their relatives the Phoenicians.

See; all the references in the bible to human sacrifice and burnt offerings

Based American Horus

Not really sure how i'd shove the pic related up my arse but i'm sure you could ask the right guy.

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>fighting back

You christian newfags came here and started spamming and shilling. You really are just like jews.

>cries out as it strikes you

Christcucks have a hard on for persecution

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The fuck?

Christians love consuming flesh and blood.

>The Feast of the Circumcision of Christ is a Christian celebration of the circumcision of Jesus in accordance with Jewish tradition, eight days (according to the Semitic and southern European calculation of intervals of days)[1] after his birth, the occasion on which the child was formally given his name.[2][3]

The circumcision of Jesus has traditionally been seen, as explained in the popular 14th-century work the Golden Legend, as the first time the blood of Christ was shed, and thus the beginning of the process of the redemption of man, and a demonstration that Christ was fully human, and of his obedience to Biblical law.

The feast day appears on 1 January in the liturgical calendar of the Byzantine Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.[4] In the General Roman Calendar, the 1 January feast, which from 1568 to 1960 was called "The Circumcision of the Lord and the Octave of the Nativity", is now named the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, and the Octave Day of the Nativity of the Lord. It is celebrated by some churches of the Anglican Communion and virtually all Lutheran churches. In these latter Western Christian denominations, the Feast of the Naming and Circumcision of Jesus Christ marks the eighth day (octave day) of Christmastide.[5].

Never thought I'd say this, but based American

There is no such thing as hebrew.

Hebrew translates to "nomad" in canaanite.
The jews spoke canaanite, phoenician, aramaic and greek.

The modern hebrew language is a constructed language. It's is not organic. It was developed in the 1880s. An amalgamation of canaanite, greek, phoenician and proto-assyrian.

Whoa, never knew that. Well, here's another WMD to use against the christcunts. Thanks, Ameranon!

No problem. Try living right alongside christcucks here, you would hate them even more. My state (ky) is absolutely infested with them.

Yahweh is a minor babylonian deity. The hebrew(nomads) were babylonian apostates that were exiled for impiety(human sacrifice, orgies, blood libel).
They rendered Yahweh (their patron god) the only true god, probably influenced by the fledgling persian empire (Medes).
The exiled jews moved to arabia, in assur, in phoenicia (the city-state of the shekelesh), in cyprus, and even egypt (ramses II was welcoming).

The whole jewish/christian mythos was developed in phoenicia, by the nomadic babylonian exiles(jews) and the Shekelesh(sea people). The Old testament they still worship, it was developed there.

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Please, you speak as if I don't already. Christcunts everywhere, with a few mudslimes here and there. I'm from Semberia, which is in Republic of Srpska. A lot of Serbs here, ergo ,a lot of christcunts here

Can you make the drawing a little shittier? I can almost make some of it.

Tell that to the (((desert cultists))). It is their doing, after all.

this is underrated
Also you fags, use the "sage" option so that you don't bump the thread when ypu reply.
type sage in the "Options" window when posting.

True. Yours might even be worst. I guess Zionist Christians might be a bit rarer there though.

No zionist in a large radious around where I live. Hell, people don't give two shits for any part of the world outside of the Balkans, and Israel is no exception.

I mean I guess thats kind of based at least. I wish people here would stop giving a fuck about israel, sperging about the middle east, going on about muh Russia muh China and instead look in the god damn mirror.

only 2 types of people where i am. zionist christcucks and commie leftists. they hate each other but ironically fight for the same end goal.

>same people in atheism
>become pagans
>christ was a jew posters
>hebrews are modern day talmudist jews
>paganism is the true european religion
It amazes me still how false people are. Christ is the truth. Only through him can you achieve everlasting life.
The only people who hate Christ, are those who hate the truth.
This is how I know a talmudist when I see one.

Lol, literally. There's a picture of leftists and coshervatives standing on a wooden board over a cliff, fighting with the *autistic screeching* pose, on the safe ground, a Natsoc offices is calling a libertarian standong on the board so it doesn't fall to come with him, to which the libertarian replies: "Does it look like I have a choice?" or something like that. Can't find the pic now, but it perfectly describes the state of America and the (((western civilization)))

Research how the pagan Saxons were treated by (((christian Charlemagne))), and then reconsider your post, brit.

>pagan saxons
Who gives a fuck?
Christ is the truth and the way. Your sperm chugging, tree worshipping Odin shit is far more degenerate than anything on this earth. Not only that but you have transgender and black gods.
Your religion was so failed, so useless you built nothing under it. You practiced rape and debauchery. You murdered indiscriminately and left nothing behind other than what Christians chose to preserve.
Meanwhile under Christ we spread across the world. Persecuted the modern talmudists as the enemies of truth and our greatest holy book, the literal word of God himself warns against the talmudists and that they must never be trusted or welcomed into the lands of the Christians.
And what writings, what defence do Pagans bring against the jew?
Oh nothing.

>slaughtering whites and forcing them to become neo Jews? Who gives a shit!

H*lla based christcuck

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>pagans literally go around murdering and pillaging whites for centuries until Christians cannot ignore them anymore
You're lucky we got you to convert and be part of the white chosen of God instead of raping pillaging animal fucking faggots.

Seven dimensions of reality.

Revelation 4: 5 And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.

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he is called chad god, god of all the chads. only by worshipping him may u ascend into chadhood.

Lol, keep dreaming, smelly christcunt.

So people who follow indo European gods of their ancestors aren't white but yahweh converts following a foreign god with a foreign chosen people, mythos and characters are?


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>indo european
Your fucking odin worship isn't even as old as Christ is you dumb fuck! You think that the ancient aryan religion has anything to do with your fucking animal sex world tree bullshit? Holy fuck have you even read a vedic scripture before?

Lol, no, you silly christcunt. Christianity is the main cause for the most brutal wars among the whites.

Little boy, everything in christianity has been stoles from paganism, whether Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Indian or any other. You have no right to speak on the matter.

>small animal fucking tribes go out raping and pillaging
>christians go out and conquer the known world and create the greatest minds and inventions ever conceived and are one with God
If you fancy being a pagan so much why don't you go to Scandinavia and live in the mud and dirt not appropriating anything us Christians have given you you dumb fucking pagan faggot. Why don't you go back to fucking sheep too.
PFFFTTTT You have absolute no idea about any of those religions and the fact you think they are all somehow related is incredible in it's stupidity. What on earth do you Odin semen slurpers have to do with Egyptian or Hindu religions?

jannies are christcucks. They always remove anti-Christian threads while keeping up all the Christian generals and all the other christcuck threads.

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Ignore him, he is a troll

Dont call it paganism of you dont want then, thats basically christcucks word for goyim. Regardless what is now known as paganism INCLUDES indo European faiths. And if youre saying indo European faiths are not white youre a fucking retard.

>doesnt even know the indo European roots of Hindu

Why are you even posting if youre this stupid?

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No Christians have called people Pagans since we wiped you scum fuck animal fuckers and sperm eaters off the map.
When we conquered India we didn't change their religion. We even let them keep their kings. Partly because they weren't disgusting animal fucking, sperm guzzling, raping faggots.
You've not read a single vedic scripture. You don't even speak Sanskrit. You don't understand that at the core of Hinduism is Brahma from which all things come. Hinduism and proto Hinduism that the Aryans worshipped is monotheistic you dumb fucking american scum.

What have Christians given Europe, pther than a desert cult which polluted their minds for over 2000 years now?

Pagan = non-abrahamic. Everything which is not (((judaism/christianity/islam))) is pagan. As simple as that.

Stop embarrasing yourself, little child, for the wolves of Europe are merciless. Don't cry to you r sky daddy when they get you.

that foot could probably heal your sickness

>what have christians given europe
Literally all civilization stems from Christianity and Christian values. This isn't even accounting the huge number of Christians who were behind the development of ALL modern technology.
You can't be this fucking stupid. Holy fuck you people really are just the rebranded (((Atheist))) community aren't you?

No shit, Hans. I just like to have fun while I can.

A nigger foot. Very holy among cuckstians.

Well, hope you enjoy hitting your head against a wall.

>all civilization stems from Christianity and Christian values

Even if that is true, you speak of it as if it's a good thing. Civilization is a monstrocity. It exist only because the (((governments, ageiculture and desert cults))) exist. Christcunts are unable to survive without civlization and technology. They fear Nature, that's why they constantly destroy it. And thatwill be their undoing when the )))collapse((( comes.

geez man all you need to do now is say nothin personal kid, and then tip your fedora. your flag is gay and so are you.

hahaha so what discord did all you fuckers from leftypol and cuskstianity gather to? fucking shills.

Wouldn't be my first time (in both contexts). Not that I have anything smarter to do.

>Research how the pagan Saxons were treated by (((christian Charlemagne)))
Ah yes instead of being a pagan shithole we became royality in a bunch of European countries, got a complete monopoly in the North-sea area and yes, stopped being a pagan shithole
The pagan Saxons wanted to initially revolt against the Franks, under their leader Widukind, but then he got curious and decided to convert Christianity and became the stemfather of the reborn Saxonia
And look where it brought us. We were the center of Northern Europe for centuries until the way around Africa was found and the focus shifted to the Netherlands
I guess that's when our actual cultural decline started, whereas our Christianization brought us into Golden Age, and now 300 years after our decline people made up some genocide of our people
Where does that originate from?
Entirely in their minds, as they do not know our history and how our chronics worked
They think we were opressed pagans, but in reality we slaughtered pagans around the baltic seas until even Lithland, the last bastion of Paganism finally succumbed. We are hunters of pagans, we are the victors, not some "victim of genocide"

>Civilization is a monstrocity

varg is as faggoty as death metal and throat rock. i wish infinity would come back so you shills could fuck off.

Dying for anything else, including your family, is no less arbitrary. You're going to die anyway, i doubt any of us here will ever get indefinite life extension assuming such a thing is even possible.

explains their worship of BLACKED
only he who is most well endowed may seed the tribe

>everything up to the 1950's was a monstrosity
No it wasn't it was fucking glorious and beautiful. Individual nations believing in their individual cultures. Cooperating and wary of each other but uncompromising in their beliefs and standards.
Do you know when things started to fucking slip pagan kike? When you kikes and atheists came in. Like a cancer. Rotting us from the inside. Kikes forced your atheist pagan new age ways on us. Slowly eroding morality because the reality is you atheist kikes have no morals. No standards. You are malleable.
You will do the most evil things if you believe it's in your interest.
At the core of every Christian is selflessness. The willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice for nation and God.
At the core of every atheist and pagan fag like you is selfishness.


I wouldn't attribute it to Christianity, Sub Saharan Africans have been Christian for centuries and look at them.

they are livin in the delusions of newage and pagan boomer academics and hippies. its embarrassing.

Kid I've been here before you had internet access. Piss off.

That is the fundamental evil with abrahamics. They despise and vilify the natural, the beautiful, all must be tainted.

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actually no they were largely pagan until recently.

interestingly the aksumite empire was probably the best nigger empire in africa and it was Christian

The truth is you beleive what you believe, you do what you do, and whatever happens happens.

There is no safety, death will get to us all. Maybe before old age, maybe some incurable disease will make our lives miserable or take us out the game before time does. Perhaps only the wealthy elite will ever get indefinite life extension if such a thing is even possible.

>Individual nations believing in their individual cultures

Says a guy from a nation which is the greatest conqueror the world has ever seen.

>At the core of every Christian is selflessness

It's not true morality if it's under the threat of hell, or temptation of Heaven.

"heh... nothin personal, kid"

>I wouldn't attribute it to Christianity
You can only attribute it to that, if you know the history of this country
Because the history of Saxonia, that is Northern Germany, only began when we became Christian and part of the Catholic Empire of Carl I. who isn't known to us as the great without reason.

And right after Lithuania succumbed to cuckstianity it accepted jew and turk immigrants. Total (((cohencidence))) I'm sure.

>christcuck argumentation

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Ethiopians have been Christians for centuries i believe, and SSA Africans in general have been Muslim ever since they made contact with the Arabs or Christian ever since they made contact with Europeans. Many of course remained Pagan, or combined the Abrahamic religions with their own Paganism.

I attribute it to both race and religion.

Paleo-hebrew is a real thing.

Of course it is true morality! People will do what they want unless there is a reason not to. Fear is a good reason. As is love. We make choices and we must reap consequences from them. True morality is understanding choices and understanding their consequences.
It is from God that true morality comes. From loving his creation and protecting what he has given us.
Meanwhile atheists and pagans turn their little boys into little girls and go on pride marches fucking in the street without shame.

When my nation conquered the world we did not rob people of their beliefs. We only showed them ours. This is why our colonies are so successful today. We always respected individual cultures but showed them that they could achieve ours if they believed in what we believed.

It's not.

>Biblical Hebrew (עִבְרִית מִקְרָאִית Ivrit Miqra'it or לְשׁוֹן הַמִּקְרָא Leshon ha-Miqra), also called classical Hebrew, is an archaic form of Hebrew, a Canaanite Semitic language spoken by the Israelites in the area known as Israel, roughly west of the Jordan River and east of the Mediterranean Sea. The term "Hebrew" was not used for the language in the Bible,[3] which was referred to as שפת כנען (sefat kena'an, i.e. language of Canaan) or יהודית (Yehudit, i.e. Judaean),[3] but the name was used in Greek and Mishnaic Hebrew texts.[3]

Haha, all you guys do is fight. It shows how far away you are from God. Clouded by anger.

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>We always respected individual cultures but showed them that they could achieve ours if they believed in what we believed.

That's nonsense, Indians will always be Indians and Africans will always be Africans. It's racial, it doesn't matter what they believe in.

If you don't think the culture and beliefs the British brought to the Indians has nothing to do with their success you have fully lost the plot.

You can be a Christian and also be a racist White supremacist, The Bible is very ambiguous about many things and often contradicts itself. It can be interpreted to suit many views on race.

Stop posting jailbait you obvious pedophile. Go burn in hell.

It's not true morality, because you will do the good dead because you want reward of heaven or because you don't want to go to hell (selfishness), instead of doing the good deed for the sake of doing the good deed and because you care (selflessness).

> Casually swipes the Native American genocide under the rug, hoping nobody will notice

No, if you put the Indians in a deserted island and gave them all the culture and beliefs of the British they would still be Indians at the end of the day.

I doubt there is a Hell.

>Huurrrrrrr only the elite should know the truth that there are no gods, and do as they please, while the slaves should be brainwashed to believe there are.

Anger is a flame, New Age child. It will burn you if you don't know how to use it. But it will awaken you and become a powerful weapon if you achieve mastery over it.

I ment it metaphorically. Pedos should be shot in the back of the head.

fuck off christcuck newfag

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There is only power and opinion at the end of the day, nobody is innocent IMO.

It's all bad.

We exist for whatever reason, we live, we get sick or old and then we die. Or we perhaps get murdered. No idea what happens afterwards, if anything.


Based Nord. May your kinsmen be set free from the (((globalism))) and return to the old ways.

What do you believe in? and please just answer the question don't bring it back to how much you think Christianity is bullshit.

And yet let's look at the history of it. Christianity kept people moral and chaste for thousands of years.
Meanwhile in the last 60 to 70 years of atheism, new age paganism and other anti christian bullshit we are the most degenerate, disgusting people that have ever been without a hint of morality.
How does that fit into your assessment pagankike?
If the Indians were not colonized by the British they would have been conquered by the muslims. Not to mention the extreme effect we had on their rule of law, economy and logistics. We revolutionized their country in a matter of a hundred years from a desert shit hole into a functioning nation.
Read a book nigger.