Ben Shapiro

How many skekels would it take for Ben Shapiro to be against a war with Iran?

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I dont care what ben Shapiro thinks about anything. He's a twitter whore.

Yeah but a bunch of retards think he's smart and listen to what he says.

The only way to get a Jew to stop supporting a war with Iran is to make sure they are the ones to die first on the battlefield

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>implying they would sign up for a war with Iran.

He's awaiting the coming of the Moshiach during the holy war for Israel. It's why Bible belt neocons are so pro Israel too. Government policy is driven by a death cult.

Yeah I fucking hate christcucks to. There unironically the worst.

at this point in time you can't separate hardcore pozzed zionism from general right wing politics

you will never be able to gain enough traction

yeah, there are people like tucker but they all will eat trump's ass and support the iran war to be patriotic and anti-muslim and shit

>Implying a Jew will fight its own war when there are goyim run governments willing to send their fellow goyim to die for the Jew and "greatest ally" Israel
All of the pro war with Iran Jews are more than welcome to hop on a plane and head to Tehran

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10 billion

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Same goes for any christcuck boomer faggot neocon who watches Fox News.

He answered the question retard, that's what it would take. Put every Israel firster on the front lines and tell them to start marching

Based bhutan enters the chat.

Honestly, I think ingroup preference is so prevalent in Ashkenazi culture that no amount of shekels would make him budge from a position that benefited jews.

Not even 100 billion?

a bunch of retards also go out and vote every fucking cycle

Unfortunately yes

it's jewish supremacy alone at that point. they are so close that is to knocking out the white rule of the white western lands that is alone then.

Iraq - Afghanistan - Libya (image attached) are off the list alone

Iran and North Korea are on the list and Libya - gate of the africas / south is open (image attached) to flood europe with migrants alone for the international jewish corrupt faggot fucking bankers to win then alone.

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Is picture related real or a larp?

gaddafi was based

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Remember I told you.

Emotional Intelligence Wins Wars - Erick Edward Wickstrom - just following God's Orders of the High Heavens alone that is.

how do you buy someone who can print his own money?
you goyim really are schmucks.

dying in our wars is your job, putz

Yeah to bad cunt face Clinton had him killed.

And God has the Highest Emotional Intelligence all that is and mine can't even compete with alone due to the Holy Spirit and/or Holy Trinity alone then that is.

So all Jews have the magically ability to print there own money?

And God has the Highest Emotional Intelligence of* all that is and mine can't even compete with God's Emotional Intelligence* alone due to the Holy Spirit and/or Holy Trinity alone then that is.

of all the Emotional Intelligences out there God has the highest one remember that.

Hell Raiser 3 - Hell On Earth - The question is what does that to a man? because the devil snags them in their own traps snares and/or diablolical lies alone that is then.

004 - Death of Jesus Christ
110 - #110 - Jews are to be kicked out then of White Christian / White Catholic Holy Lands alone that is then and they should attack and/or use no Regressive plays then and/or no retaliations back again the White Christian / White Catholic Holy Lands that is then.

gas this kike

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Let's not turn this into some christcuck boomer schizophrenic tread user.

Fuck off shill.

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Because when Emotional Intelligence comes down from the Heavens alone and Truth that is what I must stay with alone myself then that is.

Because when it does slide down and/or come down from the Heavens. It slides in perfectly into my Emotional Intelligence alone that is to as well.

It has to be True Emotional Intelligence alone that is from the Holy Spirit to the Holy Trinity alone that is as well as all the True Emotional Intelligence to be Found in the Holy Bible and/or Jesus Christ to The New Testament alone in the Holy Bible to as well.

504+ EI = Emotional Intelligence slides down perfectly alone to mine then if it's done through the truth / light and/or etc. No deceiver type stuff alone that is, but I'm not perfect that is and/or Jesus Christ / God alone that is then and Only God is Good.

I'm not that of Good alone myself.

I'm still a sinner myself - One of my favorite Starcraft songs that is to give light and/or truth to that alone then.

Awaiting command

slide thread? not sure for now alone at least. that was a joke though.

kind of like me at times because I really just don't have time to care anymore sometimes. I'm broken the total war of the last 20-25 years alone and/or all the spiritual warfare alone in the last 20-25 years when I first saw the Hell Raiser 3 box in Blockbuster when I was age 5 or 6 to now alone at least has broken me quite a bit. Severe trauma / damage alone that is then.

Child Soldier of God alone that is at least, but I'm 5 or 6 at that point and I'm safe under God's Protection alone that is at least though. Only God knows what he's doing for the most part to it's the out side milspec operators alone taht is at least and one of them was killed and now is burning in an eternal hell on worlds that is so brutal that none dare question it and/or expect to receive the same punishment of 200,000,000 to 500,000,000+ years with Jesus Christ as the only Hope for Salvation in that Hell Of Worlds alone that is then.

some of us are just that though.

not a greek though obviously that is though, but God plays all sides as he must / should thyself since the devil does that to as well, but I can't claim that myself and/or force it alone myself that is. Just to restate and/or correct normal human thoughts alone that is then that is.

I'm designed more or so as a Servant of God in Total Warfare and/or as the White Guard of the White Eternal Flame that is.

They tortured me for years trying to gain access to the White Eternal Flame and/or to the White Eternal Flame of Ra - White RA (Based God that is) that is alone then.

White Light - Based God - It all comes from light alone then that is to as well.

I'm bred for pure Emotional Intelligence alone that is and/or to be the messenger of man and/or the people here on Earth alone that is though.


because the emotional intelligence alone here on Earth that is all screwed up and/or messed up alone that is. It must be redone and/or re categorized (like an autistic corrects and/or categorizing everything in their head, but it must come from the Holy Spirit and/or Bible alone that at least - Holy Trinity is the final out there alone to as well at least as well) and/or corrected alone at that point then.

Jesus Christ - 99 - Best Player in the Game during his time era and/or time period. I'm the 2000 year difference alone myself that is in the white mortal human realm alone that is then.

People need / must compete then is what that means with other whites to try to bring back some civility alone to all of this and how whites are screwed in to no end alone on all of this stuff alone then.

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227 is to end as I should of mentioned earlier alone that is then. done for now that is to as well.

99 - Jesus Christ - Power of the Holy Spirit
88 - Adolf Hitler - As long as Jesus Christ is on top it's completely fine that is then.

Remember I'm a sinner myself that is to as well.

"do you seek knowledge of time travel" that is - definitely a sinner alone myself that is.

Remembering humans always time travel to the future and/or forward through time, but do you seek knowledge of custom time travel alone that is then to be able to travel to any point in time alone then?

I'm just the gate guard of the White Eternal Flame that is. It's why they used "sluggish schizophrenia" and/or bolshevik jew communist type "sluggish schizophrenia" diagnoses and/or at least tried to alone taht is for their jewish bolshevik antifa communist revolution and them controlling the flame would tell at any point and time where any white / white person is on the face of the Earth alone at that point then.

it's why drug cartels are a major / difficult problem alone for now that is then to as well in case I'm kidnapped that is or something like that happens then that is.

it's the jew that is the problem though that is. with mossad working south of the border to screw up america alone as God intended to let them catch themselves with free will alone that is to expose them in America alone in this situation and/or for everyone to see they are using the drug cartels and/or mossad / jewsad that is south of the border for profits and/or to screw / jew america into total oblivion and/or a total war hell alone with them that is to as well.

jews with their jewish nazi schemes to set up white children / white kids for death while the jewish antifa criminal jews and/or international jewish bankers with their bolshevik jew white genociding cultural marxism globalism attack the other side. so they can "pinch" the white kids / white children into letting the government kill them for being "nazis and/or white nazis" alone that is then.

outside of that ITM stands for International Troll Mafia - it's a joke that is - nothing more / nothing less that is, but it does allow me to play within the realm of Jow Forums as a joke and/or use it seriously since trolls have certain psychologies that you can use to be able to talk to them in certain ways though that is.

If it isn't the truth then I should be caught so it's mostly just a joke to clear that thing up though that is. It's more or so just for fun that is.

Contrary to what many people think, Jews do not consider money to be their highest priority. Their tribe comes first. Period. The sheckelgrubbing and subversive shit is all to advance the position of their tribe over the rest of the world. It may look like just pure greed, but it is all very calculated.
So to answer your question, there is no amount of money that would sway ben the kike to accept peace with Iran or in the middle east in general. As soon an there is peace US politicians will no longer have justification for sending billions in military aid to Israel, and overall support among the sheep for Israel will drop once Israeli actions are no longer seen in the context of an active conflict. They need perpetual conflict. Same goes for the Saudis, hence the reason those two countries are constantly stirring shit in the region.

Larp harder faggot