Why dont you degenerates admit you are destroying the world?

Without morals society is doomed.

>Abortion is murder
>Sex for non reproductive purposes is degenerate
>Adultery should be punished by death (sex before marriage is a form of adultery)
>Divorce shouldnt exist
>If you arent having a white family you are actively contributing to the death of the white race
>Mind altering drugs are a method of control over the population(notice how every tv show and movie for the last 50 years has promoted weed as cool)
>Slothly behavior and inaction is just as bad as those who take action against us, get off your ass and start building the future you want to see
>Forgiveness is unironically important as people like the boomers were tricked into destroying the world and we need to forgive to move on(If we were in their situation we would turn out the same though our hubris tells us otherwise)
>Justice must be served for progress to be made, forgiveness doesn't mean enacting injustice; For example you can forgive a child molester by giving him a swift and painless death when he deserved a violent and torturous one. Justice and forgiveness will be served without unnecessary violence.
>Duty above all. You have a duty to your race, your family, your friends and even your (white)neighbors. This duty will involve sacrificing some amount of your time for the betterment of those around you. Nothing gets done when we all focus on ourselves.
>Specifically as a man you are obligated to give more than you get, this will never change. Accept it and embrace your superiority with a humble mindset.
>Diligence is required to stop yourself from being taken advantage of, focus your efforts where they are needed and NOT where the jews need it. Form communities outside the current structures of society, work under the table, feel no guilt for sidestepping the kikes.

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>Hierarchy is deeply rooted in our psychology, you must both exist within a hierarchy and NEVER accept an injust or incorrect hierarchy. Superior leaders make superior organizations, the difference between a liar and a leader can be felt at an instinctual level.
>Memes are expressions of the mind, art of the soul. The only bad meme is the meme you havent made yet. If you make ten thousand shit memes and one good one your efforts will be justified. (memes can be anything, they are more than funny pictures/videos)
>Prejudice is a cancer(no I dont mean the nigger hating kind). When someone makes a small mistake and you project it upon their entire character you sacrifice their entire potential. The white race has so much hidden potential, no matter how dumb and pathetic a young man may seem within them lies genetic strength of how many generations of soldiers and kings. The "white trash" meme is both true and completely false.
>Learning takes time. You will fail 100 times before you succeed, focus on not making the same mistake twice and you have the secret to accelerated learning. Niggers think that failure is defeat but that couldn't be further from the truth.
>Never despair, this is a war that we cannot lose. If we lose we wont exist anymore. There is only victory, no half measures.

Making excuses for your poor behavior is nigger tier, we must be beacons of light in a dark world if we want any progress to happen. They fear the righteous zealot more than anything. Will you take up the cause?

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I didn't even read your post OP to know you're a faggot

>sex before marriage
>punished by death

Feeling bitter about some Stacy? Tell us about it.

here is your (you)

Every country, every moral system and every person before the 1960s agreed on this law. Its a universal truth that degenerates want to pretend didnt happen.

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Why do Jow Forums neets think they have the competence to police everyone else's behaviour? you faggots can't even get your own shit together

>before the 1960s anyone having sex before marriage was executed

nigger you are historically illiterate

>sex punishable by death in 1960s
factually incorrect
besides being a little autistic, you're mostly right.

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Why do Canadians think they have the authority to judge anything, their flag is a fucking leaf.
Even by the 1960s the laws were corrupt, but they did agree that sex before marriage was a disgusting vile act. The further back the less corruption existed. 1960s was just an easy target due to the "sexual revolution".

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You wouldn't be punished by death, you would be humiliated and banished from the village in the US if you were caught being degenerate- which was being a faggot, a dyke or fucking out of wedlock. Families would actively send you to a mental hospital or a nunnery if you were found masturbating or fucking a whore.

>hides flag
guess how I know you live in a third world country

>you are destroying the world
I see nothing wrong with this.

If I can't have a reasonably comfy place to live with a nice plot of land to grow food and indulge in hobbies, then I see no reason to allow anyone else to do so, or to allow them to do anything at all. This is what society gets for cultivating a "me first" attitude about literally everything. I am now a gibs me dat, and I'm quite happy to burn down anything I can't have, so fuck you. We all capitalists now, Jewnigger.

Defeatist cuckold. Whining like a child that didn't get his desert. Why do you explain your situation to me? I know why, because deep in your heart you know what you are doing is wrong and seek retribution through my words. All I can say is to just kill yourself if that is all you can bring to the world.

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because at the end of the day, an emergent administrator, actually many of them throughout history, thought they had the best damn ideas for every damn thing.

things became things became modes became systems... really dependent on concepts that may have never considered welfare anymore than ostensibly or have any use in the era they're being applied, and they've ended up "growing" humanity into a ceiling

we are all becoming cramped because we're forcing our huge ugly feet into delicate glass slippers that aren't designed to function, just to look good on paper

nobody asked to be born, it's hard enough to survive, and their efforts should be their own to decide, whether they want to work for a living or crack you over your head for your wallet.

basically you're an up-jumped babbling executive program and you know it, your systems only serve to make life more a shit, and people should suck and fuck as long as they don't create more sufferers

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>Being this butthurt
OP, please go outside for once.

That's a pretty cool painting

>I exist within their ruleset
I know you do faggot, you see the world as a box that cant be changed. Whats a billionaire but a meatsack full of blood ready to be spilled. If even 1% of the white world became moral the entire would would change overnight. The world is changed by man, not the other way around. We make the rules. Dont say it always is and always will be when one man can press the button on a nuke and forever change the face of the world. The only limits are those you place on yourself, cuckold. You fell for the authority meme.

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>didn't get his desert
Oh, yeah. I also want a desert. Too much fucking humidity around here, I could use some dry space. But that's in addition to the other stuff.

>We make the rules
You make no rules, you must shit like all of us, like all of the "lower" things around you; The Emperor of his cell, the rules of which are as thick and immutable as any wall

so pretend? Pretend myself up a struggle like some bad reading of Nietzsche and overcome it?

what I choose to say "get fucked?"

what if more choose to say this than not?

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I guess you guys are right, I missed an s and thus everything ive written is junk. Well played. Lets submit to jewish authority.

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I dont really care about what people like you think. My point still stands.

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>I dont really care about what people like you think
you really should, it seems I threaten a great many things in your sphere, when we fully take over, our Utopia will make Sodom and Gomorrah look like a sewing circle

>My point still stands
gonna have to stick a flag on which stretch of that meandering exercise was the point, I'm afraid I've missed it

going to get high anyway, toodles!

(good luck with your systems that always end in nightmares-with-more-steps)

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I also want the kind of authority the Jews have.