Hmm No wonder they are the same. Both are symbols of evil and failure

Hmm No wonder they are the same. Both are symbols of evil and failure

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>has a literal anus hole on his flag

The separatists had another similar. It's fucking confusing.

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There is still some hope left

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Except the Sith were the good guys.

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I see absolutely nothing wrong with this

>Le star wars mamay

The Black Sun is a symbol of esoteric thought itself.

It is the light that cannot be seen by the uninitiated.

It represents that those who live in ignorance, are blind.

>The Black Sun is a symbol of esoteric thought itself.
>It is the light that cannot be seen by the uninitiated.
>It represents that those who live in ignorance, are blind.
looks to me just like another variation of the all-seeing eye with solar association

Yeah, it's also a solar symbol with calendrical associations, pertaining to the number 12.
But that's because it's a solar symbol, and seasons are a solar phenomena.

The reason the sun is "black" because it is a gnostic visual metaphor.

The pyramid and eye relate more to the power dynamic of those who possess vision, and those who do not.


This Sith did nothing wrong.
Peace is a lie.

Dont forget the connection to the twelve Aesir of the Germanic/Nordic pantheon

it's jewish mysticism bullshit, Cletus. I'm tired of playing the game by (((their))) rules. Too bad you are brainwashed in ways to avoid noticing this.

Uhhh guys

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Name a symbol not used by a Jow Forums boogeyman.

Hahahahah why are kike shills so scared of the Sonnenrad?
For some reason they are ok with using swastika for their tricks and deception but they are up to a smear campaign against the Sonnenrad instead.

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Star Wars is gay as fuck, but that guy makes a good point, maybe I've just misunderstood the franchise all these years?

Good eye.

>Analyzing symbols do determine what they mean is Jewish
I'm trying very hard not to call you a jungle monkey, but you are trying my patience.

Absolute retardation. The symbol is a grade school level joke that was foisted onto you by nose people.

you completely ignorant slut.

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Funny enough, the philosophy of the Sith was heavily inspired by Nazism. Look into it.
Also the black sun is a bullshit larp symbol used by people who misunderstood the insane ramblings of Blavatsky, a schizophrenic witch who didn't know a goddamn thing and misinterpreted authors throughout her heavily plagiarized texts. See Guido Von List.

>it's always da joos, they're so almighty they also dictate your own symbols! Stop using them goyim!

See? It's afraid.

Not at all, maybe is a forced meme, but ita use in various cultures and the background of its symbolism is explained in one of DisgruntledLeafNetworks videos. Also, name a symbol that isnt a jew counter psy op MK ultra whatever, schizo.

1488 though am I right? Look up that number in Gematria. You've been fooled by them your entire life.

Bad form to talk about that which you know nothing about.
The Sun-Wheel is an ancient symbol of mystical significance in the ancient world, and is found in myriad variants across the world.
The precise form and meaning changes over time, but "The Black Sun" is a particular variant on that form.

Do you hate ancient history and culture or something?
Are you afraid of something emerging from out that old night?

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That is the Veneris Rune, Rune of Venus, and also of the Rune of Completion. The Hagal-Rune is the Rune of Pisces, and the Veneris Rune is the Rune of Aquarius.

The Haegl-Rune is the union of HE/SHE, that which occurs at the Crown Chakra. In this system there are two chakras above this, the Black Sun and the Green Ray.

The Veneris rune has two distinct symbols - Two Haegl-Runes joined together.
The Haegl-Rune 'pierced' with the Spear of Sagittarius.

Whereas the Haegl-Rune represents the union of HE/SHE, this one goes beyond, through the 'Black Hole' (Void) where is seen the burst of the Green Ray. 'Pierced' through with this Green Ray this rune is the Rune of Completion where the Initiate is 'reborn' with the Absolute I, just as his SHE is reborn the same. They are united but separated.

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I don't believe in that semitic shit.

Why would a Natsoc use Jewish esoteric numerology to determine anything?

Are you a double-nigger?

This is interesting, tell me more.

Had a guy come into my work a few days ago with a tie that had that symbol on it, I served him and the woman he was with and he tipped me like shit. Also, I seriously feel like I'm being watched. Interesting.

Do you suffer paranoia?

hexagon and six point star is symbols of saturn, but you are right.

The black sun being made pop culture right now is a direct result of Lt Col Michael Aquino's working at the Wewelsburg Castle and unleashing the forces of darkness over the United States. We are just witnessing the end result of demonic seeds sown decades ago. This is also part of the MindWar agenda. Seriously, they are just assuming that this whole Jow Forums thing will continue forever and the cover won't be blown wide open. Aeon Of Set is already destroyed and your time of MindWar psyop is coming to a close shills. Truth is about to be revealed!

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but this is the symbol of H1B success!

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