Why are you pussies so triggered by her?

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Why the fuck have there been literally hundreds of Greta threads the past few days? Who is sending you people?

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Who's triggered? We're all just happy for her and her bright future

>look mom, I posted ANOTHER Greta thread!!


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She's a viral marketing campaign


I want to fuck her.

My charts say TRIGGERED!!!!

Neck yourself she's not through puberty yet you weirdo


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Typical Jow Forums

It's because they're afraid of climate chsnge, but even more afraid of women obv

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you keep posting this on /b/

> Why are you pussies so triggered by her?
Pic related, mostly.

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she stinks of soros

This is great. The way libshits so desperately try to push this vomitface haglet takes the wind completely out of their sails. Fucking hilarious.

>this is super cereal

It's funposting negro

roastie pls

no board likes 25 threads about the same thing faggots

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>Why are you pussies so trigger

Last time i checked, Grethenstein Thunberg has a 10+ minute canandrum spergout ...

But yeah, call US triggerd. Pathological projection.

Hardly anyone is "triggered" by her over here. Shes the meme of the month and nothing more.

Manbearpig made complete since when it was still imaginary.

>why are you triggered by spam?

(((Who))) do you think it could be ?

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Okay. Enjoy your Sorosbucks while they last and don't spend them all in one place. Once he's done with you, they dry up fast. Ask Black Lives Matter.

>afraid of a braindamaged legally retarded hole
Climate hoaxers get the rope 1st

That tin hat is a little too tight my friend.

When did Hogg get a sex change?

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That and rotten eggs/moldy cheese.

Sick of seeing her grizzling face on the news.
This climate change shite has been going since the 90s, nobody is going to do anything practical because the money they make will be cut off.

I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body

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when will she mention the pajeet ocean problem?

Projecting your insecurity, nice

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Maybe if there were less women fearing fat slob pedophiles on here there would be less obsession

What are they trying to accomplish?

This is your job and you’re bad at it


for the planet n sheit


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Why is OPEC shilling her so hard?



China and OPEC, she only goes after white countries to end their domestic energy production. If she was serious she would be admonishing her backers for being the worst polluters while speaking out against mass immigration so those 10 kids/woman in Niger don't come to the 1st world to emit more climate juice

Because we're all a bunch of SNOWFLAKES, is that what you want to hear?

Or maybe it's that we're not "triggered" by some downie Swede, we're just thoroughly annoyed by the powers-that-be who keep propping up these mediocre retards. Last year it was Emma the goblina, now it's this bitch. Can't wait to see what 2020 brings us.

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Lol imagine being this emotionally manipulated by a pre-rehearsed ghost-written spergout. Only retards can't see through his shit. This is Patriot Act in a shiny package and the threat of climate change will be used to restrict human liberty even further....cheered on by leftist retards I might add.

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>admonishing her backers




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Kiwis sleep with your wife at night. I'd thought I'd be a bro and let you know.

More of this shit.

Irritated by a child, claims the intention of breeding for whites.

You'll just beat or neglect them obv

Are you a child? Because you, and people like you, are the ones trying to irritate people here.

She is the most likely person to be the antichrist


Lmao hes a faggot for saying what he said but youre a dumb cunt if you think any of us are afraid of women. Did you know women have smaller brains and less synapses than men?

I wonder if she uses SodaStream products to make her own pop..

Basically if you are still too retarded to get it Greta is the stick, and you, and other like you, are the ones using her to poke people.

litterally who?
I need to know before I can be triggered or w/e psy op your spouting.

Wha wha, cry like a baby faggot

The warmists should commit suicide for climate change.

Clearly you're all intimidated by women

Wha wha,cry more faggot

Man, there's video of BLM chanting, "Soros pay up." You're not good at this.

Oh look 4 threads about her on the front page alone. Totally organic.

Man, they've been pushing "climate change" since 1970. We've blown past multiple Climate Armageddon dates since then.

What an ugly potato

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I've never seen this much buttrage. So many people here hate her, when all she's trying to do is improve this world.

It is nothing personal against her, it is just that she is one of you, and you still us a debt of destroyed lives. We will stop once we feel we are equal.

Again, it is not personal, you used her as a human shield, and we no longer GAF about those sorts of tactics. Maybe stop using children as human shields douche bag???

>when all she's trying to do is improve this world.
No, she's using an important issue to shill for bigger global govt. That is the entirety of leftwing climate "activism". If she wanted to "improve the world" she'd mention that the 3rd world is a huge issue regarding pollution, for example. She's just here to weaken the West with crisis propaganda


None of that matters, she is now the little Nazi girl for the rest of her life, he life is ruined. If they don't want this to happen to any more of their children, they will stop using their children as human shields for their shitty politics.

I don't hate her, she is an asperger girl who is manipulated by her parents.
I hate the hypocrisy of her fanbase. Fuck, the last friday i saw her fans eat hamburgers at McDonald and come back to their home with a suv.
Do you support Greta? You must eat bugs as Greta wants.


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They will continue using children because it's an effective tactic and they couldn't care less about how these children feel.
>None of that matters
It kinda does. Climate welfare as well as global govt are critical issues which outta be addressed in a better way. This entire movement is yet another misdirection with no positive effect on the environment.

nobody is triggered by a little girl GTFO

We don't like spam.
Or discord trannies.

Because she is an artificially fabricated symbol for the upcoming Ecofashism.
No cars
No heater
No meat
No houses
While the rich laugh and shit on us!

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All I see are rage and butthurt by a 16 year old girl. I have found Jow Forums's kryptonite. It's not some chad statesman, but a little Swedish girl with ponytails. All you larpers are showing your cards and you are all impotent. My work is done here.

Do you think the Emirati prince funding her travels got to fuck her beforehand?

Because she's intimidating and high energy. Also, her mouth looks weird.


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>spread lies over lies
>spreads hate
>introduce communism
>totally improving the world

You'll eat the bugs and you will like it.

By the actual foreign agent who's trying to influence our elections?

Why were you by imagined ones?