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One American carrier group (out of 11) has the same force projection capability as the combined militaries of the rest of the world. And we have 10 more of them.

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yeah but they're sitting ducks when hypersonic missiles exist

and when submarines can just pop up next to them in wargames

the future is drones


The US pioneered hypersonic missile design and decided it wasn't worth the cost.

Why can't you win a war then?

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a super carrier is $1b. if they can hit it for less it is worth it.

Define war

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Aircraft carriers are obsolete.

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Like we did against the Japs after they made you their bitch, twice?

yes that was before, but now russia and china have them and they cannot be countered, usa is now developing their own hypersonics

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have you been asleep the past 2 years?


Canada has more money than Russia. I'll believe this super-missile shit when I see it.

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Daily Reminder: No point defence system on Earth can defend against a hypersonic missile.

at least 3 countries now have hypersonic misses.

The only use Navies have now is for bullying 3rd world countries, and if used in an actual world war they'll be destroyed within minutes of the start.

Cope harder Navy fags.

they already tested this by blowing up one of teslas rockets

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Unfortunately, they are commanded by a bunch of blackmailed pedophiles . . .

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>they cannot be countered
Yeah that makes total sense considering skunkworks is focusing on manned hypersonic systems now

>Here's some Russian propaganda, now what?
I stand by my previous statement.

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No they dont. Only thebusa has succeeded in testing air breathing hypersonic missiles.

Did somebody say bloated budget

not from iran's perspective

I was fair to the europoors in my OP by not bringing up railguns and mounted laser AAA but find me another country with those technologies

teslas have predictable flight paths, it's going to be hard to zap a missile that weaves and dodges, not impossible, but difficult

cannot be countered by existing systems

Daily reminder. All ballistic missiles are hypersonic.

Fire a ballisitc missile at a us carrier and see what happens.

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The speed of light is faster than some ballistic missile, oh and btw the maneuvering part is done to skip across the atmosphere to build up speed. At the terminal phase there is no movement.

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>pic related
>sink 1 carrier
>have fun with the other 10
>nice job giving the US military the excuse it needs to do a full on strategic bombing campaign.
>enjoy your empire of rubble

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>it's going to be hard to zap a missile that weaves and dodges
maybe with traditional defense systems. Wont be hard to track a moving target heading toward you and lasers are literally faster than hypersonic.

stop projecting mutt

>as the combined militaries of the rest of the world

Without the political will to go to war those 11 carrier groups are useless yet very expensive toys. Lots of US tax payer dollars are wasted on the military so the cancerous political administrations and military industrial complex can justify their world policing efforts

>if I cant see it, it doesn't exist

if they dont, then why is america developing hypersonics and anti hypersonic tech now?

use your brain moran

The sad part. Since china and russia are incapable of making a long range air breathing hypersonic they have to use ballistic missiles to get to those speeds.

Which will be tracked the second they launch.

Wish we have a bigger navy too.

The x51 waverider is the only hypersonic cruise missile that actually tested and worked.

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Modern aircraft carriers break the golden rule of warfare:
Never build anything you can't afford to lose.

The loss of a single carrier would be the greatest disaster in US naval history.

>impossible, they're untouchable, unsinkable, protected by invincible battle group

Bullshit and hubris.
History is filled with stories of such arrogance toppling empires, of hilariously one sided battles that were somehow lost leaving everyone scratching their head like 'how the fuck did that happen?'

All it takes is one lucky shot, one missile beating the million to one odds, getting past the defences and hitting the exact wrong spot and putting the carrier on the bottom of the ocean. It can happen, and the US completely neglected to factor this into their designs.

They're great for bullying retards in caves with AKs but in a real war they are fucking ridiculous.

>The loss of a single carrier would be the greatest disaster in US naval history.

No, it means the country that did it gets glassed.

Russia Today is state TV, user. They will say whatever Moscow tells them to say. I'll believe in their mega-missile when I see it work.

Very brillant video from a country with less than 10% of its rival country's GDP

It would still be an unmitigated disaster. How you retaliate after is irrelevant. Its too late.
The US illusion of absolute untouchability would be shattered, which long term is actually more likely to cause domestic problems than make other countries start acting more aggressively.
Historically, a big military loss and the breaking of an empires invulnerable image usually leads to revolution at home, not overthrow by a foreign power.

the maneuvering is to make the trajectory unpredictable, what is the range of the laser batteries?

it would be hard to track it coming over the horizon, from space it'll be easier

They said the same about battleships. How did that work out for japan.

The USA has been sailing super carriers for over 50 years now. They arent as vulnerable as you think.

No, the maneuvering is to increase the range. You are dumb bro.

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How'd that work out for Japan in WWII? They sunk a carrier and several battleships early in the war.

I'll believe in the f35 when I see it work lmao

maybe you should stop wasting your defense budget then

Range of a laser is near infinite.

Hypersonic missiles coming in from space would be easy targets as they arent hidden over the horizon and their speed/heat make them easy to detect.

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Yes, petal, you do.

And can you imagine how much nicer your lives would be if you hadn't essentially piled up all that money, time, effort, and resources, and set them on fire?

Trillions of dollars for bigger toys. You fucking stupid children. And yet, somehow, you expect us to be impressed at this monumental pissing-away of wealth and value.

We could go to Mars. Build cities in space and on the Moon. But no, you dumb little shitbags keep burning the resources that could do that on obsolete Tonka toys and fireworks.

Why? Cunts.

We have to play by rules even if the enemy doesn't. Trust you never want to see the gloves come off u slant eyed gook.

In WW2 battleships were obsolete but the navy refused to acknowledge it and kept pumping out massive battleships.
It didn't work out well for Japan. They wouldn't accept that battleships had been replaced by aircraft carriers, wasted resources on building 2 fucking ridiculously huge battleships, and in turn got rekt by the US who had adopted aircraft carriers.

The f35 is already in combat in Afghanistan.

>it would be hard to track it coming over the horizon, from space it'll be easier
dude, are you saying these hypersonic systems fly at sealevel?

ok keep thinking that, because you are wrong

I'm not. You dont seem to even understand the basic science of these ballistic glide vehicles.

If russia and china can make an air breathing hypersonic, that's something. But they cant.

>Range of a laser is near infinite.

Unless there are clouds or smoke or air particles. They work great in a vacuum with a magnetic plasma to keep the target still but otherwise . . . someone might paint their stuff with a shiny reflective surface and defeat you $500,000,000,000 public works project.

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Haha. Fucking Canada.

Yep . . . and now 40,000 potential soldiers are dead do to lack of healthcare in the USA . . . .

You think a warhead entering the atmosphere from space at mach 20 is painted with a mirror?

Bro, are you fucking stupid?

This. If there was another country with a MIIRV platform they would've been internally couped.

>Blow up our soldiers and see what happens
Iran blows up 300 in Lebanon, 600 in Iraq
>Blow Up our Drone and see what happens
Iran blows up your 220 million dollar drone
>Blow up our oil and see what happens
Iran blows up half of the Saudi oil supply
>Blow up our carrier and see what happens

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>Range of a laser is near infinite.
have you ever used a laser pointer?
there is a falloff

>The USA has been sailing super carriers for over 50 years now. They arent as vulnerable as you think.
but now that's all changed, it does not apply anymore, I really hope you burgers dont try to start a war, because I dont think you will win

if russia or china wanted to sink your carriers, they can, don't mistake that for being invulnerable, but they aren't stupid to shit in the pool

the f35 loses to the f16 in drills

not at all

Hahahaha no converted casino's don't count

I don't think you understand how current laser systems work or what they're used for.

How many carrier groups do you need to stop a school shooting?

It don't even need to be a mirror. Just enough to make the little bit of extra heat from the diffused laser as harmless as the enormous heat from re-entering the atmosphere, retard.

foreign hypersonics are a meme, but a useful meme threat for use by our MIC to spur our idiot congress into dumping (m)(b)illions -take your pick - into new weapons systems. Whatever we end up developing and fielding is going to be batshit crazy.

>the f35 loses to the f16 in drills

Not anymore. That was 7 years ago when the software was restricting combat.


They have a shitton of carriers. They could lose half and have time to shit out double the original number.


>the country that did it gets glassed.
You are full of shit. A carrier group is the most logic target for limited use of atomic weapons below the tit-for-tat exchange of ballistic missiles. No one would want to raise the bar for sinking a ship, however large or important, 10000 miles from homeland. It absolutely will happen if the US tries to attack Russia or China.

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Exactly why Carriers are obsolete

I want to see the tr3bs!


The F-35 is already operational you tard. Every war game it's been to, it's owned the show.
A laser's range is actually pretty limited by the atmosphere. It's not the be all end all for missile defense.
Sort of, the IJN realized early in the war that carrier's were the future, but they already had most of their resources tied up building battleships like you said.

our military is not what it was during world war 2. now its a bunch of spics and niggers.

Japanese naval doctrine valued aircraft carriers before the rest of the world. What’re you talking about


the thing about railguns is the damage caused to the barrel after a few shots. china made one that doesn't look like the barrel can be replaced easily.

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Seeth. Baby Britain doesn’t rule the waves anymore faggot

Yeah, well, there's one thing that will bring down the capability of the US military completely, and turn it into a bubbling mess of incoherent ineffective shit.
Do you know what that thing is?

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This is false, and the failure to deploy battleships in a forward screening position at Midway demonstrates not only the relative value assessment, but also why the doctrine was outmoded.

Germany in fact has laserweapons with the H.E.L turret

Carriers aren't for symmetric warfare against countries like China or Russia, they are used to bomb third world countries.

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