Ok, wtf was this shit all about

ok, wtf was this shit all about

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the script

It's his 23andme results, all americans have that reaction when they see them

Settle down there chink

Dubya looks like he was about to backhand her for talking.

its about the last time we saw GWB in public i'd say.

>our promise to counter

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This faggot again. Down syndrome, is it rare among chinks?

Canada is 5% Chinese, America is 15%+ black. If I'm a chink then you're 3 niggers at the same time

He looks very shaken, almost as if he is watching the last remnants of the Nation he was elected to protect being ushered away.

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Awww yeee. Jeb is a mess.


>Canada is 5% Chinese
Yea but it's 100% gay.

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>best girl
noice desu ne

America is the gayest country in the world, stop projecting

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No that's when when we had faggot Obama.

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>America wasn't America when we voted in an african twice
yes it was

>coping with memes
seething mutt

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Their dad is dead.

It's sinking in.

End of story.

Can we stop the psycho schizo shit?

A little reality might help prep you cucks for watching Big Liz sworn in as the next President without having a shit-flinging nervous breakdown.

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>like it just hit them at the same time all at once they saw his name on the memoriam program

go be a moron somewhere else

They all took their hands from their hearts once the casket passed them. It's just a coincidence that Laura showed Jeb something while he put his hand down. Stop being paranoid schizo. Nothing to be concerned about.

Jeb was upset because late George wanted to use recycled paper at his funeral but mommy Bush just pointed out that new paper fresh from the amazon jungle was used.

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We understand. We've seen who leads you. You're lashing out and it makes sense.

The webm of Hillary looking at her unvelope is great. Not everyone got one as you can see Carter beside her looking for his.

>what did the note say

you voted for Obama twice

Probably hilldawg memes

you'll note the two SS agents behind
George the non-executed one?
watch them look directly at the camera.
the tonsured one is just reaching
to button up his overcoat.

what do you think habbened throughout
that non-funeral?

they were all handed notice. it wasn't just
the bush clan. anyway, what she read and showed to Jeb was a statement about the
dead man in the coffin and what was about to habben and the living George has turned state's evidence.

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He came out in favor of Kavanaugh after Kavanaugh's recent sexual assault accusation. I believe they have Jr. on some shit.

honorary aussie

GWB personally lobbied Senators to vote to confirm Kavanaugh. Hell, Kavanaugh worked closely with him in his own White House.

When you are in line for execution, its gonna sink in that you got caught committing treason against the greatest country to ever exist, and that you are going to die for shilling on the internet.

the current president is pushing for global acceptance of faggots, brainlet.


>trust the plan

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A few cut frames from a porno shoot HW did in Panama for Noriega while HW was just a Congressperson.

Good lord, shouldn't that absolve him of the brownface scandal? He is full retard.

Jokes on you, I'm pure 100% African