How does transferring wealth to the third world decrease CO2 levels?

How does transferring wealth to the third world decrease CO2 levels?

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why do they have to reinvent something? what's preventing china from using 'green technology' when they're the fastest rising economy in the world?

Yes, I'm sure the funds we send to highly corrupt developing nations will be appropriately earmarked and utilized responsibly.

Because it sucks.

Complete retards actually think that third worlders are literally poor first worlders, and that dumping cash on them will eliminate sociopathy and barbarism and add 30 iq points overnight

It doesn't

I can't wait for the entire Western world to completely cut their carbon emissions only for China to ramp their own up by x10, thus ensuring a Chinese global state which will last for a few decades before the inevitable societal collapse produced by agriculture becoming unfeasible. If I'm still alive by then, I'm going to have the biggest "I told you so" rant to anyone who complains about the state of the world and probably kill myself some time later.
>mfw ending the coal industry turns Australia into a 3rd world shithole

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>Complete retards
Yes and no. They think they're making a difference by hiding being a altruistic persona. There is only good except for what I see bad and what I see bad is bad. It's psychological manipulation starting from grandparents to parents and now them. The original ideas of counter culture has become ingrained into a paternal image needed for them to raise children properly and without this the world stops turning.
They call it selflessness but, there's enough psychological and social reinforcement to where it becomes selfish for them to spread altruism. For example being told that you're no longer allowed to be a member of the club if you don't buy a latte and talk about the suffering of brown people causes psychological pain so you better buy three of each.

>open borders
>first world collapses
>all civilization collapses
>no more industry
>handful of famine/war survivors emit less CO2

I'm a little surprised by that one

please explain the wealth transfer

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>lower the national IQ of the first world
>they can then still maintain their standard of living

Yeah no

Not all slippery slope arguments are fallacies

Carbon taxes

carbon taxes are just stupid
it will just go to our political class' election cycle
if you really want to help the third world buy directly from us and not through big multinationals. They're the big polluters here. Carbon tax is just another way to gatekeep real entrepreneurs from doing business

Basically. Nobody likes them

Why not just build 10 large nets? Boom problem solved.

>"BUT THAT COSTS MONEY" - China and India

I don't want to help the third world. I want you all nuked off the planet.

Because of course, if we clean the rivers, those hardworking, wise people will automatically cease throwing their trash into it. Genius.

Calm down there with your brainpower white devil

nah just nuke all these rivers problem solved

Why do white people make those poor victims of color destroy the planet.

>China and Africa
Wow, never saw that coming

The cost of recycled plastics are more expensive than manufactured ones so the problem isn't going to be solved any time soon.

africa is china

im pretty sure manila is gonna get nuked by some false flag bullshit CSTO vs. NATO in some 10-20 years
but it's all part of the process. Do you even know why the jews are fucking in power? The book of Maccabees tell it all. No one remembers the Seleucid empire? Ptolemy? Of course, the same reason no one will remember WW2, or the USA, China, or any of that bullshit. They'll just lump up all these shit as part of the "French Revolution Era" like how we think about the renaissance or the medieval time.
In 500 years Filipinos are gonna be the new Jews and Blacks the new Whites. It's prophecy, I can already see it

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Well we ship all our end of life material there.

End of lease on our machines, ship them to Africa/Asia let them take care of the waste once they are done with the equipment and we can wash our hands in innocence.

Same with china and it Co2 emissions.

Lets buy everything 'made in china' so we can point at them and say we are "clean".

You're all a bunch of dumb fucks who can't watch beyond anything you are fed by propaganda.

Everything is connected motherfuckers.

It just does! Now pay carbon taxes, AND EAT BUGS!!!