Indian meltdown on Twitter begins after Trump meets Imran Khan

Indian meltdown on Twitter begins after Trump meets Imran Khan


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Fuck Poos.

nonwhites are fuckin terrible I wish whites were as evil as they portray us so these melanin monkeys could all be dumped in the fuckin ocean

>Some third generation American toastie

That first tweet is some real Uncle Tom shit

lool facts

No. It's intelligence. Upper-caste Indians aren't stupid. They know what countries are shitholes, and what countries aren't. They know that India is a shithole. And they know they have to appreciate and model themselves after currently superior countries if they themselves hope to be at the top.

That whole 'Uncle Tom' nonsense is a nigger-tier mentality.

>I's must be standin's by my people's, ain't gonna gib whitey no credit, nosirree

It's why African countries haven't advanced a single inch despite a century of independence. It's not shameful to acknowledge superiority and inferiority. It's actually a good thing which helps both individuals and countries improve themselves.

So what's the issue with "Pakistan's counter terrorism efforts"?

Is she calling India terrorists?

When will pol admit the Jews are superior and carried civilization?

stfu retard, they literally crave white validation

Literally shaking rn

Imran is a Pashtun Chad, why did they let shitskin Punjabis run their country for so long?

What civilisation?


no one cares about pakis or poo in loos.
fuck off

Mom let the hyaena use her computer again.

>Full grain silos have more - and more active - rats,
>therefore rats produce grain

>if you ain't po, you ain't black
>freedom is a white colonial concept, socialism with chinese characteristics is right for asians
>muslims must fight jihad, not seek peace with their neighbors, that is a white concept
>indians must poo in the streets, not dispose of sewage properly like the white man
You give sage advice, user, now preach it to the non-whites of the world.

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When they actually do that instead of subversion and leeching billions a year.

Jews are unironically the most superior race in existence. Look at their high iq’s. Anybody that denounces them is a subhuman.

Everyone knows Pakistan's intelligence service is actually complicit in terrorism, much like our own intelligence services in North America are and have been for a long time.

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Birds of a feather stick together, user.