This. So. Much

This. So. Much.

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Two wrongs don't make a right

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What I'm reading here is that colonialism was not brutal enough

We’re not asking you to do anything. We could stop you from coming completely anytime we wanted. You are just a moths to a flame taking advantage of a bullshit system designed by (((elites))) who hate us. The minute we get rid of them your gone too.

We are the sons of the screaming engine.
And the smoking tower.
We are slow to anger, but once raised, it shall not be abated.
Make war on us at your peril.
We shall smite the weak, and the ignorant.
Those who make war upon us.
Their races shall be scourged from this earth.
The blood in my veins is the blood of horse-lords, and sea-kings.
Pioneers and scholars, prophets and warriors beyond compare.
We have mastered the power of the one-in-all, and harnessed it to warm our hearths, and to destroy our enemies.
We are the men of the jet engine and the atomic bomb.
And we are awake.

learn to drive you ugly faggots

You know what, you're right. We should kill them.

If that's true then turks need to accept immigrants too.

Its advocating a weird neo colonialism where we fuck with smaller countries to justify brain draining their most talented people to the west while everyone else is left eating mud cookies in their favela. And this is done in the name of compassion. It's some creepy shit.

A literal pajeet. Enjoy you're shithole population density. Just because you ruined your land dont expect us to do the same

Because we have better guns stupid commie

500k Indians overstayed their visas last year and the numbers are only rising! What are you gonna do about it whiteboi

>Hahaha we're ruining you're continent too
How is this an argument you worthless subhuman?

Took away that reply, sorry

>disrespecting borders is bad
>but it's okay when we do it

Learn not to shit in the street poo.

Honestly Indians are ok. They still shouldn’t come but they’re better than Mexicans.

>Brings country out of the stone age
>Ruins country

You guys have poo festivals. All of your points are hereby invalid Mr. Hanky

BECAUSE we didn't. Want it to happen again bitches?

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why shouldn't we scalp you like they did?

They're going to find, deport and possibly murder them. This isn't something you should be joking about. People, your people, are going to die

>get conquered
>this somehow entitles you to something
Get fucked.

When we finally pop the chimpout will be beyond epic. White man will take even THAT from you fucks.

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Listen up:


The last five fucking years have proven that.

You fucking won the election and had control of everything for two years and you couldn't even stop us.

Now your shit is being dismantled for the last time.

Now Dems are less than a year away from a shiny new President and a ballcrushing supermajority.

Now if any racist white guy has any sense, he should pack his shit and flee the fucking country.

Because the day the next President is sworn in, you know what the slogan will be?

"Fuck it."

Fuck it, baby.

We're gonna take whitey's shit. We're gonna beat whitey's shit. We're gonna flood whitey the fuck out of his own big houses and pillage his fancy-schmancy 401ks while old white Boomers fucking RAGE.

And we're gonna use Allllllll that money to bring in refugees.

So. Fucking. Many. Refugees.

We're literally going to Africanize White America and hammer it's coffin shut.


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If we never respected your borders, we would have never left nor freed your dumb asses. Somehow I doubt we'll get as good of a treatment in return. Simply just wanting to be left alone is unacceptable to the turd world.

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shit thread. thanks op

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So why should we respect immigrants?

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Sure, but we should use our power to make their wishes not matter.

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>had control of everything
This implies Trump is king and everyone in the government is a robot. The left likes to project their traits onto everyone its no fucking wonder you bots have power fantasies galore. Go back to civics.

Immigrants never had any borders you fucking idiot.Learn some history.

So you're say that we can go back to how we once did things?
Okay deal. Like 100% done.

Two wrongs don't make a right.

Umm, the amount of H-1B visas is declining. Trump is cleansing.

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Why do you love white countries so much are you a white supremacist.

>the west

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Because we are getting angry enough to preserve our safety and livelihood with violence.

This mass immigration thing is beginning to seem like a dirty political trick to get the west angry enough to start WW3 and finish it.

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Im too tired for this shit, just know that you should feel bad about this shitpost

>we sell you this outpost in india for a shitton of money
>oh now its a wealthy trading city? Yea now we will take it back by force
>oh we lost and you took the surrounding Land and gave the Rest of ours to your allies in india
>now you consolidate your occupied Land and your allies into the british raj and everyone joined more or less volentarly

>>this is just like us coming to your Country and demanding gibs

Your brain on india

What the fuck do they mean, we drew their borders.

We gave them to their borders in the first place