Russian Orthdox church

I live around a lot of Russians and I've tried to go to church a few times in my life and it never really stuck, I'm going to try a Russian orthodox church this weekend, probably the first time in 5-7 years I've been to church.

Can someone of you help me not make a fool of myself, what should I know, I'm going to know if you're BSing me so keep it PG, niggers.

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Just walk to the nearest Russian girl and ask "How much?".

Don't play with candles.

I wanna know too, I’ve tried to attend but the times have always been wrong, the. I heard they’re notorious for just rocking up when ever or something

i mean more like, are there any things they do I should know about? or is just walking in and sitting down and being quiet all I need to know?

You not gonna be sitting, unless you old and cripple.

see, this is what i need to know, its common in other churches i've been to sit down

You’re suppose to stand

what about clothes, nice shirt and slacks?

Yeah, don't dress like a degenerate that's it.

or too bright

I mean too vibrant feels out of place in that place.

Religious Russians are less than 20% of Russians. Don't bother wasting your time on those deluded retards. We are not religious and Russian Orthodox priests must be lined up and shot
“Unlike the West, which is already nervous about the arrival of refugees, Moscow alone has taken in more Muslims than the whole of Europe has done by now. And nobody in the world is aware of it. And there is no hysteria, no police, no gas, no physical clashes,” the patriarch said at a meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas at his residence in Peredelkino, Moscow Region, on Thursday.

Russia has many Muslim migrants from the former Soviet republics, and “for them it is the only source of a good living,” the church leader said.

>Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church advised single women to look for husbands in Africa and China - Russia 24

Based. Fuck organized religion

He obviously just wants a Russian wife without having to import one from Russia.

Fuck off with your propaganda you fake Russian kike, Russia controls the Caucus mountains, of course there are Muslims, and those ones aren't even that bad. In fact they are good people. The arabs and nigger muslims are the trash.

after you go to church visit a mosque

>Russian orthodox church is the KGB . . .

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Don't worry about it, just prepare to humble yourself before God.

>In fact they are good people.
based retard

Russia will become all Balto-Slavic ones again and you kike faggots and mongrels can't do nothing about it

You should put some research into it. My slav church has separate liturgies in English. During those the sermon is in English but singing isn't. I'd recommend a church like that so you can actually understand the priest.

Dont go there nigger. People dont call it "the oldest jewish circus" for nothing. Its a slave religion.
>t. grew up russian orthodox

RPC was always strongly ingrained into Russian national identity. Many saints are Russian army and navy generals, knyaz'es and tsars.
In some sense, RPC is a government institution excerting soft power.
During USSR it was largely infiltrated by KGB agents and nowadays it is still under tight control.
However, when it comes to purely religios issues it is largely autonomous. It just so happened that Kremlin's and RPC's view of societal morals coalign today.

Russian churches don't have services like Americans do. You go in, you do a prayer to a candle you light up and set, you give some money and gtfo.

This how your parents met ???

Just stand and watch what other people do. You can always talk to the priest at the end of the liturgy.

Will there be singing?

yeah.. nah
>thousands of new churches and cathedrals built the last year alone
>skyrocketing baptisms
>only people even having children in your country are Christians
lel, nice try kike

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you dont sit in an orthodox church unless you are physically incapable of standing for a prolonged time. Also take off your hat and if your're a woman put on your hat
the balts hate you and view you as subhumans
the priest will do a rhythmic chant but you won't be singing unless there's a choir and you're in it. But people will cross themselves at certain moments in the liturgy so just follow what everyone else is doing, remember, cross yourself and bow towards the altar

enter the church; if the priest is holding service:
1. do the cross
2. walk up to the icons and kiss them
3. do a cross after every kiss
4. find yourself a place to stand

Men stand in the front. You will kneel from time to time when praying. (You can sit on the side benches if you want,but its usually for male children and old men)

In the back sit the women.

If there's no service at that moment just talk to the priest, present yourself, tell him what you want.

This is how Romanian churches are like.
You dont have to kiss the icons if you dont want to, especially if youre not sure what to do. There's no shame in it. It's just tradition and you'll learn it.

>you are a kike for not supporting KGB-led ANTI-RACIST organisation

begone, christian subhuman

Wiki uses data provided by the (((Russian government))). They also claim that we are 80-82% Russian in population, when in reality it’s 65-70%. All censuses of 1990s (freedom of speech times) indicate that only 15-27% of Russians were orthodox. Change from 15-27% to 72% is impossible to happen in 20 years

Basically what this user says. It's the same for Greek churches and I don't think Russian ones are gonna be any different. Just mimic those around you, stand up when they stand up and pray when you see them pray.

and the most important thing OP is that you talk to the Priest. Dont be just a face among many. Get to know people and integrate into the community.

He's right though.
The absolute majority of those 72% have zero interest in the religion and do it only for "muh heritage" reasons. The only truly religious people here are 50+ y.o. women.

Dress appropriately, stay off your fucking phone, and bask in God's Glory.

Look around and do what everyone else is.

Commie fuck. kys

>Religious Russians are less than 20% of Russians
There is no way the number is that high. Maybe like 7 percent?

There were calculations that the ones regularly attending church services are 2% at best.

The one thing that jumps out at me is to be well dressed. There is a very high dress standard in Eastern Orthodox churches. You will stand out if you don't at least wear a collared shirt and slacks.