Why is politics so toxic now? 20 years ago and it was mainly just slight difference on social and economic ideas...

Why is politics so toxic now? 20 years ago and it was mainly just slight difference on social and economic ideas, now it’s like the middle ground is gone.

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Politics are same but feelings got relevance in politics and everybody you don't agree with is toxic.

The Jews started the next phase of their take over. MASSIVE IMMIGRATION and they needed to beat the white man into silence. But Trump got elected and now....a whole resistance movement against the Jews is rising which is why they want to take our guns so bad. The will have MkUltra a lot more shooters and a lot more people are going to have to die the Jew can seize our last line of defense against our genocide. Jews are too pussified to exterminate an armed population. They did the same to the Russians back in 1917. Jews get a huge boner for murdering Christians. No...literally...they get erect when they kill them.

Because polarization sells and makes for easily digestible talking points that require little attention and thought.

We live in a world consumed by attention grabbing content and something that you have to stop and think about releases less dopamine than an argumentative view point that confirms your personal bias.

Followers of both parties are told what to think, what to support, what to hate. But no one is being asked to listen to both points and make a educated decision based on their perspectives anymore. They are told what their perspective is. They are told that it's different from the other. They are told why the other is bad. And they don't care why that opposing opinion might be good.

Because their end game has been revealed

we must rape nigger babies for jesus our lord and saviour, HH 148


Because the country isn't as close to homogeneous as it once was so now people vote their racial interests only. Except whites of course

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You were not alive 20 years ago

>now it’s like the middle ground
let "compromise" die, and let everyone come to despise politics so much that they figure out that goons foisting policies on them/others is bad in principle



I vote white now. And I will look for whites that keep white interest front and center. Every other race and creed gets to push their agenda...it is time for whites to do the same.

>No...literally...they get erect when they kill them.

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the jews are pushing for radical extremist idealism on both the left and right narrative
they want to separate and keep the population occupied with trivial ordeals so they can fuck little kids and get bought off by lobbyists and no one will even fucking know or care
there’s probably an epstein or a las vegas shooting going on everyday on a smaller scale and no one even fucking knows they’ll just see it as a small murder. why else has this site been allowed to stay up, it’s just fuel for the leftist (and right) media. without Jow Forums there would be no “white nationalists or whites are evil” narrative that is constantly being pushed every single day, we’re just fueling their agenda and separating the populace even more

honestly if you can’t even see that then don’t even consider yourself “redpilled”, I’ve been here for years it’s pretty obvious what they’ve been trying to do now, they are painting white people as a soulless evil race and you guys are just helping to push that trope

There are lots of good people out there. Most my friends figure out I'm a Nazi and they like "yeah we always knew user" it's really freedom you know? Like you just keep it underwarps and don't drink and soap box. Just dont be cringe yo. Socialist girls love me. Commie girls debate me then masterbate me. Red neck chicks want the dick.


I cast thee into the straights of Jordan.

>20 years ago and it was mainly just slight difference on social and economic ideas

Pre-internet, you mean? Because political views were filtered through the mainstream media, which has always supported the globalist uniparty. People weren't always centrist republicrats. The media just worked to suppress views that didn't align with the views they were paid to push. Not that they don't do that now, but it's much harder.

What that has led to is the abandonment of the elites of gradualism - in pushing government control, watering down of constitutional rights, destruction of traditional American values. "Populism" was always the dirty word - the idea that the people won't accept the elite line even if 'trustworthy people in authority' drip-feed it to them - and they're getting afraid that people are no longer under control anymore.

politics is the "circus" in the bread and circuses.

Fixed that for ya

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like honestly can you imagine a fairly moderate white or minority individual coming here to reveal the corruption of the federal government and hoping Jow Forums shares his or her insights only to see the constant threads of race baiting and ad hominems.
he or she will probably not be willing to either share that information, or rather if that information was publicly revealed her, it will forever be tarnished by the trope that Jow Forums is a white nationalist board and the white race is an evil race; what do you think moderates and leftists will consider when controversial news about corruption and genuine scandals are spearheaded by “us”, they will refuse to believe it or see it as a lie
that’s the real fucking reason why this site is up, any truth we find will only be seen as a white nationalist delusion when it isn’t but the constant perpetuation established by fake people posing as “white nationalists” to push away any any moderates and to radicalize the white youth to further antagonize whites against other minorities will just make any facts we find seem false

Seriously...if you can't see this..you are fucking retarded and you should KYS.

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Football. Or rather, the idea of it's OUR team versus THEIR team. This is what motivates people in record numbers to turn out to support those that seek power, and so the process repeats with more division.
The increasing partisanship is absolutely real, and what was seen as a weakening and fracturing in the Republican wing when the Tea Party launched is now reiterating in the opposite sector with the new young representatives seeking more radical wealth redistribution.


All the time I've posted here, I've despised the Jews, but I've never pushed for any ethnostate, no racial cleansing of any kind, or any of that shit. I'll argue for discrimination on the part of employer based on race, I'll argue for shamefully exposing jewish power cliques and crimes, but I'm not responsible for any mosque or temple shooting, not in any way.
Sure I don't argue AGAINST the people posting nigger hate threads, but there must be a place such viewpoints MAY exist, and if you doubt that you must reconsider your views on the absolute sanctity of the First Amendment, the most important of which, from which all other rights can be argued for.

As if facts matter to morons. You win buy brute force and repetition, mocker, seeding doubt and breaking the enemy's will to fight. Facts have littel to do with any of that other than as devices of propaganda. This is about breaking the spirit of the opposition and giving the moderates only one choice to support...the white winners. Eventually they will come running to us when they can't stand the nigger pressure any longer. Europe is getting a taste of that right now. Eventually when the nigger stink gets too much to bear they will come running to white men to save them. But we will punish the liberals a lot. I say we kick them out with the niggers they love so much.

yeah good for you but look at the state of this board, Jow Forums is an entity and the popular opinion or most pushed ideals will always be spearheaded as the defining descriptions of said entity.
if you pay a bunch of people to pose as white nationalists to radicalize this board, what you do is remove the moderates (who are a majority of the population) and remove any form of resolution with the opposing idealism (leftism for here), and there we have it
literal paid opposition and anything we say whether it’s the good of mankind or to reveal political corruption will always be met with “but isn’t that the white nationalist extremist group, I can’t agree with that”

Fuck off boomer snowflake


It's called Marxism.

We need to up the ante by starting a Militia Party with the 2A as our only main platform. Imagine our rallies. Thousands of white men with AR-15 slung over our shoulders. The Jews and their army of intersectional degenerates will let out a kvetching that will out shine all kvetchins before it combined. But we go the Tea Party rout. We become a "wing" of the Republican party. Our Slogan. No white conservate every took a gun out of a black man's hand. And this is how we win over the niggers.

and who has the money and more power to pay for brute force and constant posting? a group of individuals who make up less than .005% of the worlds assets, or a group of people who own the world and can start wars or ruin political careers

Actually the 2nd Amenment is the place from which you argue all other Rights.

the media, politicians and education system have cultivated a mudslinging approach


>pay for constant posting?
WTF are you going on about? The KIKES have lost control of the Youtube comments section. I literally watched it go from blue pilled faggots to Red Pilled sons of Hitler over the last year and half. They can't slide Jow Forums and even if they do there is already 16chan and other chans popping up. user....is everywhere and we cannot be stopped. With all their fucking money they can't stop Pepe, Wojak, The Coomer, The NPC, IOTBW and the up and coming Islam Is Right About Women. All we have to do, is keep posting an ideas just flow out of here and feed the rest of the people. If they were blocking us on the social media we would own all that shit by now. And right now Facebook is facing a lawsuit and there will be more to come. Eventually it will be law that no platform can censor speech and when that shit happens we own the internet. If it goes the other way...the hackers will just come up with way around the blockade just for the fucking KEKS.

No matter where you go, reddit, Jow Forums, facebook, everyone collectively shits on centrists. One thing I find odd is how the extremes on both sides hate them more so than the side they are against. I find it strange also how people will ruin people's lives over political opinions. I am sick of seeing political shit on everything, just deleted all my social media. I am tired of it all being so negative.

The problem with progressives is they must always be progressing toward something.
Eventually though you get to a poibt where the consessions you are demanding are unreasonable and the other side refuses to budge.
Take gun rights.
They have already been so horribly eroded that the only thing left is an outright ban.
This was always the goal, but in the past progressives would make "compromises" where they would only violate some of our rights and then they would Fuck off for a while

>muh enlightened middle ground.
Fuck off tim pool.
Some issues are nuanced but others are binary.
Guns are either legal for civilian possession or they aren't.
Fetuses are either living people or they aren't.
Stop being such a fence sitting pussy

I agree if you stand for nothing you're basically a doormat.

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Well at least im libertarian I guess.

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Too many brown people to have middle ground with them and those who want them around.

Why are you here? Shouldn't you be out buying some heavy flow tampons?

>Why is politics so toxic now?

Because there's a lot more at stake nowadays.

Progressives feel like they are revolutionists. But the problem is...revolutionists have no end destination which is why they are shit leaders. They only know how to tear down a civilization. without conservatives to keep doing all the real grunt work...the revolution has nothing to exploit and it burns itself out and declines into grunge and dinge. Ever notice how shit modern art is? Why? It is because it repudiates the beauty aesthetics and breaks with conventional form for ONE single purpose....to make the artist feel special by being a radical. The art becomes about the artist rather than the art. Progressivism is a psychosis of low self-esteem.

Is there a version of this where it is not cut off at the bottom right?

because fuck leftists

Because they are starting, just starting, to get a little push back in the culture war. Having never met resistance before, they are freaking out.

Checked and true. See before...the only resistance they got was from the ChristCucks on shit like gay marriage and abortion. Fucking over workers, arming Israel to the teeth, unleashing the financial system....all served Kike interests and all were supported by the ChristCucks. But now...REAL populism that isn't controlled opposition.....now it's call white supremacy, NAZIs etc. The ChristCucks could have all the fucking guns they wanted...so long as they sucked Jew dick. But now a wave of white men are coming up that see Christians for the fucking retards they all are and they don't like Jew none too much either. And that...scares the begezzus out of them. Everything the Jews built is coming apart:
Neo-con war hawking (nobody thinks Russian is our enemy or Iran)
MSM (only boomer retards and liberal spergs watch that shit)
Disney (This company is destroying its brand)
BBC (People are literally getting rid of their tvs)
Universities (Men are avoiding liberal arts. Eventually college will lose its luster when women make up 70% of the student body. Nobody will take college seriously anymore. The only degree worth a shit will be STEM when you have to do the math)
Radio (The kikes bought it up and nobody listens to it anymore)
Social Media (40% of Gen Z has deleted facebook)
Nationalism on the rise
Japan leaving the central bank system (KIKES BTFO)
Petro Yuan is coming (KIKES BTFO)
BRICS forming their SWIFT system (KIKES BTFO)
SJW comic books are a total fail and with them all SJW products (KIKES failed to penetrate deep nerd culture where all the faggots are. Even the nerd faggots don't want this shit)
Gamers in full rebellion (KIKES BTFO)
Kalergi Plan Phase II will fail. White men will NEVER go full retard and start marrying nigger women. Why? Because we will meme that 48% of all black women have incurable herpes every chance we can get. And STDs among blacks is 10 to 20 times higher than whites.

there's a huge divide in urban vs rural, which is driving the divides