stop showing milkers.....many anons haven't fapped in days.....

She is a succubus!

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Fake tits are disgusting

She looks like a McDonald's manager.

Imagine what her ass smells like after taking a shit haha

dont you dare

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>tfw you will never shrink and jump between those cow tits to hibernate for the winter

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trump genes are so ugly, I don't know why u guys are so horny

I mean it's a nice pair but look at her face
even the top surgeons couldn't fix that habsburgian mug

nice apron!

Trump hit it first!

I'm good.

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Big ass eraser nips...fucking gross.

she looks like someone aged down hillary clinton in that pic

You are simply wrong. I dont know what else to say besides that

Trump's Barney Frank tweet is not aging well.

she's older now, past the wall

in her 20s she was stunning

Nipples protruding isn't disgusting when attractive women do it

U gay

You should have seen her in her pre teens!
-Donald J. Trump

>many anons haven't fapped in days
why would anyone do this?
I'm up to my 5th today, why is it a bad thing?

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Big fake boobies can be loved just as much as real ones you sour grapes roastie


cum to dadday

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How about when it's your daughter in a public place? Disgusting or nah?

She was ugly as fuck until she got boatloads of plastic surgery

Why does she look Mexican now?

Why would she show nipples like that

its still fucking disrespectful. We dont want to see your tits hanging out you trashy whore. The elites can get a prostitute for that when the time is right. This is at the UN. Shes Jew fuck meat gutter trash. The only thing she can talk about is "oh the women need more representation"
Fucking LOSER. She'd be nobody without her ZION DON pedophile real-estate mogul daddy.

oh i see you're a man of culture as well

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Have sex

Don't be a coombrain. The Jew's want u to coom

>Not drooling over some trashy bimbo like a thirsty white knight lowlife
>"have sex"

You're definitely double digit IQ, incel


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She's so dumb that pokey nipples are the only points she can make

Absolutely and unequivocally based.

she has the desire to be forcefully milked

besides, she knows her time is running out, remember she's in her mid-30s......

She is a spoiled obnoxious kikess:


her dad loves them though...

Wait, WTF? Why did her eyes change from green/hazel to brown?

>From kinda cutie to this


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100% buttmad

They ain't fake if I can feel em

Very very disrespectful

my coom .



ivanka with her fake tits hanging out in oval office very disrespectful

She married a jew

Friendly reminder that it's NOT okay to be white.

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yea im thinking this chick should be president

Ivanka looked disgusting—nipples protruding—in his blue shirt before Congress. Very very disrespectful.

Anyone else think she looks like pic related? Same plastic whore bought look

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someone should report her to the fbi for making threats

Ivanka is a subhuman. Here she is at 18.

Barron is the REAL Trump inheritor.
He got Godtier genetics from Melania.
Ivana was ugly so all of the Ivana kids are disgusting.
His second wife was good looking but Tiffany was kinda unlucky.

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She looks more jewish everyday.


She has the same look as (((ivanka))) paid for by a Jewish surgeon

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>trump genes are so ugly
You're wrong. It's the Ivana genes.
Barron look like an Aryan GigaCHAD.

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>before all the surgery

Woof, a literal 6/10 at best.

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Fauning over married women filled with plastic, the right never changes

goddamn hues are total monkeys

the presidency is an absolute joke, might as well just have some hot chick who shows tits


literally the only reason to watch that show.

George got a blowie from Maxwell


The fish lips alone make her a 0.5/10
Those are fat slob lips

>tfw would rather have the Asian in the back

She's beginning to mutate ...

Short hair
Face getting old
And those cringy fake nipples

Her jewformation is in full process...

For sure. The whole show is
>look at my (((hot))) wife goy


Haha, imagine if she bent over and her shitty ass was right in your face and she sneezed and it got on you haha

No my friend, you've fallen for nonsense. You can use not cumming as an excuse, a placebo effect
>wow i didnt masturbate today, im making progress! im so energized! and no longer a failure!
what a joke
nofap is retard pseudo science mixed in with religious nonsense, brainlets eat it up
not jerking off doesn't improve you in any meaningful way
>b-b-but muh test is up
yikes, kys for falling for this dumb shit, do it while i watch and jerk off

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Seething cumbrain

In the 8th grade I was called to the front to
diagram something, and I had a big boner..
The teacher, Miss Horner, told me to see her after school. I did and she gave me a tongue lashing..
If wymen can walk around with their nipples at defcon2, we guys should be allowed to boner.

nice fikod

The eternal coomer

She can't control her big pointy nipples, sue her

Fap? unpure thoughts? Didn't your daddy have the wizard talk with you?

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Y'all fapping to this.

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Damn go off, Kiwi-kun

>doesn't even make counter arguments and just rees like a middle schooler

I hope they don't pay you too much

what would a virgin like you know about tits

did she get plastic surgery on her face again??

all you tit guys are missing out cause I'm focused on the amazingly beautiful face and big lustful eyes. Ivanka is an angel.

>fantasizing about fucking a hole d.trump has been in

Fucking puke

damn she's a hot milf now

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Maybe she didn't feel like wearing a super padded bra that day.

Not hot but whatever

I’m surprised someone with as much fashion self awareness as she has chose to go with this. Maybe she stands with the #freethenipple campaign. She looks good though, let the left body shame her. They’re good at nothing but double standards.

it's a power move. she dominates the room with those nips.

Reminds me of my aunt

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Trump is a lucky man.

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>fake tits
>plastic surgery'd to hell

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This needs a shooping

Nogga you ghey
I would tittyfug her and bust in her mouth as i am wont to do from time to time.
Her nips are solid for twistys. Just an all around banging chick. Coom a little enjoy life sometimes

didn't trump rip a congressmen for showing his nipples through his shirt? called it disgusting?

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