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>Biggest peacetime repatriation since WW2 begins in £100m effort to bring stranded Brits home

>Sex education lessons in UK schools advise kids aged 6 about 'touching private parts'

>Jeremy Clarkson in 'psycho seagull' hell

>Firefighters tackle Binfire in Weymouth

>Labour pledge to give all foreign nationals living in UK right to vote in general elections

>Remainers turn on Jeremy Corbyn as 'Stop Brexit' man demands Labour leader QUITS

>David Blunkett: My party has been ruined by intolerant, incompetent extremists

>Newfag goes on one man mission to ban Fren poster, FAILS

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>Good Morning Brexshiters, you looking foward to getting BTFO later.

Seriously though i hope i dont see her smug face later

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Lads what do we reckon is gonna happen in the supreme court today?
Sky News were saying earlier that apparently the "mood" has shifted against the government but surely they won't go back on what the high court has already said?

I be surprised if the gov wins desu, as they dont want brexit and the judges are all probably lefties

I want to believe that at least some judges take their job seriously.
I mean, the high court ruled in favour of the government, so why shouldn't the supreme court?

Hell Night 2019
Mass Action isn't just for communists.

Britain’s covert wars

The SAS has fought here since 2001, longer than any war in the regiment’s history, according to some sources.
The public was told at the end of 2014 that British forces had withdrawn from Afghanistan. However, some British troops stayed behind to help create and train an Afghan special forces unit. Despite officially only having “advisers” in the country, British covert forces have consistently fought Islamic State and the Taliban.
By 2018, the SAS was reportedly fighting almost every day in Afghanistan, usually in support of Afghan commandos leading the battle against the Taliban.
In February 2018, Britain doubled the size of its SAS force in Afghanistan from about 50 to more than 100. One newspaper reported at the time:
“The commandos will conduct kill-or-capture missions alongside US special forces and come under the command of the American-led Joint Special Operations Command. Part of the force will be made up of 15 snipers who will be part of a specialist unit tasked with killing Taliban commanders.”
In July 2018, “dozens” more special forces troops were sent to Afghanistan as part of a contingent of 490 extra soldiers deployed to join the almost 650 already there.
By March 2019, the Pentagon was asking British special forces to play a key role in counter-terrorist operations in Afghanistan. This followed US President Donald Trump’s decision to pull US troops out of the country. It was also reported that a contingent of the Special Boat Service (SBS) is operating in central and eastern Afghanistan.
In 2014, the government stated that it had ended its drone strikes programme in Afghanistan, which had begun in 2008 and covered much of the country. It is believed that all British Reaper drones were withdrawn from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. Yet in 2015, British special forces were still calling in airstrikes using US drones instead.
Overall, British troops in Afghanistan numbered about 1,000 by mid-2019.



Hundreds of British troops have been deployed in Iraq to train local security forces. But they are also engaged in covert combat operations against Islamic State.
In early 2016, Britain reportedly had more than 200 special forces soldiers in the country, operating out of a fortified base within a Kurdish Peshmerga camp near Mosul in northern Iraq. In May 2016, special forces were given the green light to conduct covert parachute assaults involving SAS and SBS commandos being sent in to support Kurdish and Iraqi troops fighting Islamic State, with small vehicles, heavy machine guns and mortars.
The SAS in Iraq was also reported in 2016 to have been given a “kill or capture” list of up to 200 UK citizens who had joined the Islamic State group.
By May 2019 about 30 SAS and SBS troops were reported to be working on a “kill or capture” mission to hunt down Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Iraq. They were said to be operating from a special forces HQ north of Baghdad and teaming up with US special forces. The search for al-Baghdadi reportedly involved MI6, UK listening station GCHQ and the American National Security Agency.
British Reaper drones were first deployed over Iraq in 2014 and continue to fly. From then until March 2019, UK drones conducted 1,384 missions in Iraq, releasing 666 weapons.

Afternoon bongs

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SAS forces were secretly deployed to Libya at the beginning of 2016, working with Jordanian special forces embedded in the British contingent. This followed a mission by MI6 and the Royal Air Force in January 2016 to gather intelligence on Islamic State and draw up potential targets for airstrikes.
Some 100 British special forces were said to be operating in Libya in early 2016, helping to protect government officials and advising Libyan forces on fighting Islamic State. The Libyan Express reported that “British and American intelligence officers ‘with suitcases full of cash’ are bribing tribal leaders not to oppose an international ground force” in the country.
British commandos were soon also engaged in fighting and directing assaults against Islamic State in Libya. They also ran intelligence, surveillance and logistical support operations from a base in the western city of Misrata.
A team of 15 British special forces were also reported in June 2016 to be based in a French-led multinational military operations centre in Benghazi, eastern Libya, supporting Libyan general Khalifa Haftar. In July 2016, Middle East Eye reported that this British involvement was intended to help coordinate airstrikes in support of Haftar, whose forces are opposed to the Tripoli-based government that Britain is otherwise supporting. It was unclear why.
In 2017, eight members of the SBS — supported by 40 British specialists — were deployed with US, French and Italian forces “to deny Islamic State any opportunity to establish a base in Libya”.
A Libyan anti-terrorism official was quoted as saying in May 2019 that the UK was co-operating with the Libyan government in “surveilling and fighting terrorists”. In the same month, an SAS unit was evacuated by the RAF following the rapid advance of Haftar’s forces in the cities of Tobruk and Tripoli.


The UK has been a co-party to the US’s extensive drone campaign in Pakistan. The UK spy base at Menwith Hill in Yorkshire has facilitated US drone strikes against jihadists in Pakistan, with Britain’s GCHQ providing “locational intelligence” to US forces for use in these attacks.
RAF pilots at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada have been involved in these US drone operations in Pakistan (and Afghanistan) which have killed hundreds of civilians. The role of these pilots is unclear but, Amnesty International notes, “this does raise concerns that UK pilots under US command may have been ordered to carry out drone strikes and could therefore implicate them in these violations”.
US drone strikes continue in Pakistan, although at much lower levels than in previous years, and the UK role in them remains obscure.

A small contingent of SAS troops has been training and advising Kenyan security forces and providing intelligence to help Kenya in its efforts against al-Shabaab in Somalia, including to capture its leaders.
In 2012, it was reported that the SAS was working on the ground in Somalia with Kenyan forces to target al-Shabaab terrorists. This involved up to 60 SAS soldiers, close to a full squadron, including forward air controllers who called in airstrikes by the Kenyan air force, which also employs a number of ex-RAF pilots.
In early 2016, Jordan’s King Abdullah, whose troops have operated with UK special forces for the war against Bashar Assad in Syria and whose special forces were planned to be embedded with the UK’s in Libya, said that his troops were also ready with Britain and Kenya to go “over the border” to attack al-Shabaab in Somalia.
By April 2016 it was reported that the SAS had a 10-strong team in Somalia, based at a camp north of Mogadishu, which was engaged in “regular skirmishes” with al-Shabaab and was also training Somali soldiers. The SAS team was also working with US Delta Force directing airstrikes against the insurgents by US jets based in Djibouti.
The British government said in May 2016 that it had 27 military personnel in Somalia. These troops were said to be supporting the UN, EU and African Union training missions in Somalia which were set up to counter al-Shabaab and were “developing” the Somali national army.
The Menwith Hill base in Yorkshire has also facilitated US drone strikes against jihadists in Somalia (as they have in Pakistan), with Britain’s GCHQ similarly providing “locational intelligence” to US forces for use in these attacks.

Syria 1/2

Evidence suggests that a British covert operation in Syria began in late 2011. By November of that year, MI6 and French special forces were reportedly assisting Syrian fighters and assessing their training, weapons and communications needs. The CIA, meanwhile, was providing communications equipment and intelligence.
Britain also became involved in the “rat line” of weapons delivered from Libya to Syria via southern Turkey. This was authorised in early 2012 following a secret agreement between the US and Turkey. Revealed by journalist Seymour Hersh, the project was funded by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar while “the CIA, with the support of MI6, was responsible for getting arms from Gaddafi’s arsenals into Syria”.
British and US covert operations were focused on toppling the Assad regime in the first few years of the war. Britain began training Syrian rebel forces fighting Assad from bases in Jordan in 2012. At the same time, the SAS and SBS also began “slipping into Syria on missions”.
No evidence appears to have emerged of British training of Syrian rebels to fight Islamic State in Syria before May 2015, when Britain sent 85 troops to Turkey and Jordan to train rebels to fight both Islamic State and Assad. By July 2015, Britain was training Syrians in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and Qatar to fight Islamic State, but the war against Assad also continued. As part of a US-led training programme, British special forces provided training, weapons and other equipment to the New Syrian Army, comprised of defectors from the Syrian army.

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In 2015, British special forces were “mounting hit-and-run raids against Islamic State deep inside eastern Syria dressed as insurgent fighters”. They were reported to “frequently cross into Syria to assist the New Syrian Army”, from their base in Jordan.
Turkey offered a base for British military training.
British aircraft began covert strikes against Is months before Parliament voted in favour of overt action in December 2015.Conducted by British pilots embedded with US and Canadian forces.
In September 2016, UK forces were involved in US-led airstrikes against targets in Syria which killed more than 60 Syrian troops. The US and UK claimed they were targeting and had hit Syrian army targets accidentally. In June 2018, the RAF targeted Syrian army forces near the border with Iraq and Jordan in close proximity to a UK/US special forces base.
Some 200 UK troops were in Syria in early 2018, consisting of the SAS, Parachute Regiment and Royal Marines which together make up the Special Forces Support Group. They were working alongside the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces.
In March 2018, Matt Tonroe, an SAS soldier embedded with US forces, was killed in the northern city of Manbij, fighting with local Kurdish troops against Islamic State. SAS sources claimed that those who planted the bomb which killed Tonroe could have belonged to the Free Syrian Army. However, a media investigation in 2019 revealed that Tonroe was killed by “friendly forces” after an accidental detonation.
British special forces continue to operate on the ground in Syria in 2019 and are reported to number at least 120 soldiers.
Britain has also been operating a secret drone warfare programme in Syria which began in 2014. From then until March 2019, UK drones conducted 1,801 missions in Syria, releasing 304 weapons. In 2017, Reaper drones killed two British Islamic State militants in Syria, again before parliament approved military action.

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The government previously claimed it had no military personnel based in Yemen. Britain was playing “a crucial and sustained role with the CIA in finding and fixing targets, assessing the effect of strikes and training Yemeni intelligence agencies to locate and identify targets for the US drone programme”. UK said, were taking part in “hits”, with US and Yemeni forces in support of strikes.
Menwith Hill base in Yorkshire facilitates US drone strikes in Yemen, as shown in files from Edward Snowden. Documents show that the US NSA has spying programmes at Menwith Hill to pinpoint terrorists accessing the internet. This role for Menwith Hill was denied for years.
In November 2017, British Army were secretly training Saudi troops to fight in Yemen. It was reported that up to 50 UK military personnel were in Saudi Arabia teaching battlefield skills. The training mission — codenamed Operation Crossways — came to light only after the army released photos and information by mistake. The training was undertaken by UK troops from the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland who were imparting “irregular warfare” techniques to officers from the Royal Saudi Land Forces Infantry Institute.
In January 2019, a 12-man US/UK special forces task force, comprising the SAS and the US Green Berets, was flown into Yemen from Djibouti. The soldiers were dressed in Arab clothing and were reported to be operating near the government-held town of Marib, 500 miles north of Aden.
By March 2019, 30 SBS personnel were deployed inside Yemen, based in the Sa’dah area of the northern part of the country. The SBS force includes medics, interpreters and intelligence officers and their mission is to “advise” official Saudi and Yemeni government troops. However, the media has reported that these SBS forces have also been involved in fierce clashes with militia groups. An SBS spokesperson has said that British soldiers have been injured in “firefights”.

WTF I'm voting Labour now.

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How one can struggle with crippling anxiety and neurosis probably caused by the lack of understanding ones future and a series of failures in recent past?

I can't find inspiration

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Boring copy pasta

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Spread this laddos

Never had suicidal thoughts or experienced any tendencies to harm myself

She’s fucking done you.

/o/ is mad at me for taking heroin for some reason??

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Lads how to get over the flu fast?

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Havent worked out in a fucking while. How you goes doin? Everything good?

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Cute wrist

Cant wait for winter lads.

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>>Firefighters tackle Binfire in Weymouth
This is getting out of control. What sinister forces are behind this?

post yours incel

Absolutely pissing it down all through the night and this morning. Really grey and dark outside.

Thanks poms for having a Labour party thats more embarrassing than our labor party. Though this is pretty fucking embarrassing.

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Fucking pissing down in Liverpool lad. Hate it desu

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So what's Boris' and are Cummings' next move when he inevitably gets defeated?


Why do you care? Not like youll be leaving your council you benefit scrounging fenian cunt

If the court rules against the govt they set a massively dangerous precedent. Its funny the remainers egging them on, but theyre fucking idiots cos they wont laugh next time the courts decide to meddle in prerogative powers. And they will, cos every nutjob pressure group will start bringing cases.

And well be the only ones to lose. Thats why the lefties are egging on the courts, because they know that forever more theyll be used in the lefts favour


She's a looker desu

Then there will be no recourse but industrial scale violence.

If they are at all self-aware they must know this.

>2 Scottish judges will vote against, 2 ECHR judges will vote against, lady hale loves overturning precedence, so there's 5/6 they need to win
Doesn't matter how dangerous it is. Can't trust leftist cunts not to burn everything down, just so they can rule the ashes.

i've done a massive rart on /o/

theyll be used against the govt of the day whoever they are. Brexit is a cross party issue, and this opens the door to using the courts to stymy parliamentry process, something they are supposed to have no juristiction over.

I’ve just btfo a holohoax thread, almost no sport in it now days


Yes, predictions?

Looks on camera, PAINN!

Is the court gonna win lads

But its the PM prerogative to prorogue, afaik the only way to reverse is if they can show he misled the queen, and how do they do that without her testimony?

It doesnt set shit.
Tilbrook case was thrown out, apart from that I cant think of another time Leavers have gone to the courts to file action.
It's remainers that are doing all the protesting and court cases. They are trying to shift the mood with their bias, the idiots see sky news and BBC full of remain shit and it reinforces their view that they are right, they are the ones doing what they can to save the country.
All because Brexiteers are fucking docile, we couldn't even get on the news when leavers protested outside of HOC for the Benn bill

but the holocaust happened you delusional incel???

I own my own house and run my own company though lad

What’s a leftist?

>thinking they'll let law get in the way of ideology

you wish virgin

>brexit is a cross party issue
Not anymore, all the brexiteer Labour voters are voting farage now, who combined with the tories poll around 48-50%

look how close we are brits, we both get chanted at to die

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I shat myself and it stinks

I know, the mongs are trying to argue that it’s impossible to burn 6mil Jews

The comments on that video are a strong indicator people of a certain age and with no experience outside University are going to be a big danger in the coming years. Three comments in and they’re saying the Holodomor was a conspiracy started by Goebbels.

When is Boris going to start trolling people?

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You know memri is an isreali funded service, right?

I have an interview for a job at ten, I never know what to wear? Except I wont wear a suit as I hate suits,ties all that shit.
It's a retail job so smart casual?



Goldberg detected

Circulate the articles
>Anti-wog propaganda source
>Anti-wog propaganda source
>Anti-wog propaganda source
>Anti-wog propaganda source
>Anti-wog propaganda source
>Anti-wog propaganda source

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A man accused of raping a stranger in Birmingham city centre claimed the victim had 'consented to sex' - just moments after they met in Dale End.
Farirai Shereni, 25, is on trial at Birmingham Crown Court , accused of two counts of rape
Shereni, of no fixed address, was arrested on November 6 last year - just hours after the alleged incident took place on Bull Street. He was charged days later.
Today (September 17), the court heard how the victim had been on her way to work at the time of the 4.30am attack.
A police interview with Shereni, carried out on the day of his arrest, was read out in court.
Detective Constable Lyndsey Davenport, the officer in charge of the investigation, read the lengthy document which detailed how Shereni claimed to have met the woman.
He said he had been using a phone charging point near McDonald's in Dale End when he first saw the woman.
Shereni said: "I had been wandering about. I'd not had any sleep. I was charging my phone and listening to music.
"I saw the woman crossing over near McDonald's. I approached her and spoke to her - we just started to communicate but I can't remember what we said.
The alleged rape is understood to have happened near this British Heart Foundation shop on Bull Street
"I'd not had anything to drink and I hadn't taken any drugs. She told me she was going to work and what her name was - although I don't remember what it was. We both walked together towards KFC (on Bull Street).
"She was young, bright and friendly and I was attracted to her. I think she was attracted to me. We started kissing - I initiated it but she was kissing me back.
"I was chatting her up and flirting. I was friendly and smiling and she responded nice.
"We kissed for a while outside KFC."

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Iran is based to be quite honest.

But I sell weed thou

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Choose one

You never so much as gave some thyme away free

That would be a waste of thyme

delete yourself

Gave our country away for filthy slop

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Just go smart casual, basic tshirt, jacket, jeans, shoes or comfy non flashy trainers.
Or trousers, shoes and shirt.
As long as you dont go in a tracksuit its not a big deal, its more how you come off and your confidence.
Also make sure you have 3 questions in your head to ask after, my 3 are always:
Chance to progress and training opportunities?
Opportunity for overtime?
And contracted hours? if they havent already said

You'll be fine if you arent a sperg

>Owen Jones and tranny Paris Lees go on Pointless
>Get knocked out in the first round


It would appear to have been a Pointless endeavour

Cheers my man,I'll make a note of those questions.
Company is being taken over in late October so asking about new company is a good question I think.

Somebody must have turned up to an interview in a tracksuit somewhere lol.

>and all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth
wtf I'm a Gretamaniac now

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Muh food .

People who don’t turn up in suits are instantly marked down in my experience.

Probably, but I just don't like suits, I feel like a fake in one.

What is your experience