What's Russia's opinion on Russian-black American relationships?

What's Russia's opinion on Russian-black American relationships?


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Over these next 5 years, you are going to see more and more white male/black female relationships all throughout the West. It will become the new "thing" like black male/white female was for this past decade. Notice how the commercials are changing now and nobody cares about BMWF? This is now going to be the era of WMBF. Personally, I don't mind because there are lots of hot black chicks that are "white washed" and rejected by their own culture while most white males are too afraid to approach them.

I don't see problem, non-white with non-white don't sound bad

just kidding)

Russian men are worthless. The more Russian women for us, the better. We should import all Russian women to the West, why Western government don't give citizenship to Russian women? We could kill Russia this way.

Wtf? I watch Fedor's channel to learn Russian. He is dating a nigger? Absolutely disgusting.

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For a few years now, user. They're engaged as far as I know.

He probably wants a green card, Russia is so poor that they will even lick black pussy to get out of that shithole.

I think it's pretty fucking gross if you ask me and I'm American.

My Russian friend told me the English speaking Russians are usually libtard cucks but I didn't think it was this bad.

I feel betrayed. Those Aryan genetics being shitted on.
Niggers are a plague.

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Why would a Thai care?

As a white guy, I have had black girls throw themselves at me. I'm your average white guy and I've had girls that look close to Rhianna fuck me. One of them told me to call her a nigger while she was sucking my dick. Really opened my eyes.

I'm white. I'm just here for Muay Thai.
There are only a couple of legit Thai people on forchin and only one browses Jow Forums

Don't be angry next time Jow Forums call you amermutt


Only like 0.3% of their population is Germanic (the "Aryans" you're referring to)

Way to be another retarded Thai. Go fuck some ladyboys and leave the racism to us....

Slavs aren't white.... Why do y'all care?

The nazis considered Russians to be Aryans.
Piss off you retarded mutt

Extremely negative by 95-97% of Russians. Same goes for all kinds of racemixing.

Thanks good those blood traiotrs document themselves, so we know who to kick out once the Day of the Rope starts in Moscow

My guy

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You're wrong here. He went to America to study. He is rich because only rich Russians send their kids to study in western countries and he learned English so that means he attended classes beforehand.


Keep with that bump this is for long

How do Bulgarians feel about race mixing and niggers?

The Russians in those arrangements are completely insane, but you can find coal burners anywhere.

Russia had many wars when all brave man died so our genes are week and blacks steal rest of our chad genes.Sad

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read wikipedia.Germans are not Aryans,it`s Hitler`s propaganda,real Aryans are East Germans and Russians and Iranians and Indians

Had all brave men died there wouldn't have been any people left to fight in wars and shake the jewsssr/putins regime. but there are
>nd Iranians and Indians
>mulattoes and abbo mulattoes are Aryan

It feels very out of place and is usually frowned upon. We had almost no blacks a few years ago now I see more and more roasties with their pet nogs each day. I believe it's due to (((western))) influence and alot of girls are listening to rap/hip hop nowadays.

This is like a cross-species relationship. They'll be making a hideous defectuous, socially inept Zebroid.

only weak people fight Putin regime.
South Korea
have 0 Jews.
I don`t care who is president only thing that matters is number of Jews and all are weak to fight Jews not Putin

Bulgarians ARE racemixed niggers

I'm a poor russian and my black gf gives me money and buys me cigs. When I have money I buy her stuff. A russian whore would never give money to a man, they are entitled and only know how to consume.

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>American flag
>I'm a [poor] Russian

Imagine there's a thing called planes. You can travel from one landmass to another and your ethnicity doesn't even change during the trip.

>only weak people fight Putin regime

yes, nationalists capable of blowing up markets, killing lawyers and starting racce riots are weak


With jews inside of our nation or not, Putins government still would have acted in dysgenic anti-Russian damaging way

This makes me sad.

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stupid nationalists act only against churkas not Jews.
i am more friendly internationalist,i would prefer living in house full of Chechens than in country with one single Jew.
>With jews inside of our nation or not, Putins government still would have acted in dysgenic anti-Russian damaging way

i don`t care

nice traveling they have

Seems like there's another couple just like them.


>stupid nationalists act only against churkas not Jews.
Do schizo mongrels like you understand that its more complex that just muh jews?

we had no fuckingjewish subhumans, when that whore Kateerine the II allowed them to settle here

that being said, I'd rather live in self-segregated upper class community in London than in a "White" nation where a single nonwhite allowed to live other than diplomats

Rare, insignificant.
Our blacks become assimilated and russified, civillized.
Most blacks came into USSR in the 60s as students. Some stayed. Their children are rare and have a mix of slavic genes. I have one in my city of 45000 people. Although dark skinned, he's basically Russian and is not treated differently. Has a kid with a Russian woman who is even whiter.

There was a place I worked in, the boss who is Russian had a business partner who is a mulatto. This one was more exotic in appearance (less slavic admixture), but was a successful sales manager and well behaved, although a bit cocky.

Blacks that come into Russia nowadays are low in number, students same as before, and generally well cultured unlike some monkeys from North Caucasus.

>Our blacks become assimilated and russified, civillized.
Two bullets to the back of the head to this cuckold

Nonwhites of any kind don't belong here no matter how they behave

And to add to that, Pushkin was a grandchild of a black man.

Show us your photo, you skullmeasurer. Let's see what Jow Forums has to say about your genetic heritage.

Slavs aren't Aryans....

They literally are. All European people are.

Actually the ideal outcome. No reason why a genetic and cultural group shouldn’t allow marginal mixing and cultural exchange for the sake of learning and genetic levity - it’s when it becomes en masse systematic replacement rather than an outlier that it becomes a problem.

Same goes for gays or any other minority. Be discreet and respect mainstream society and enjoy equality before the law. Destroy civilisation for the sake of democracy and we have a problem.

I think Russkis despite being depicted a certain way understand this better than we do.

Yes you both are subhumans

Wow I didn't realize the drug epidemic in russia was this bad.

That's exactly the reason why his statues will be purged after Russian uprising with the rest of mongrels within our art like Brodsky, Ayvazovsky etc
Skullmeasuring is based af, cuck.

You know why? We Russians have 80 cranial index. Us pure Russians are more gracile than Poles with their 82-83 now

that's just stupid

It can't be ideal if niggers are allowed to stay, period.

>shouldn’t allow marginal mixing
because negroids are literal sub-humans and descendants of race traiotors pose a genetic threat to whole ethnic group being trash with no history of sexual selection for social dominance in their family trees?

not like a bunch of abbo octoroons and wogs would know what its like to preserve your race

Why no photo? Ashamed of your subhuman appearance?
Fucking insecure loser.

A nigger fucked your mom or yourself.
Or stole your bike.
Or you are just a lame troll. Hard to tell in the age of post irony.

I always had a gut feeling music was making otherwise respectable women look like not even whores, like cats in heat . Classic courtship is gone. Not that I wasn’t the willful agent of my ‘modern’ approach to college and resulting reality.

It looks genuine. The problem with black men and white women very few of those relationships do look genuine and more like they are trying to prove some sort of point in peoples face.

>Why no photo
Because I am not a retard to proof something to pathetic nigger dick-sucking noviop subhumans?
Кoгдa Pyccкиe пpидyт к влacти в cвoeм иcтopичecкoм дoмe, тaкиe выpoдки кaк ты пипиcькy цeлoвaть y пapaши в ypaнoвых лaгepях бyдyт.

Our blacks are different from yours I suppose. Your are indigenous to your area or live close to it.
Russia is separated from Africa.
Most black that come here are students. I don't know all the details, but generally, there's small quota for student exchanges. Everything outside of it is paid education.
Basically it's a filter that doesn't allow the lowliest of low to come here.

No, because net zero or low migration doesn’t alter the gene pool in drastically negative ways.

I’m assuming everything in your kitchen has its place,

Even the best niggers are still niggers. They never invented the wheel.

They are a race of immorality, indolence and stupidity.
You should not desire any shitskins in your nation.

You are just a fucking loser, the same as your pathetic "leader" Yegorka who is only able to write articles, commute with his cocksucking audience on streams and dream of coming to power without actually ever doing anything productive.

But keep dreaming, faggot.

As far as I am concerned, mass labor migration from Central Asia and unjustified autonomy of North Caucasus region are way more dangerous than a nonexistent minority of blacks.

Not turning from 85% to 50% White in three generations like yanks doesn't mean slow mongrelisation is not dysgenics.

Not having all nonwhites removed is not even enough lmao. We have too many dysgenic abominations that come from a long line of whores and semi-retards here that must be sterilised to halt the decline of Russian people

An able bodied white man wasting his genes on a nigger is an embarrassment. If you have to go half breed go asian or latina. Fucking monkeys is pathetic.

> No, because net zero or low migration doesn’t alter the gene pool in drastically negative ways
So why does one nation need to alter their gens anyway?

>Do schizo mongrels like you understand that its more complex that just muh jews?


Fatass Yegorka is a cuckold like yourself actually.

He publicly said that he supports allowing mongrels that self-identify as Russians to stay

>As far as I am concerned
We have to weed out dinarisation and pontid inflitration that happens within real Russian via west cockhole and kubanoid vermin first*

shitskins are visible and can be mass deported with ease. mongrels on the other hand are lurking within us presenting themselves as Russians

Why would you want your kids to be poorly adapted to the environment they live in? This is the opposite of survival of the fittest.

Black Women who have white memes baby’s almost universally have c sections.

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>He publicly said that he supports allowing mongrels that self-identify as Russians to stay
He is simply not a mental patient, unlike you.

Funny that you didn't mention east baltids. These "swine infant faced scum" as some might call it. I suppose I don't need your photo to compose your mental portrait anymore.

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East Baltids are at very least native to the area. And neo-nazism is not really a thing for most Slavic nationalists be they in Russia, Slovakia, Czechia, Poland or Ukraine. Funnily enough all of us are stricter on racial purity than the Reich. rightly so - jewish mongrels have no fucking place here.

The idea of tribalism and historic national/ethnic continuity just confuses you because in your mentality in genetics you are part of an artificial non-nation. That's all.
The rest of your post is literal gibberish. Fantasies, adjustments, strawman, fantastic fine-tuning. You're literally writing some kind of fan-fiction at me, perhaps in an attempt to sound as articulate as Gosling did in that one movie I saw as well, but you fail miserably. Creative self-delusion =/= nuance.

Drink bleach and remove yourself from gene pool, kubano-crypto-armenoid subhuman

>East Baltids are at very least native to the area.
Sure thang, butt-face.
Your grandad was a poster guy for at least half the piece of nazi anti-bolshevic propaganda.
>Drink bleach and remove yourself from gene pool, kubano-crypto-armenoid subhuman
Nice try, but I am a pure slav with cromanid phenotype.
My grandad and his ancestors lived on a great Russian plain, unlike yours who drowned in shit and mud of northern finno-ugric east-baltic forests.

Just hang yourself, retard.

Cringe but at least its wmbf

>we wuz Cromanids
>you Finno-Ugric mutts
>muh based niggers and pushkin
>you ebil skullmeasurers

pick up your reasoning, schizo cuck

and somehow Finns created one of the best societies to live in the end of the day unlike partly nigger spics, southrons, arabs and other racial trash

nothing in this world makes me as angry as seeing a white man with a black woman. I mean, how is this shit even legal? please, just stick to your own race and stop racemixing.

Check your facts retard, Finland was the poorest European country pre-1900 and didn't have sovereignity in like, centuries which is a sign of a butt-fucking-nocountry like Baltic states or Ukraine.
Their 70 years of prosperity is nothing on historical scales and their status may change as everything does in the world.


Disgusting subhumans. They all have to go back or .... or something much worse will happen.

No one likes racemixing. Just like no one likes sodomy.

I never understood your meme. The man on the right has a nice, symmetrical face with good bone structure.
>strong brow
>good teeth
>smile lines
>good ears
>powerfully shaped skull
>full lips
>high, developed forehead consistent with brain development
>not fat, and not skinny, but fleshy from a life of plenty
This meme was created by men because women would find that guy completely acceptable if not attractive.

Finland pre-1900 was more literate than Russia and pre-Industrial revolution history doesn't matter in 2019 - only breeding patterns and sexual selection that happened before 1700s.

Then again, for some reason "historical" shithole that surround the bottom of European continent all seem to have issues taking out garbage on time lmao

Do you live in Miami or in New York?

Would love to have a black GF

in favor of

Russians evolved to love shit leaders. Tsars, General Secretaries, Presidents and Prime Ministers.
This goes all the way down, to the very lowest beadle.
I guess that's why Russia is such a shithole I don't know just theorizing.

I'm okay with that, there is quite a lot of chocolate in my fap folder.

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You're no better than the average fem Slav who hits Western men up for money kys

>Finland pre-1900 was more literate than Russia
Yes, and? Did they produce many scientific breakthroughs in the 20th century? No? Oh snap!
Finns are mongols, you know that?

Not that it is anything to be ashamed of, of course.
Just hitting you where it hurts the most.

I have a pontic wife and she hates your east baltic guts. I, however, couldn't care less.

But keep that irrational maximalist tribalism/racism going, I am sure that's the only way you can assert your loser self in life.

We are not white (thanks god), so we havent any problem with racemix relationships.

Why do so many of the hotttest and most educated kweens end up with chiseled-jawed whitefellas?

One condition, chicks must be mixed, I am not attracted to ebony with thick asses

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>tfw only one nigger in our 130k city and everybody knows about him

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Compare the amount of times the US was invaded to the amount of times Russia was invaded

There should be 0 niggers in Ukraine, I want to live in a nigger-free country when you get EU membership and I move to Ukraine.

Russians been decaying as a race since 1400s. It's hardly surprising to see modern products of past dysgenic listening to "Russian" rap from 15% speaking and dying of alcohol overdose in 2019.
>Yes, and? Did they produce many scientific breakthroughs in the 20th century?
Who cares if they did?

niggers that you shill for didn't ever have anything resembling a proper society or developed intelligence as a group

>m-muh students, dem be based, just to so much of those and it's fine to mix with those faggots as long as produced mongrels mix it up with real Russians

>I have a pontic wife
explains a lot lmao. one day your roach kind will get purged by either Azov or Russian analouge

>irrational tribalism
lmao cuckspeak 101

hardcore in-group preference have always been the defining factos of success for ethnic groups, which is not defined by amount of scientists, but high ratio of intelligent people within the group

Then make sure to donate at least 1-5% of your earnings to Azov

The word "Russian" didn't exist in the 1400s

It was Rusici and Rusi ("Pycичи" и "Pycы"), which are pretty much the same things

>learn russian

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No it referred to the descendants of the Kievan Rus

It did. Pyc/pycич has been our ethnonym for a millenium.