17 is back
repeat 17 is back
censorship is in effect


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q is gay and for boomers

Cold drop inbound.
Patriots in control.
Enjoy the show.
Smell my finger.

fuck off you geriatric retard

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This is a larp.
Why be so cryptic as to allow mass misinterpretation of what you say?
Why attach a tag in an anonymous system which will only distract from your goals?
Why use infamous shitposting sites to inform people about the revolution?

wtf does "17 is back" even mean

>thinking q is a larp
keep dreamin

it means lurk for at least 2 years before posting, faggot.

She put the lime
in the coconut
she drank 'em bot' up

Good I hate that song almost as much as I hate qtards

Oldest trick in the book. "Psychics" and tarot card readers use the same schtick.

user... there's a person in your life with the letter "M" in their name and you care for them deeply, yes?

gayest thread right now

The internet is a honeypot.

i hate it too. thats why i posted it

Reminder that Q has been proved countless times now and anyone saying larp is a paid jewish shill

Easy Hannity. With all the other Q yawns, I think the burden is on you to explain what is this trivia I'm supposed to be disappointed about on Friday?

when nothing happens Qtards will say it supposed to be cryptic, not literal. Cap this.


deleted, but still accessible...even though it was a hit & run one-off by alleged-Q.

The pic has NO prior history. Since I want to believe, I will remain open-minded.


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I'm a faggot
I suck nigger dicks

oh shit, it's really him!

Lads I live in DC should I be scared

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Q is well proven larp, only naive boomers without college believe Q

The only thing worse than a leaf is a Qoomer

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this thread is fucking glowing. all you niggers will hang for clouding the truth. kikes took down 8ch to censor Q. false flag shooting as pretext. But they still can't stop what's coming. Fucking kikes

Fuck off.

It's a picture of a book and a pen WTF who gives a shit if it has no prior history?

Same desk same pen same book as camp David with potus
If another pictures appears with another marker then it will be confirmed
Very likely right now.


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I am The Clockmaker.
Ask me anything.

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Sincere thanks, I have been here since pissgate and I have been studying Q with an open mind, but 51% or more disappointed so far, as so many express predictions have fallen through.

Regarding this specifically, I do not see how what you observe would be at all difficult to fake. Am I missing something?

Also, "17?"

Every time I say Q is a LARP in any normie threads like on the boomer twitter Q Tard threads, they say “Math proves Q is real”
Then I ask “Show me the math”
100% of the time they tell me to research the math myself - something about the timing of Trumps twitter posts to Q’s time stamped posts.
I honestly believe Q is a LARP, but all those boomers who take it as Gospel can you please show the evidence that Q is real?!?
Also some thread many months back said Q was a part of Sean Hannities online marketing team to boost his ratings, they showed proof of Q Posts lining up with Hamburg topics, etc.
Sean also has stated he has insiders, and has been right about pretty much everything
So I am honestly lead to believe that Q is nothing more than a Marketing campaign (A very smart one) to get people to watch Sean Hannity and feel like they have some secret inside knowledge that he ends up dropping 24-48 hours later on his show.
Also Trump and no prominent Republican has come out and disavowed Q or said it’s a LARP.
The second a few mass shootings happen that originated from Q Boards infinity gets wiped off the Internet.
There’s something true about it, but I don’t think it’s 100% real.

>what is the 17th number of the alphabet

You realize Q was pushing for war with Iran on behalf of Israel right? You realize it's common knowledge that kushner is behind Q. But keep thinking otherwise goyim.

Unique objects confirm unique identity
Moreso if a timestamp is involved

Isn't his whole modus operandi to include loads of stupid shit in order to confuse everyone including his opposition while giving just enough to prove that he is the real thing?

Why are you such a nigger faggot kike?

Kutcher is behind Q

I support Q because I'm Jewish. Why the fuck would any racist cunt support Q when Q preaches about Patriots having no skin color? Q is designed to seperate white nationalist from the conspiracies so that The conspiracies can be hashed out without the racist idiots getting in the way because it's very easy to discredit a conspiracy when you have a bunch of racist idiots calling for all the jews to be ovened. Anons are getting played, but only the racist ones.

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You have no idea who you're talking to, kid. Learn some respect and then we can talk.

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Reminder that disinformation is inherently a part of information warfare.

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this much says otherwise idiots

If it was a LARP, people would let it be, not go blue in the face trying to discredit it. Pretty obvious.

It's just last gasp kike babble to try and stop what's coming.
>Iran is da deep state, go to war goyim!

>it's been in front of us this whole time

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[Friday]! [Friday]! Gonna get down on [Friday]! Everybody's looking forward to the weekend!~

Did you know faggots have a division in the DOJ but not white people?

If people weren't meant to reek of shit, then the homeless guy who warms himself with the steam rising from a gutter wouldn't reek of shit.

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I know Q is a fucking PSYop to divide americans and make them look the other way..it's just zionist garbage

Try to be a normie for once and join right and leftie groups in FB
you'll be surprised...the left has their own version of Q anonfaggot with the same memes but against trump

like do you really think zionists only target right wingers or conservacucks? nope
they target the two sides with different narratives

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Is Comey finally getting his bottom surgery?

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Those Quads match those Quads

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>Why be so cryptic as to allow mass misinterpretation of what you say?
Plausible deniability. And come on, Q posts aren't that cryptic once you learn the comms. I've solved harder puzzles on cereal boxes.

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>i cracked da code!

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What's the skinny on the Majestic 12

Seems to be the case.

HAHAHAHA, best conspiracy theory I've ever heard! Why can't this be a trips post, at least??

Projecting and compensating at the same time, attaboi leaf, good job.

I thought like you too until I did the math. No I'm not gonna spoon-feed you. I think Q is a psyop. It mixed truth with idealistic fantasy to dope the boomers into a false sense of security.

Edit: Actually I agree with you more or less but the math thing holds water, I lost my HDD so I don't have pics but I'm sure you can just Google "Q is real timestamp post" and find the evidence.

Notice how it’s not “Qanon” but just “Q” Q is probably literally a “men in black” agent, hence they just use letters like the movie. Like agent K, J etc..

Lots of people pointed out the connections last year, but the mothman/trump tweet is poking us in that direction.

The better question is.. what piece of conspiracy/folklore etc haven’t we fucking touched?

Is it agent Q, rather then Qanon..?

no wall/ hilary not locked up/ obama not locked up/ truth about 911 not revealed / false flags still happening / no mention of israel ever besides giving them money that could be used for wall

if Q is real or not at this point it doesnt even matter

Do you want all my old clocks? Hell, my old calculates and game timers and that buzzer thing on the oven? My cell phone does everything that crap used to do and more and I need the space for my record, oh ait, you want a record collection too?

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>ignoring all of his points
Q predicted this

Odds are, you are a nigger


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>let something that is tainting retards minds that could otherwise be used for something productive
Boomer logic

lgbtq groups are pretty much white pride parades

Trust the hand

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Does a stich in time save nine?

why are you a Ho?

Do you plough invisible fields horologist?

But all the cum you guzzle does.
Now stop breathing on your parents they know the stentch of faggot breath .

Where is this supposed to be posted?

It was never Qanon. Q never called themselves that.

Iran next. Israel saved for last I believe.

I don't see why folk who've followed Q on 8 and before for years now need to prove anything to you. YOU do the research you lazy cunt. Here's a tip go to qmap.pub look at proofs.

LARPers and their DOWNIE FOLLOWERS hate this user!!!
FIND OUT HOW to make "Q" posts - from YOUR OWN HOME!!!

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>100% of the time they tell me to research the math myself - something about the timing of Trumps twitter posts to Q’s time stamped posts
The Krassenstein brothers are able to post replies within seconds of Trump's Twitter communications, but Q-tards choose to ignore this (or call you CIA, GCHQ, etc).

Please be true.

Alright people....rolling for NUKES !

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Seeing as you view this image as "proof" - and that you feel so secure in its veracity, that no explanation is seemingly needed - could you explain WHY you view this as concrete evidence "Q" isn't a LARP, for those of us who have not got to grips with your tropes and mythos?

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Qanon is...Google Quantum.

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I need more than one word, user, or it may just be "possible" you're a mongol being spoonfed mashed banana by your carer.
Explain to me why this image convinces you, please.

The entire upper echelons of our establishment are all unified and under jewish control.
This q shit is bread and circus to distract the goyim and make them think if they sit on their ass all day things will get better.

Here is what you CAN do. Stockpile, network, and make an effort to balkanize to the northwest. Disconnect yourself from the system as much as possible.
I will say it one more time so you faggots understand. EVERYTHING IS KIKED, THIS IS BREAD AND CIRCUS.

>make an effort to balkanize to the northwest

I'm sure the current inhabitants of the northwest may have some greivences about the rest of us just waltzing in and saying "gibs land".