Greta Thunberg: "Wake up and face the facts, the reality, the science.”

>“The USA is the biggest carbon polluter in history,” Thunberg, from Sweden, told the audience. “It is also the world’s number one producer of oil. It is also the only nation to signal its intention to leave the Paris climate agreement because it was ‘a bad deal’.”

>“Dreams cannot stand in the way of telling it like it is, especially right now... Wherever I go, I seem to be surrounded by fairytales.”

>The teenager accused business leaders and others of telling “stories” intended to soothe people and make them go back to sleep. “The problem now is we need to wake up. It is time to wake up and face the facts, the reality, the science.”

>Thunberg added: “This is, above all, an emergency, and not just any emergency. This is the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced and we need to treat it accordingly... Stop telling people ‘everything will be fine’... Stop pretending you, your business idea, your political party or plan will solve everything.”

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>Greta is the face of the climate movement

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How is she a Jewish plant moron. She is advocating for cleaning up our planet and holding polluters responsible

Congrats on ur new toilet. Really.

greta thunberg needs to get fucked

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reach greta's floor, backflip into her door, breaking that shit down and sending splinters flying everywhere setting off fucking car alarms and barking dogs

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global warm deez nuts, bitch

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I kind of want to fuck her.

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>>“The USA is the biggest carbon polluter in history,”
But... China...

Do they just refuse to see it?

I agree wholeheartedly - it is time to reduce world population by 90%!
Trump, ready the nukes.

China is the biggest carbon polluter, by far.

According to the Paris climate agreement, China doesn't need to do anything until 2030.

Greta believes we have ten years to change before it's too late.

No media points this out.

Do you understand how fucked up the media actually is?

She's not wrong tho

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If that were true she would have flown to your shithole and lectured your shit covered people instead of the US.

>per capita

Stop posting this cunt

>She is advocating for cleaning up our planet and holding polluters responsible

So, when does she hold you responsible?

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Well you're wrong.

Kek it was funny the first time and still funny now

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>tfw when you hate Scandavian children but love jewish oil execs

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I laughed so fucking hard

sauce on this?

one chink is worth less than 1/10 of a white man

Why? She's cute.

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Literally just spewing 'facts' retarded adults are telling her to believe with no proof because they are adults. Is it okay to hate children? Cause this bitch is obnoxious. Also ugly as fuck, she'll hit the wall at 20 at most.

Use the internet you idiot. The US has lowered emissions. How's shutting down all those nuclear plants in the EU doing? Emissions are up in countries going full cuck in the EU... be glad they're lumping them all together :D

I'm pretty sure our neighbors in Beijing alone are No. 1 in emission

fotze is lying lol, time to destroy this cunt with facts and logic.

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You MUST eat the buggs and not drive your car! You have RUINED my childhood ;_;

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stand up to china or else you're fake as fuck and a plant

mb I forgot about the historic part. she is still a fotze tough

>Skips school to cry and ride a sailboat
Doesn't sound ruined


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Arbitrary cherrypicking or outdated and worthless

Can't have a ¥7,000 blu-ray then, how else will she watch the new Avengers film?

So stop dumping shit and plastic into the Ganges you filth

Sweden's greatest problem is pollitiion of the other kind, I would say. Did she adressed that?

Why is it worthless moron. Ideally we should be looking at from 1850s and we'll know who exactly polluted how much

Who do you think is paying her?

So her solution is to import millions of your smelly cousins so they can consume and pollute at 1st world levels? Wow what an environmentalist, thanks for this one OPEC!

she may be right but she is obnoxious as shit

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wtf i love UAE now

>"we'll know who exactly polluted how much"

Picrel, jus sayin...

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>be glad they're lumping them all together
We're not in the EU though...

Says India and China, that together produce mrore waste and CO2 than EU nad US combined and multiplied by 4

If someone would just Anne frank this swede-kike I would be so fucking happy.

Infect her with typhus?


>face the facts, the reality, the science
With pleasure.

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Greta proves that liberals have the mentality of children.

USA is #1? China is

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Ill care about more than 100 years into the future when I find a decent white woman to have kids with (impossible).

Lower emission in Europe and USA because all the goods come from Indian and Chinese factories nowadays.

She just needs a really good fuck

Unless she has a militia that's going to fight to create a better world, or amazing debate skills that go beyond emotional grandstanding, everything she says is a pointless waste.

This has been a really interesting day, the commie's have gone into some accelerationist mode truing to use this little retarded actress as some kind of weapon, more please.


eat bugs you faggots it's the current year

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She’s a Chinese Agent, imagine accusing a country of polluting the world which has some of the strictest anti-pollution laws in the world which are enforced by a dedicated statutory authority, no such thing exists in China.


lol seething

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>"The reality, the science!"

She said as she has not cited a single source of information in favor of suggesting human or environmental life is threatened as a result of increased carbon emissions.

>The USA is the biggest carbon polluter in history,” Thunberg
Thazs already a gargantuan loe.

That's china, then india

Usa is the biggest poluter? Not those ants in china? Bullshit

>The USA is the biggest carbon polluter in history,” Thunberg, from Sweden, told the audience. “It is also the world’s number one producer of oil. It is also the only nation to signal its intention to leave the Paris climate agreement because it was ‘a bad deal’.”
Alright I was willing to let this goofy bitch slide but ffs can she return to sweden and get fucked by economic refugees already

She lies... kill the left


When you gonna start cleaning up street shitter

More bullshit lies. Fuck this bitch.

Shilled by Soros and Bill Gates

Luisa-Marie Neubauer is her handler, from the One Foundation. Her personal "coach"

>implying her bosses and handlers would let us switch to cheap, clean, free Tesla energy
Seriously someone redpill this girl on Tesla's free energy method. It's not entirely "free" to setup, but it would be free for anyone, anywhere, to use, and it would require the entire world coming together peacefully (as in nations, not globalism).

She has the perfect platform to push it, too. But like I said, her bosses won't let her.

Greta must be stopped

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can you hired pajeets stop shitting up our board with this kike retard please and thanks



I admire their efforts at self-sufficiency but this is terrifying. I really wish they didn't have to eat mosquitos, but I know that wish would be monkey-pawed so... eh...

>give money to government to prevent global warming

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I am waking up, and I'm realizing that the only way I'll ever be happy is to gtfo my democrat run slave state and move to the mid west where it's actually affordable to live and raise a family.

I woke up my sister from laughing it just kept Getting funnier

>what is Hitler?

>Let comapnies turn profit endlessly hahaha

Her body
Her choice
We've been over this

>Wherever I go, I seem to be surrounded by fairytales

Might be because she's telling them herself, lol

Israel admits to being over her body on her own free will

Climate change is a doomsday cult

this graph is pointless, it's only show a barplot where the height of each bar represents the CUMULATIVE CO_2 produced by each country. It's obvious that USA and EU SINCE 1973 have produced more C02 than China.
China until the end of the 80s was a very poor country with a small industry.

this grapgh is more usefull, it shows the trend of the C0_2 produced by each country.


>Waaah the US left the Paris climate deal :*(
>Media: REEEE the US are absolute shitheads
Just recently there were news here that the nations that agreed to the Paris deal hadn't actually done enough or as much as was agreed on. So in another view you could say all the countries that signed the deal and did nothing just lied. I ask you, how is this better than the US admitting they will not take part?

>Meanwhile actual Co2 emissions

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> Wherever I go, I seem to be surrounded by fairytales

Yeah, because you're surrounded by Swedish history and modern day Swedish domestic policy, both of which encompass fairy tales.

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She is literally right
When will Jow Forums stop sucking cock of fossil and oil companies?

Wake up and face the autism.

>Force businesses to relocate overseas/offshore because I don't get paid 20$/hr for flipping burgers
Don't forget my diet coke, bitch. And here's your tip.

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Having a field trip on Jow Forums are we, Schlomo?

Do the left use children to shout their bullshit for them because they have become so self aware than an adult saying this shit will just ridiculed. Plus the obvious "Think of the children" cliche

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She cute but she'll probably start talking to you about how condoms are killing the planet

>tfw you don't realize it's the same clique