Technology will be our downfall, Jow Forums

Technology will be our downfall, Jow Forums.

First, the internet has kept people indoors, destroying the once-sacred sense of community that kept people together. Community is extremely important for preventing social isolation and promoting a sense of unity among people. That is now slowly withering away as more people stay inside and fester. People rarely know their neighbors, or help out those who are in need. Before the time of instant gratification, people lived fuller, more content lives. They were more socially involved, and relationships were more meaningful. People may not have had much but they had each other, something far more valuable than the materialistic goods that we surround ourselves with. Second, social media has given rise to horrifying degeneracy and replaced meaningful culture with shallow vapidity (See Morgz and the Supreme brand.) Memes are a perfect example of the damage that has been done to society by social media. As real, tangible social ideas have fallen apart, meme culture arose as a surface-level attempt to compensate for the new societal void, but is about as effective as a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound. The truth is that the West is breaking down. People are depressed, suicidal, and doing drugs in insane numbers. We are unable to process the fast-paced overload of information from our TVs, computers, and smartphones. Of note is the proportion of information which is overtly negative and often conveys a sense of impending doom. The constant feeding of this information overwhelms us, making us turn to drugs, porn, etc. to help us cope. It also prompts people to adopt a sense of nihilism, further leading to more degeneracy and destruction of social norms, "Because why the fuck not?" Most of us do not care about the future or the world at large.

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Every weekday, when I go to my high school, I see a generation that is shallow, self-centered and nihilistic, drifting along with no real purpose. I fear that Gen-Z will be the straw that broke the camel's back, bringing societal decay to the breaking point and ending this great civilization that we call the West. All of this can be traced back to the technology. It has possessed them, to the point where they know nothing but what exists on Instagram or Reddit. There are no real opinions, there are no real interactions. People are programmed to say what Anderson Cooper says, or to think what Ben Shapiro thinks. Friendships are nearly meaningless, having become little more than the real-life projections of interaction on social networks. Gen-Z has become a generation of nihilists, fakers, and degenerates.

I am also greatly concerned about technological advancement as it pertains to surveillance and tracking. There will be cameras on every street equipped with facial recognition technology, tiny drones that can fly into your home and record your every move, and robots monitoring every square inch of land. Even more frightening, scientists have recently created a primitive form of mind-reading that can roughly create images that test subjects are thinking about. If said technology is further developed (which it undoubtedly will be, what government could resist?), there will be no more privacy anywhere in the world. Everything that you think, say, and do will be known to somebody. Most likely, information gathered from these technologies will be used to persecute those who think differently, or who have negative attitudes towards government, etc. Orwellian would be an understatement for this shithole.

One more point that I would like to make is about the rise of automation. Tasks that were once commonly done by man are now done by computer-operated machines. As a direct result, we have chipped away at the strong and honest work ethic that once defined the West. People are lazy, dishonest and expectant of everything being done for them. We no longer want to reap the fruits of our labor, rather, we want someone or something else to pick the fruit and place it in our hands. I fear that the human race is becoming dumbed-down because of our reliance on modern devices. Why read a book and learn something when you can do a quick Google search and forget about it the next day? Why learn how to read a clock when you can just ask Alexa for the time? I think that it is now a strong possibility that the future of humans is much like the future created by H.G. Wells in Time Machine, depicting a race of moronic, naive people who have all of their needs provided for, but are weak and subject to predation.

The other side of automation is that of the economic replacement of working people. Every day, factories are adding robots that can do the job ten times faster and ten times more precise. Manufacturing workers will be hit hard at first, but the replacement will begin to progress up into the more knowledgeable disciplines as technology advances. We will soon be left with a society composed of a massive underclass of unemployed welfare recipients who are subjugated by a small, extremely wealthy class who owns all of the factories and robots within them. Life in such a society would be unimaginable, and may God help us all if we get there.

We’re fucked, guys.

What is more damaging to body tissue

streaming media via 4g
streaming media via wifi

>Every weekday, when I go to my high school


This user. Too bad this thread will die because everyone is gonna TLDR. Basically all the things we complain of can be traced back to technology. No computers/ games = no incels. No mass electronic media = less lefty propaganda. No planes/ fast transportation= less Shitskin immigration. This isn't even the issue either, simply put, we aren't evolved enough to be doing half the shit we do that technology has allowed us to. We're all living unnaturally and many are miserable as a result.

You're on the right track, but this is actually a misnomer. What's happening right now is already, nearly, full surveillance; however, what's presented to the masses is being heavily edited to misrepresent reality. For example, if you don't believe the president spends most of his time performing bodily functions, including fucking Melania, or spending time with his family: you aren't living in reality. It's important to not believe in the presentations people are creating around themselves, the Bible tells us that if you put your faith in man you will be disappointed. It is of Satan and I know not why these characterizations permeate so forcefully. If you're smart enough, you'll even begin to notice that "live" television, isn't actually live to begin with.

The people behind it burn in hell forever, so that ultimate question can rest here, but the answer is to not let the written word replace reality. It falls to each of us to maintain scope on our persons and ensure that we do not let irrational behaviors permeate.

> the new generation is not doing as I did when I was their age
> they must be degenerate


Technology is something good you underaged nigger.
you have no idea how shitty life was before the internet and smartphones.
so fuck you you stupid fucking mouthbreather, dont like it move to Africa.

t. 35yo boomer

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>life worse without internet and smartphones
Go fuck yourself you imported fake german. Teddy K was right about everything
t. 36yo boomer

>Teddy K was right about everything
he literally wasn't, he was a dumb cuck.
>20 years of research
>cant even figure out its the Jews
>bombs random people
>gets caught and sits in prison like a nigger

fuck that dumb shit.

Actually read the manifesto then come back to continue this conversation

The tedpill is too strong

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No thanks, I wont waste my time on the ramblings of some mentally ill retard.


So you only know the world through your high school and the internet, what a knowledgeable and wise person you are!

>no thanks I'll continue to argue about something I have no understanding of
Yeah HE'S the retard

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He obviously didnt know shit and had no clue what was even going on. His pointless actions are proof enough.


500 years from now, our sacred communities will be our online connections

Yep you're still much smarter than a literal genius and are able to argue against something you sincerely don't understand. No need to read or learn at all

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It will be the tool of our ascension. If you can't see that, you are quite dim. Let me guess, OP - you don't even know how to program, aren't you? If not, you can't really comprehend the full power that is just step away. The "wealthy" wouldn't do shit, because ascension would require personal skill, it would be deeply personal task. You can't just buy it.
But it surely would be the bottleneck, and certain peroid of chaos should be walked through. Not many would reach the end. But isn't that how each great reformation were? There are still apes and other primates in the world, even after human emerged.

>a literal genius
he wasn't a genius.
if he was so smart why didnt he bomb the jews?

You're either actually retarded or this is an ausbro trolling through a VPN. No german since 1945 has been capable of that level trolling

Even the strongest of animals is afraid of fire. Even the best of the humans is in fear of the great beyond.

The world is shit and has always been shit. There is no smoking gun.

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Hating technology is equivalent to hating the human brain. It's literally just tools created by people. Luddites are just fags who suck at making use of them.

>cant answer such a simple question
Seems like your recluse uncle ted wasn't as smart as you think.
guy lived like a hobo and was too dumb to figure out even simple concepts. then the autist did a bunch of pointless crimes, shilled his shitpost through a newspaper and now sits in prison with niggers.
If THATS a genius for you I dont wanna know what you call dumb fuck, you probably just look in the mirror

Oh look, a zoomer that took the Ted Pill...

Here you go, complete with link

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the autist only knew how numbers work, thats all.
and despite having such a "high IQ" he was still a moron who couldn't figure out its the Kikes or how society works.

thats why he ended up as poorfag in the woods eating worms and now gets buttfucked by niggers.

It's all sad but true.

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chicom demoralization thread
just throw away the smart phones and destroy the mind control transmitter masts

You're right about his end result. Him imprisoned is not ideal. However your argument is that hes wrong in his views about technology and retarded in general. Unequivocally wrong

>dependancy and slavery = ascension
you are brainwashed, dude. the problems caused by your beloved technology would persist and even get worse with each year. We are humans, a part of a natural ecosystem. If we fail to synchronise with nature and God, we will extinct ourselfes.

And for the record you have no idea at all about what his views on society are because you haven't actually read them. When I want to learn more about a person or culture I read and learn. Whether that's Mein Kampf or the Talmud I actually learn.

>If you're smart enough, you'll even begin to notice that "live" television, isn't actually live to begin with.
you could have a 90 iq and know this

Merkel's pet nigger

If he was so bright why doesn't he researched drones, form a swarm of them and, using them, didn't bomb those he sought responsible? Where his IQ were when it was time for real deal?

>Technology will be our downfall, Jow Forums.

Better pray for a carrington event

You depend on your brain. Amoeba does not.

Weak bait but I'll bite. I don't think you understand when this all happened

his views about technology and everything ARE retarded BECAUSE he didnt figure out its the Jews or how it all works and who is behind it.
He had no fucking idea what was even going on and then just made up his own headcanon as he went insane.

because he was a mentally ill nutjob living in a small cuckshed in the woods, he couldn't hold down a real job.
Its a somewhat sad story tho, the man got betrayed from day 1 by everyone and this continued through all his life, made him bitter and he lost focus.

>Technology is something good you underaged nigger

No actually, smartphones are a military device used for targetting people. They have already killed thousands of people and caused terrorist attacks.

if you had a better argument you'd just say it instead of beign abusive.

>It will be the tool of our ascension.

Incorrect, it is the tool of our incarceration in an artificial grid.

It can be used for good things and for bad things.
there is more positives to it then downsides so its overall a good thing.

>Hating technology is equivalent to hating the human brain.

Actually no, the human brain is far superior and much better at everything, but they keep you dumb so you buy their consumer products.

>It can be used for good things

No, smartphones cannot. They are a threat to everyone and always were.

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OP is absolutely right in his first two blocks of text, and likely on automation. The people that may come to rely on self-driving cars will forget how to operate a normal one, or do so very dangerously.
Especially with people forsaken written media sources for search algorithms, they comprehensive picture of knowledge that a full and complete read of a book will give you is vastly superior, more well-rounded and certainly lasts longer, if not permanently in your mind compared to the glossing of ephemera on the first result of wikipedia. That, and the common perception is that the wikipedia or google search is ALWAYS right, even on absolute mysteries of science (which do exist), spirituality, meaning, faith, or anything personal or abstract.
People surely do think their lives are meaningless, because they base it on their social media, which they've seen rise, go bankrupt, and change right before their very eyes.

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Its all military technology poorly managed and a lot of it should not be used by civilians.

>The entire wisdom of Mankind in your hand and a couple of finger moves away.
>is not a good thing

stop sniffing so much glue and petrol you fucking abo.

You are an absolute utter fool.
The wisdom never sits on your hand.

>The entire wisdom of Mankind in

wisdom? doesnt militarise the public nor does it track children nor does it mindcontrol nor does it result in the deaths of thousands of people, sorry.

do you like your wisdom delivered in a hand grenade?

There is nothing artificial. If you look close enough, current systems are result of natural pressures (often biological). They emerge because of the same rules as older ones. Resolving this for yourself would be needed to step over the barrier.

well do you?

It does if you are not a dumb nigger too stupid to figure out how to get it.

you are way too dumb for this conversation

>There is nothing artificial

artificial intelligence is artificial clearly. the chemcials used in the phones are also artificial. the doping of the chip and the lithium batteries are toxic. the internet is a military device. smartphones are a military device. two lethal weapons in the palm of your hand.

do you understand?

So where are you originally from? Somalia I'm guessing considering your apparently room temperature IQ

>you are way too dumb for this conversation

No, but i think you might be.

Maybe the language breaks down here.

example ; the apps in my friends phone alerted the algorithm to where i was. a man came out of nowhere provoking conflict.

i have learned to stand my ground and stay completely chill at the same time.

you wont understand why the internet is coded a certain way, nor how it is possible that i should be targetted by default, but i am, and so are millions of other people, every day.

>artificial intelligence is artificial clearly
Why? From tree's point of view, walking is quite foreign and artificial construct.
Why tie yourself to your body so much?
>the internet is a military device. smartphones are a military device.
So as your hands.

>the human brain is far superior and much better at everything
Human brains create tools that perform functions that can't be done by fleshy bits. You might be retarded.

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stalking via technology is a crime. that is what geolocation is. a crime. against civilians.

>>artificial intelligence is artificial clearly

because it lacks the glands in the brain. it is 100% fake and based on human left brain intelligence. they harvest dumb people's thoughts and make artificial intelligence out of it.

fake, and dumb.

if my IQ is room temperature yours is the average temperature in a cold basement.

>but muh retard "genius" who couldnt even figure out basic concepts and was a hobo said technology bad!

your posts reveal you have no clue what the fuck you are talking about you stupid nigger.
now fuck off.

>Human brains create

lethal devices, military devices, used to stalk and track and provoke and kill.

dont think your comfort slab is your friend unless you enjoy being the host of major parasites and targetted by algorithms

Nicholas Cruz.

lmao imagine being this retarded, where the fuck are these retards coming from?

>your posts reveal you have no clue what the fuck you are talking

I do know. Have you done the research?

>lmao imagine being this retarded

I know, imagine saying artificial intelligence is complete without the glands, or that left-brain dumb people should be harvested for their thoughts so machines can learn.

Very retarded indeed.

shut up you dumb fucking abo. you know nothing.

I am anti social by nature and was this way before phones came along.
Ill be fine.

>Technology will be our downfall, Jow Forums.
Uncle Ted agreed.

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brb have to step out for supplies. great convo so far and thank you to OP for beign brave enough to share their thoughts.

some of you obviously need to hear them and wouldnt feel so triggered if you werent so dependent on a little ego device.

>shut up

No. but its interesting how triggered you are.

We are in a transition period that is moving rapidly. It seems scary but everything's gonna be alright

I wonder how such a demented dumb nigger as you has the mental capacity to solve the captchas here.

why would you listen to some hobo that sits in prison and gets fucked in the ass?
he couldnt even figure out its the Jews that run the show.

Boo hoo, native americans got run over by whites using gunpowder and now low level wagies get run over by robots., just like God intended.

I can end your silly argument by pointing out that "artificial" means something that is a work of artifice.

The modern meaning of the world artificial only came into use recently and its kind of meaningless.

yeah dude, its always the jews (pol logic)

Full house checked and I have been thinking the same about him. I still maintain he's an ausfag with a VPN

It literally is always the Jews, they are causing all the Problems.

you really got no idea how modern technique works
No dude, things are more complicated than the jews, i can give you some clues, but you may be too retarded to understand, I mean jews (pol logic)

t. Jew

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the jews are only a group of people looking for power, just like the russians and the chinks, in the long run this hypercompetention will desestabilze society taking us for a fun collapse

Jew or not, the problem is technology, der willen zur macht

Do you have any links to articles about the primitive mind-reading you mentioned?

Who fucking cares? Humans were worthless without technology. They were just clever animals with short lives.

Literally the only thing that matters is technology advancing to the point where we enable the next stage of development. Artificial intelligence, nanomachines, whatever the fuck it will be that surpasses us entirely.

Its the Jews, stop trying to defend them you stupid fucking memeflag kike.

Technology isnt the problem, the Jew is the Problem.

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Here you go

but some technologies are totally moronic, nigger technologie, like social media. But is impossible to talk about that if somebody has the mentally of

>Who fucking cares?
NPCs who fear that a robot will replace their pointless wagecuck job.

When you look behind the veil regarding many things through history, you tend to find that this is exactly the case.

The whole human history is tale of collapsing in the right direction.

>Social Media
Its only so shit because its literally ran by Jews.
Jews are always the Problem.