He's 29 and still taking the bus to his job stocking shelves

>he's 29 and still taking the bus to his job stocking shelves

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Well you should fuck the right guy with car next time

If a woman asks you how much you earn on the first date, eat up, slip out, and leave her with the tab.
Then block on all applications.
Rinse/repeat until you find one that can pass for human.

honestly if you don’t even have a retirement pension going right now, at least a plan to have a million dollars saved up in five years to eight years, and in a steady career field and currently employed in such field, you failed the white race

I’m 26 and take an Uber to my job as a cashier, wanna fuck?

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I don't want a job

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Women end up with the men they deserve.

I bet he lives with his parents too

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This for sure.

is this board just old fat women negging incels?

>she's a woman and thinks her opinions have any value

male's general apathy and ability to commit to hobbies will outlast any woman's rapidly declining standards before the wall hits.

>yfw you start reflect about your personal life

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Dude your shirt says daddy in pink sparkles....grow up


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It should.

>shes only 29 and has multiple children with different fathers.


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This. Smack them like mosquitoes and banana split. Fuck once. Leave. Not worth saving. She will hit 30 and still pretend she is worthy of God himself

this guy gets it

smart. he's probably a whiz at stock investing from his armchair too. by the time you're 50 or so, you'll have enough to retire in the bahamas. Why anyone would want to pay insurance companies to sit in traffic 3 hours a day while paying for sand niggers to laugh at them is beyond me. .t Riyadh

Amazingly younger girls still will go for good dudes

That only means you should man up. It's your responsibility to raise Jamal's and Fahrid's children.

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Tfw I was dating and told them I was an investment banker they just wanted more dates and never put out. Most of them pretended to be modest I guess to appear as marriage material but I knew they were whores from my buddies

Much time before your birth. Cryonics healthcare coverage is not only by insurance company policy, but by corporate bureaucracy. Many fraternity, and society have corporate bureaucracy. As long as he uses whatever he buys, and his use is proper then useful purchases are career opportunity. What is that job in cryonics healthcare coverage enforced by fraternity or other society?

Either way, a communist cooperative is in your future. Try to get a quote coop to your race rep were you to ever be in cell awaiting arraignment. Basically, prison and jail got in communist because communists are active in propaganda along public street at bus route.

Remember regenerative medicine is eternal life.