Be me, went to church last Sunday. It’s been a while, want to connect back with Jesus

>Be me, went to church last Sunday. It’s been a while, want to connect back with Jesus
>This girl wearing revealing clothes sits across from me
>All I can think of is what would be like to smell that tight young pussy
>Can’t remember the sermon for shit
We are doomed aren’t we?

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>Dressing like that at church
God wanted you to call her out

Yes, we are. Thanks to women.

the fuck she standing up for?

How is everyone supposed to see her ass and bare legs if she's sitting?

with those platypelloid hips? yes.

You know what? We need to start opening up men's churches. For men. And then we talk about SERIOUS shit.
Women are barely supposed to be there anyways.

>coomers can't even look at women without lusting after them mentally

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get yourself a slutty christfu

Shes attending a Catholic mass

can't even look at women without lusting after them mentally = heterosexuality

you have a dirty mind user
cleanse it

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>want to connect back with Jesus
Which part of Jesus's teachings were about creating a tax exempt business to collect a percentage of people's incomes? I can't seem to find that passage in the Bible. If god is in all of us, why do you need to go to a house of worship like a faggot?

>why do you need to go to a house of worship
to worship God moron. You just said it yourself.
Derp derpy snerf

Muslims are right about women

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>Dress like that at church
>Be the only one standing
>Why do women need so much attention?

fucking cringe

>Thanks to women
it's not that easy user, it's a dynamic between Apollo and Dionysus

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Here guys is what protestantism does to your brain

This is why islam is a better religion unironicallly ( in these situations at least)

It was stand up in church time and everyone else in the picture is too old to stand.

>coomers can't even look at a woman in their natural form without acting like a nigger or having nigger thoughts
>muslims, sexual deviants, child rapists, and mutilators of genitalia are right
the absolute state of /nupol/

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Shut up faggot.

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Church girls are the most horny girls

>So it comes that Man, the coward, when he gathers to confer
>With his fellow-braves in council, dare not leave a place for her
>Where, at war with Life and Conscience, he uplifts his erring hands
>To some God of Abstract Justice—which no woman understands.

The priest should have admonished her for wearing that but it looks like a protcuck church so fat chance of that happening

What denomination?No.

God I'd love to grab her arms and come in her asshole (with consent of course)

there's your problem m8

muzzies let women crossdress?

Wow is that a 1970s picture? So vintage

Everyone back into the pile.

those are called mosques

Its about fellowshipping with fellow Christians user. You go because you want to talk with other people in the flesh about Christ and all things spiritual in the hope of forming lasting bonds and a tight community standing against the degeneration and fragmentation of society.

>taking creepshots of women at church
What the fuck is wrong with you, you're perverting the church far worse than she is.

Fuck off. Do you believe that thing is allowed in church? She does it because men around her are weak.
Islam isn't stronger in its essence. Islam just comes from less developed areas that have been less exposed to modernism. Put Islam in the West and in 50 years it's in the same state than Christianity, if not worst

So how do you expect women to become Christian if they don’t go to church you fucking nonce

AND people gave me shit when I said church going women are hypocritical Uber whores... She shouldn't be allowed in church dressed like that

>We need to start opening up men's churches.

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>tfw you will never get the chance to bury your head in between her thighs and inhale her queefs

This was taken in Russia, reverse image search

People are too thin to pass as an American churc

No he isn’t. Listen to yourself.
>taking a photo in a church is worse than attending dressed like a slut for attention

May the Lord open.

Is it also a creep shot of all the others in the church who are dressed normally and sitting? Or does it become a creep shot because she's dressed like a whore and seeking attention?

rent free

>You have heard that it was saidto those of old,‘You shall not commit adultery.’But I say to you that whoeverlooks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart

Panty lines - you know it is boy

Who the fuck dresses like that for church? That's even more disrespectful than not attending church.

Let her taste the fires of hell or else let her be yours or yours alone.

Exactly - why do you even have a phone is church? disconnect yourself user get a grip

tell that god asshole to shut the fuck up and go fuck himself. nobody wants to hear his mentally ill bullshit.

If a woman knows that if a man lusts after her he has committed sinned? It would be loving of her not to walk around half naked so they are less likely to sin.

Please user, educate me on the term "platypelloid" hips? The beginning of the word sounds like PLATY-pus, but I'm not sure. Someone, please tell me what this term means lol.

Teenagers are dumb - obviously I wouldn't be happy to see this at church but it wouldn't make me completely lose faith in humanity - I would hope that she will eventually find the right path.
What would make me lose faith in humanity though is seeing some grown man take a picture of a girls ass in front of everyone and then tell me that "All I can think of is what would be like to smell that tight young pussy, I can't remember the sermon for shit"

Screw adultery of the heart, we'd like to commit it in real life. That's horrible, I know, just couldn't resist.

Kek, this girl camecto church for attention instead for the purpose. Just like schoolgirls.
But, Im sure many girls can be cured. Many, and they want to have a purpose other than showing off their materialistic beauty. I only need 10 minutes from this girls life to make changes.

>taking creepshots in church
>"we are doomed aren't we"
You are for sure

Thanks for posting this

women do this shit on purpose to distract men and women from praying, happens in Orthodox Churches as well

they're the biggest whores in the world

is this catholic or russian orthodox?

Great idea can there be a least a choir like this singing hymns to the Lord desu.

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This is the sort of thing that fedora tippers say about the Church.

The Church has a ton of issues, but this isn't even on the radar.

OP didn't take the picture. We don't know the context. My point is that if she wasn't dressed like a whore and standing up for attention, there would be no reason to call it a creep shot. it would just be a picture of church goers.

>We are doomed aren’t we?
whos we? religion is a cult that got too big to be considered an average cult and is now called a religion, mutts are too stupid for it to die out fast enough, but thankfully in places like Europe religion is dying out and america will follow in 20 or 30 years, also opiates is your new god

>men can wear whatever women cant

Based, islam is right about women

Fake image. You can't wear shoes inside of a mosque.

Argument invalid

the religious girls get pregnant so early because theyre sooooo repressed and horny. the stereotype bout catholic girls is how much they love to be fucked. i guess the moral of the story is dont force religion on your kids too much or theyll be repressed and rebel by fucking lots of men

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catholic girls love anal

thats cuz you cant control human nature, adapt to this knowledge, not repress it, it will fire back, like you said

Believe most prots disagree with him.
You don't have to be an idolater to want to fellowship with Christian's.
You should try a southern baptist service. It's much easier on the knees.

>>All I can think of is what would be like to smell that tight young pussy

Do you guys really like smelling asses and vaginas that much. I don't see the appeal.

I bet you would be happy to see two fags instead christcuck

>Wives, in the same way submit yourselvesto your own husbandsso that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won overwithout words by the behavior of their wives,when they see the purity and reverence of your lives.Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self,the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight.

Imagine being so cucked that you get mad at girls and uncomfortable at your own natural instincts, rather that being angry that you aren’t powerful enough to simply take what you want at will

if you weren't a faggot you'd understand

Go to a Latin Rite church. This post-Vatican 2 hippie shit is frowned upon

Here's the dress code for any non-muslims attending a mosque

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I like to put my penis in them. I'm just glad it doesn't have a sense of smell.

Not an argument.

yeah they dont consider it real sex though im sure their parents disagree. im not anti-christianity at all i just say be realistic and dont push it on them too strongly

>If god is in all of us

The spirit dwells in the saved and the saved only. Also church is only for fellowship with fellow saved. Two Christians discussing scripture under a tree constitutes as a church.

The only chance I have of getting a trad wife is meeting girls at church.

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Atheist here. I do that everytime i go to church for social events. Just look at asses and imagine them in my face and that sweet pussy sweat running down my face. Bretty good.

yeah thats true even if you're religious you still need to have the talk with your kids and try not be like a religious dictator or else theyll rebel

Christian fags on here talk about coming back to jesus, the absolute state

Keep telling yourself that, degenerate

Out for a dinner?

Does your husband know your posting on a 18+ site, Fatima?

Does your husband know you're posting on a 18+ site, Fatima?

real simple they just obey their husband you fucking twat

>the spirit

Doesn't exist.

>the saved

Doesn't exist.

>a church

Make-believe kiddie club, totally subjective definition. Enjoy your LARP.

No, not doomed. You should have chatted her up after church.

The parents should be blamed, especially the stupid mother

Not a knee length skirt

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christains want to suck jesus'es dick

Priests in Orthodox Churches used to kick out anyone who didn't show up with proper attire in a church until one day women complained about it being sexist, now this shit happens here as well

Like this girl?

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>the butthurt is strong in those raped by the church
The question was regarding his statement about connecting with Jesus
not other christfags. All of you ignorant fucks failed basic comprehension.

Does your faggot priest still on the “jesus was an immigrant” bullshit or no?

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