Is that it? LMAO

Is that it? LMAO

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Is that it


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Unfortunately. You got lucky this time, Pedro.

That's the old, this is the new

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it's the sign of the future. a whole generation of Americans dedicated to keeping you out. you can laugh now but it's akin to jews laughing at a baby hitler

its cool dude now all you worthless subhumans can get funneled into choke points so you can get cataloged like the animals you are and signed up for all the welfare and benefits you DESERVE spic.

Wouldn't be a big deal if not hiring illegal spics was actually enforced.

we we're promised a fucking wall, not a cuck fence god dammit.

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You got Trumped, chump!

does the top metal sheet have a guillotine switch.

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Mexican here
Dumb gringo's wall is more like a picket fence. I'm helping the rest of my extended family cross next week as soon as my disability cheque comes in

jajaja basado, yo también.

Why exactly don't we have stations across the border like this?

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We paid for both of the walls with money we borrowed from the Jews

Israel has a fence in most parts as well. This image is also of a Prison in Israel not of their boarder wall.

praise fruit stands and refried bean fecals, a broken bone from a fall 95% likely or death 5% (being nice it's more like 15%)

Are the rocks below there to support the fence?

>Israel has a fence in most parts as well

those open places between beams are called "aids escapes"

the same leaf and beaner Tenshi faggots..

>probably in a discord showing dick pics and drinking s)oy lattes

neither one of you fried non beaners will experience any wall domming

for skull crushing when refried doesn't have his rape knive handy

Tenshi eating a corndog!

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this guy walls

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I assume this will be patrolled by border security or CCTV?
I could climb this "wall" with a rolled up t-shirt, hell, I could do it with my bare hands probably.

I like it. The mexicans will reach the border fence being able to see the other side, knowing they will never have the liberty of being there. Much more cruel and funny than just having a regular boring wall

Best post on Jow Forums, thanks !

Isn’t that the old one?
Are the people in these threads just pretending?

Do you not see how easy it is to cross it? They have literall classes for practice in border towns so people can train for it. I know you guys aren't known for being the brightest but cmon man, you can't be this stupid


Could somebody explain why the JewSA being the richest and powerfull country in the world, has not a wall like the kikes does?

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based. this section actually has a double wall.

Only people that'd be willing to work them would be Mexicans since Americans are too far and lazy

That's not a "big beautiful wall" at all. That's an ugly medium-sized wall. I feel cheated.

you're too curious jose

Border patrol chose that structure themselves, they wanted to be able to see the other side.

Add good internet, a cosy bed, and bonuses for most spics shot with the remote controlled drones. and you'd have NEETs and /v/ lining up to work in those.

Because we have ground and aerial patrols.

That's the old one.

because both parties are working against the interests of the american people

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Fuck you faggit we are about to be disarmed.

Fake and gay.