Being victim of a pedophile and jewish plant is one thing, but calling for protests in another country in EU is crossing the line
we will fuck you up you fuckin shit, and we will break your entire gay union while we're at it
this means war

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can't you get the football hooligans to do something to the protesters?

Stan, get the wings.

we could and we will but it will also cause international incident and some retaliation by EU
we will possibly use Police and Border Guard to keep them away and dispersed
and ask local cygany to pickpocket the fuck out of those dumb leftard protesters

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Macron is a complete tool.

imagine how much of a tools are french citizens who elected him as main tool

>“Where was Emmanuel Macron when we had the COP in Katowice as part of the UN process? He wasn’t present! Poland has implemented drastic reductions in CO2 emissions since 1980. Macron’s criticism is totally unfounded.”


Macron is such a hypocrite. His own police arrested over 100 yellow vests for 'unauthorized gathering' in Paris on Saturday alone. Macron's police have also tear gassed, shot, beaten, imprisoned, blinded and killed untold numbers of yellow vest protestees over the last 18 months.

At the same time, the astroturfed climate march was allowed to go ahead by Paris police unhindered. Really makes you think.

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Yo Polski, eat shit!

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We're living in turbulent times, no more brother wars.

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we will break your union with no survivors and you will starve cause your entire economy is built on using euro to undercut other euro based economies

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Did you go to mosque today already Ahmed? Oh-uh sorry, Hans.

Westerners are so silly haha

AHAHAHAHAHA, as if you don't bow down to the jew as well!!

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Yea we do bow down to the jew as well but thats only it.
You bow down towards both jews and muslims.

Sorry Hans, the EU has to die. Only then can Europe be free

guess we have to protect east prussia against the french kikes again

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Lol. That Kippur is in EU colours, blue and gold. Any coincidence?

jew bow down to us or we ruin their holy sites
go for it, this time after you will get inevitably wrecked by everybody else you wont get marshall plan and all your people will get deported to Mozambique

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ah the eternal polack, crying in pain as you give him your hand
still, if you want it or not, we're in this together

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Nah, former kikeking, Bibi Netayahooy is out of office and kvetching about the land+property restitution dies with him. If even kikeking cant make us pay up, nobody can.

>we're in this together
no we are not
you are enemy of europe, Poland is its saviour
world will finally have good times after you perish

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POTUS can, but Trump wants to make deals, not to make smelly farts

What about article 447 man, Israel won't make us pay but big daddy USA yes
And not to mention Kaczynski has a lot of jewish friends so it's not like we are kikefree user

We're in this only because you're dragging us with you. Nobody in europe had any say if we want to be invaded by hordes of 3rd worlders but merkel mutti blew the doors out of the fucking hinges and said "come on in, we got cookies :)". Once it became clear that more than imagined are coming, germany started forcing that human trash on other euro countries and threatened sanctions if not let in. Fucking germs just can't stop fucking up europe every few decades for some reason.

Dumb butthurt bitches, what is your problem? Every country has takrn its punches, we were occupied by the french countless times, now by the mutts and even the russians.
Where is your sportsmanship?

Merkel is hated here by anyobe who is not a boomer or cuck as well, idiot

i'm sorry you feel that way janusz
if we perish there will be no europe left though
you think we had any say in this?

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you say genocide of Poles, stealing our stuff, teaming up with Russia and others to murder us and erase us from the map again and again and again is sportsmanship?
I understand that you are all retarded, and it saddens me deeply, but for fucks sake you achieved new level of mental retardation

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Doesn't change the fact that Germany once again irrecoverably changed Europe without consulting anyone.

Germans certainly had more to say in this than Poles did.

>if we perish there will be no europe left though
Europe was at its best when germans were bunch of warring city-states

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And France. And Bongland too.
Whom you seem to love despite them betraying and leaving you in a ditch in WWII, as did America when they gave you to stalin.

Man, you kvetch harder than a jew. Stop living in the past, we occupied you for not even 8 years and you cry as if all polish were dead today because of it

when is Macron planning this? Asking for a friend of course.

I'm impressed after 15 years in the EU Poles haven't become fully cucked like the rest of the members.

we will stop living in the past when Berlin and all other your cities will turn to rubble, when 25% of your people die and rot in the streets and when you pay 6 gorillion dollars in reparations
your total decimation will also be good
and stop financing "democratic opposition" in Poland, we dont need your globohomo

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>germans had a say in the Hooton plan
that's not a intelligent thing to say
if we perish, you have a neighboring second Israel you idiot!
the cucking has begun in 1946, the EU is merely a result of this

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Well maybe help us kill our globohomo then you faggots

Btw nearly all your cities are built by germans, so start with krakau maybe if you want them to be rubble

Just get some tanks, slap EU stickers on them and blow their faggot hands off. It's what they're doing to Yellow Vests in Paris.

White Northern Europeans are pathologically averse to inter-personal conflict, so much so you could take a shit on their desk and they’d sit there and do nothing. The future of European Civilisation lies with Southern and Eastern Europe those with “hot-blood” and not the “cold-blooded” reptilians of North and North-Western Europe.

They need to hang them. Decapitation isn't morbid enough

you are the globohomo you want to kill you dolt
you are the reason behind sickness killing europe and white race in general
if not for your retarded sense of superiority and starting moronic wars jewish dominance over finance and media would never happen