Rapists should get the death penalty

Think about it.
Random rapes would continue for about a month until about 200 people got arrested and sentenced to death.
Suddenly nobody's interested in raping people in the USA anymore.
Within months, this exposes Planned Parenthood and all super anti-abortion SJWs.

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pro-abortion SJWs*

because only legit rapes lead to convictions and there is no corruption whatsoever, obviously.

If it wasn't for rape then Jow Forums would never get laid. Oh wait that's right you cucks don't even have the confidence to rape lmao

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In this example, only DNA forensics in front of a Grand Jury and after a thorough, speedy, and definitive investigation occurs.

China puts drug dealers to death
That's why they have such a huge hand in big pharma and also the black market

If they know they’re getting death they’re gonna kill the witness.

Well violent murders also typically get the death penalty so that just fuels the fire-
Women are gonna have to literally commit felonies to fake rapes in this instance.
Suddenly you'll have Democrats coming out in mass opposing rapists getting the death penalty.
It's a pretty good move on the chess board

But rape isn't even a thing.
It's a feminist hoax.

On top of that, you'll see more tangible evidence come out in these cases:
-more people will have video cams in their homes/cars etc
-more obv examples of intent will be available re:cell phone activity, smart device (alexa etc) activity, and the like with 5g coming any minute now

Exactly. And it's not AR-15s or AK47s that are having their triggers pulled.
Wish I could think of a law real quick that could end the current gun control (gun grab) movement.


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no, rape isn't life threatening by itself. Devoid of emotion surrounding it, Rape is an assault just like any other physical assault. If a violent assault takes place, then it is no different than any other violent assault. We already assign it much higher seriousness than other assaults because of rape's emotional context, so no more extra needs added on top of the extra.

Not saying it is.
It's more of a problem than an existential threat-
However it does curb some of the savage behavior brought here by uncivilized nations.
It sets a standard.
Also it exposes tons of people as frauds

make all crimes death penalty
crime stops
infallible logic

If you really believe that, you're as dumb as a nigger

As much as i like to joke about rape, yes, rapists need to be killed. Ofcourse unless we go by the modern liberal definition of rape, in that case i'm pretty sure that i raped to sometiomes.

Rape is a meme.

What is needed is public executions for false accusers.

Preferably public burning on stakes.

So point it out, right?
Cuz if a meme affects our current reality, shouldn't it at least be accurate?
Nobody actually supports rape except people that benefit from it

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>rapist should get death penalty
ok, what should false rape accusers get then? or are you really to entrust your life on the whims of the women?


'if X crime had the death penalty it would completely stop' is always wrong.

Sometimes people act without thinking things through, caught in the moment without pause to think things through. Sometimes people act in the confident belief that they will not be caught, and hence no punishment could deter them since they believe it will not happen to them. And sometimes people are just too mentally unsound or savage to make logical decisions at all.

Rape is literally evolutionary imperative. If a woman is not protected by another male, being raped is her fault. If that other mail is too weak to protect her, it is again her fault for not choosing someone better and/or smarter.

discourages the majority of rape accusers (not wealthy) from pushing a rape accusation-
It can easily cost the accuser money to hire a jury.
Been through it.
Luckily I won, otherwise I'd have had to basically pay the jury

Rapists should do hard forced labor like in the ancient times. Eliminating the need to abort. A baby could be given for adoption and paid for by the hard labor. And I mean the type of labor that people wished they would have the death penalty.

>definitive investigation
no such thing, get enough money and you can get any investigation result you want

Rape is not that common. Most rapes reported to the police are bullshit; a woman regretted it later, or cheated on a spouse and are now trying to cover it up.

not all crimes
just ones that fuck with normal human behavior
nota good descriptor but ones like murder and rape.
Just tryin to say the laws should be enforced rigidly esp in countries like the US and most EU countries- so many immigrants, gotta put the walls up ya know

Not a bad alternative to nerve gas

>Woman consents to sex
>doubles back and claims you raped her
>DNA evidence convicts you
>you die

Exactly. Nobody will believe the bullshitters after a few months of ZERO RAPEs

This is the nature of most rape cases, this is why there would have to be a statute or something to claim rape.
You got like xyz amount of time to make your claim or else you don't fall under xyz law
I know this is the line and it makes me sick.
esp with so many transgender and aggressive homosexual males raping other men and shit.
Bottom line- say something or shut the fuck up.
If you get raped and you're too weak to say something, now there are laws to protect you and tackle sex-trafficking organizations that might want to kill you if you go public.
The laws can be very simple