How do we solve the ethot enabler problem?

How do we solve the ethot enabler problem?

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Why solve it?
>Focus on fixing yourself and not on how to fix other people

you know you're a pathetic faggot when cucks and women are a threat to you

this, become a many worthy of respect and others will follow you

it took a long time to get us to this point and it will take a long time to put us back on track

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sexbots or AI waifuism

>How do we solve the ethot enabler problem?

Send black women after them.

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The you weren't born a girl and can't have an army of beta orbiters give you everything you need or want.

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Based and chocolate pilled my good ni- uh, sir.

Yep cays we need more individualism not less faggot.
Sure they fucking will wake the fuck up know one cares how "respectable" you are any more.

I'm fixed already though

Ignore them.
They do this for attention. If you won't give attention, they don't do that.

they choose both dummy

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cute bunbun

wise fuzzy bunny cunny telling the facts

Kraut not appealing to authority? Wtf is this shit.

By teaching young men women like that are trash, and generally red pilling them on that kid of behavior. And simply a woman like that is a narcissistic sociopaths. Also something unless you've met her in person don't bother. You don't know who she is. I mean good luck getting a horny teen to take this on board. But its better than doing nothing and at least when things go to shit you can say "I told you so"

Remove the choice from women

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Based and blackpilled

Shame. Lots and lots of shame.

More government control over the things people are allowed to do.


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>mad about girls getting paid to show their titties online

stop hating

She mad a good choice. Based


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By killing all beta cuckolds, they complain about women rejecting them, but don’t realize they’re the ones putting women in pedestals.

Based image



theres no way this bitch isnt a tranny

>this woman receives money from me, so she complements me, this must mean she loves me

Why not improve ourselves together user

This is why beta men used to be slaves and indentured servants. Fuckers just throw all their money away to whores. Last century it was the brothels, this century it’s fucking twitch.

Start watching and supporting girls who actually game or have value.

Here's one I found that is having a bad day and doesn't e thot. The game is rigged. Show her support and make ger smile. She's based.

disgusting rationalizing spineless wanker. di

>she’ll think I’m different than all the rest

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stop shilling your wife's twitch channel


I don't want to believe this is real but it probably is
This thot is just the female version of a nog with a card table outside a 7-11
I hope that dumb faggot goes broke

>incel posting
Have sex.

have you never heard of Nietzsche ?

I've actually witnessed this shit up front recently
I used to sleep with this 16-year old girl (knew her since she was 14), and she was actually really homely. Quite nerdy, loyal, quiet, very moral, etc.

Then we broke up and she moved into the city, only talked to her now and then, but I got to witness her complete transformation
She started using social media heavily, posting bikini pics on instagram, joining "promoter" brands
From 16 to 18 years old, she went from the cute, shy girl to a complete e-thot, with fake tits, lip-fillers, everything

It's insane to see what social media does to a young girls mind these days

Neve talk to him or his wifes twitch channel ever again.

>watching and supporting anyone who sits and play games all day

I actually admire e-thots dominion over betas but

we do need female leaders for women, modern women just wont listen to men as before, we either reclaim traditional femininity or lose forever

Lmfao incel cope at its finest

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>I used to sleep with this 16-year old girl
>she was (...) very moral

>used to sleep with this 16-year old girl
>From 16 to 18 years old, she went from the cute, shy girl to a complete e-thot, with fake tits, lip-fillers, everything

hey don't beat yourself about it, you tried to save her user.

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Well she didn't change until after I stopped sleeping with her

You mean a whore changing into a different kind of whore? Whoop de doop.

>implying she will not just take money from betas and laugh all the way to the bank with Chad

Betas work and pay to the Alphas, just like it should be.


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How was she a whore before?
I was her first

I've seen her pussy, though.

>16 year old sleeping around
>she's a pure maiden u guise
Pick one.

Easy, we start WWIII and kill them all

>I knew this wife material girl from 14-16 yo
>I destroyed her ability to pair bond so I could get my dick wet
>Now she's a thot
Wow, who would have guessed that would happen?!

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Holy fuck, being such a dumb cringey fucking cuck deserves being taxed $13,000.

this is beyond pathetic.

>oh no why is my country filled with niggers

That's not a bunny it's a hollow from made in abyss


I could not bear to finish reading it, what a faggot.
>I give you money and do it for free, therefore you should tell me everything.
Fucking creep

Yeah but I live in a world with other people.

The first no longer exists
Porn and the jew has destroyed the modern man

is that some Chink philosopher like Buddah?

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You ruined her dummy

>Groom underage girl
>Push her to sex, have sex with kid

Sick fucker

Women shouldn't be allowed on the internet.

you ruined her snownigger. typical snowniggerism degeneracy, your women sleep with hundreds of men.

women shouldn't be considered as people

>How do we solve the ethot enabler problem?
with a good slap on the ass

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based and white shariah pilled

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>white shariah

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repeal the 19th

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Why can't I just gas everyone I disagree with?

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why do you need internet in the kitchen for, anyway

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Actually people like you are the main reason for stringent Age of Consent law. You singlehandedly destroyed a legit Good Girl.

The major part of thotherry is the fact that men almost force/encourage young girls into it.

Die shitstain

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parents start caring about their offsprings
they want love they didnt get from their retarded parents, who give zero shits about the future
just themselves

"Good, now do that to the Joker.
Before you rape him..."

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