Your average white woman

>your average white woman
>tinder profile: i fucking love dogs
how does it feel to be cucked by dogs of all things?

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any leaf chick with dog obession

whatever just post more

right on cue

meme flag, show your true location, my guess is somewhere in asia where they kick dogs, and you are posting about white women to project your rejection by them

remember to sage and report all anti-white threads

seething cucks

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I saw a webm posted here I think of a girl getting fucked by a dog, I can understand the appeal t b h

The PSYOP is to push the whole "white women cucking white men" somehow but wasn't all of the blues and other early Black music basically about getting cucked? "My woman done left me for another man......I said my woman been sneaking around behind my back....." and shit. Getting cucked is the whole foundation of non-white music in America that isn't religiously based. Latino culture is no better. They have a whole culture of sanchos and just basically accepting that your chick is going to be a big whore behind your back. Even calling one another cabron is just like saying "cuck" and it is used in weird circumstances. Whoever is pushing this narrative has to upgrade because now begins the time of picking apart and deconstructing all of the assumptions of this propaganda being spread right now.

>"My woman done left me for another man......I said my woman been sneaking around behind my back....."
What? Did you ever listen to any blues?

That is unbelievably hot. I am at full mast right now. Even better that blac... normal porn.

Studies show that 1 in 4 American women has had sexual contact with an animal by the time they're in their 20s.

That's right, the average family dog is fucking more teenage girls than you are.

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this is why cats are the true four-legged aryans

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>same sourch as muh 50%divorce rates

dogs are whatever, I would rather have a hole in the head than have a dog around
modern dog owners are fucking retard cultists

>same sourch as muh 50%divorce rates

user, I ...

>same source as muh sky is blue
>same source as muh sun is yellow


peanut buttered and dogpilled

>implying a 25% bestiality rate among young women is as self-evident as blue sky

I wish

>oy vey, aren't white women degenerate whores, goys? white men are cucked by dogs!!

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why do white women fuck their dogs? im seeing this come up a lot recently


If only you knew how bad things really are.

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Cats are immigrants from Africa.

That one dudes statistics didn't specify which race of chicks fucks dogs.

White women are trash, don't bother with them. Infact, boycott them.

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