Has there ever been a more physically unfit president in history?

Has there ever been a more physically unfit president in history?

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he's in his 70s. what will you be like? will you be president? probably not.

Taft, hands down most unfit was Taft

Wont be a fat blob guzzling diet coke watching fox news

stop sucking his dick dude

not every 70-ish person has this level of dementia and psychosis

Maybe that one faggot that was in a wheelchair but otherwise no

the nigger

William Henry Harrison(caught Hillary cough on the campaign trail and died a month into office)

Bigman Taft

Jesus fucking christ Taft was so fat he got stuck in the White House bath tub.

this. obama was a smoker. before that he smoked so much crack that he had to use a teleprompter because his okey doke brain was fried.

It's legit gross.

You look at dudes like Trudeau or Macron or even fucking Xi and it hits you in the face.

America is living four years of pure shame.

We have a shitty ass joke of a President who doesn't care to clean up his own body, his mind, or his country.

I never want to hear a peep about how we shouldn't burn the Electoral college right down.

The Founders literally designed it to prevent a shitshow like Trump and it failed magnificently.

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The 7th inning stretch in baseball was created because President Taft was too fat to sit through a whole game.

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To be absolutely frank with you, I like orange man more than any other world leader.

Fuck off, this is a Taft thread.


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Wasn't Garfield a fat ass? Teddy Roosevelt had asthma so he went walking all the time. Theodore Roosevelt had polio and snorted coke to stay alert.

Is this the best KIKE Psyops can come up with these days? This is LEAF post tier.

Yes. Obama couldn't lift Michelle's dick into his mouth to save his life.

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This guy FUCKS!!!

That's not even a good Photoshop

Imagine what we could have had, bros. Imagine the bants from yuros, leafs and strayans if we elected this guy president.

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FDR was in a fucking wheelchair and needed someone to spoon feed him his food and change his diapers.

Absolute unit

imagine being such a fat cunt


>he's in his 70s. what will you be like?
Probably not eating double cheeseburgers in bed.

i love how easy the bots are to spot

Didn’t one of dem niggas suffer from Polio or some shit? Roosevelt I think

lel implying obama wouldn't school trump in a 1 on 1 basketball game

JFK had Addison's disease which may or may not have played a role in his decision-making. But his steroid use for his back injury in college football would have kept him out of the naval reserves, except for his dad's string-pulling. Then he reinjures his back in the war and lives in constant pain till he dies. I don't mean bone spurs, either. No other sitting president could have run the country in that much pain.

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I genuinely can't fathom drinking diet Coke. Nastiest shit on Earth.

That's a pretty good Trump you got there. High res and everything!

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He's fat but he owned it. He somehow made it look kinda stylish. Trump is just kinda weirdly wide.