Islam is Right About Women

>Islam is Right About Women
Wake up call. Islam is right about more than just women. It's right about men. It's right about Jews. It's right about gays and drugs and porn. It is truly a remarkable thing.

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no it's not right about women, at all. they violate human rights in every regard. therefore they are wrong on all counts.

we are given free choice, through that we learn to make better choices. what we dont need

is a fuckign religious dictatorship oppressing that natural birth right, and violating human rights.

>human rights
Kys cringecunt

Islam is right about everything

>no it's not right about women, at all. they violate human rights in every regard
That's what women have doon for ages.
Women dont care about ... anything, except themselves. They have no concept of rights, just priviledes. Thus they shouldnt have any in the first place.

>a good thing
go get another std roastie

Youre one of those 'women are men' brainwashed types...
Wew, lad. Use brain. Remove brainwash.
Women arent men.

>sounding so gay the lisp is audible through the screen

Fuck...this meme has em shitting their pants boys.

Women are garbage and Islam put them in garbage bags. How did we miss this connection for soooooo long?

>religious dictatorship
And what do u think religion is? Some fruity optional life philosophy or whatever the fuck new gen cuckstians belive now-a-days
Get right with god or become a homo jew loving degenerate

you're confusing based strictness with women with barbarism. over here in their neighborhoods they kill each other daily. i think just last week in 1 neighborhood there were 4 murders, all arab on arab.

How’s the weather in Tel Aviv mr. nosenbergshekelsteinowitzbaum ?

Dont u have some freshly cut dicks to suck shlomo?

islam is for niggers and people who want to act like monkeys

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It's kind of a trashy and violent sand nigger cult though...

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Fuck Islam. The whole "Islam is right about women" campaign is to prove to feminists that their cognitive dissonance is out of fucking control. Nothing more.

Islam is degenerate gansterism bullshit, and Muhammad was a pedophile. Fuck anyone who thinks that Islam is a standard of morals worth considering.

Muzzies are incompatible with the west in every way possible. Just because they're enemies of the jew doesn't make them based. Everyone is the enemy of jews.

Pretty sure that link is gonna give my school PC 4 different viruses

>1 post by this ID

Pls remove the smelly sandniggers from my Jow Forums, thx

im in haifa. pretty comfy, a little too warm for my taste though
thats a haredi meme and also irrelevant to the thread

Islam is right about women, tho

nah, I think it's a troll trying to get Jow Forums to raid cosmicmc's actual minecraft discord

>human rights
pooftah fuck off

>human rights

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>incompatible with the west
The west? You mean unadulterated faggotry? Name one of your values worth defending, and I bet you it will be some gay bullshit.

you can be right and wrong. Islam is wrong about the path paved in blood and death to non believers. That's a big thing to be wrong about for western civilization

Islam is mess, that's what makes IIRAW so effective. People that are afraid to criticize Islam and afraid to criticize feminism are rhetorically "caught out".


Guise, listen guise, what if, guise please listen, what if, ok bear with me guise, what if Islam is right about most things, but there was something else that mostly agrees with it, something more European and based, but still with all the cool stuff from Islam. It would be called Christianity and we could live our lives according to the rules it provides. I don't mean current yeah cuckstianity but more like Saint Louis type stuff.

Notice how people go Christianity -> Cuckstianity -> Atheism -> niqab-wearing Islam. They eventually figure out that they need all those rules they eroded then rejected, but don't want to backtrack to what people had 20 generations back because it doesn't feel like progress. Let's backtrack tho.

>A thieving, murdering, pedophile false prophet is right about anything
Yeah, nah. The entire point of the slogan is that islam is clearly wrong but lefties can't admit it.

well of course it had to be australia to make a shitpost this big. congrats.

Those are rookie numbers Schlomo. Our niggers kill each other by the score every fucking weekend. We are talking ideology, not what the low tier trash are doing.

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it's literally everything Jow Forums wants in a society but they don't like it because scary brown people

>reddit spacing

>guys, maybe we shouldn't be onions drinking cucks who worship e-girls on the internet
>lets be goat fucking rapists with a subhuman IQ instead
kys shill

Low energy response. If you can't bantz you must and I must eat raw pig intestines until you die.

The ONLY rights women have...are the one's men give them.

Was that pic taken the day Enron stock crashed?

Islam gets a lot of things right but it's fit to an average population IQ of 80.
Whites with an average of 100 don't need as many restrictions as Islam imposes.

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well in their countries they kill each other in scores.
its their culture.

i eat bacon often

Well, when I think of the west, I think of 1950s America when a loose girl kissed you at the drive in and niggers knew their place. Now white girls give head to random niggers in the street. Yeah...the west is fucking dead. Jews killed it. But that just means we can rebuild something better than the Cringy Republic that the Jews infested with their KIKERY that dismantled all the cultural protections white people had in place. We need another Hitler. This time we glass the fuck out of the Jews.

Is it really...that wrong. The form of politcs is one lead by the sword. If we could just get a president to declare a national emergency and get the military on his side we could probably get a large majority of the police on our side and we could take back the country by force. Once we execute about 10 million white liberals...the rest of the shitskins will leave on their own.

Well ya look at how dagestanis live. Honestly not just a model for muslims but the world

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ChristCucker has no future. It gave women the vote and they voted for niggers and shitskins over the men that gave them the vote. Women are degenerate traitors and that is why Islam is right about them. Christianity is for faggots. It is an ideologicaly weak religion full of white women that want to breast feed nigger babies. The whole thing makes me want to vomit. Turn on the 700 Club. With in 5 minutes you will see some white ChristCuck begging for money so he can feed a troop of nigger monkeys so they can grow up big and strong, make their way to Europe and rape white women. I WANT TO NUKE CHRISTIANS for this shit. Fuck Africa and fuck any Christian that takes donations to feed literally worthless people. There are poor white people and white nations being destroyed by niggers and these fucking fools want to feed them. NOPE....

Yeah he pressed "human rights" too many times. We should have seen the shit post in it. Crafty Aussies.

Disagree, but not entirely. It gets SOME things right about women. A broken clock is right twice a day.

Jews only kill non-jews using every tool in their kit. We are hip to you fucks and this is never going to stop. You should have quite while you were ahead. You had it all, money, security, status, you got to fuck our women, marry them and get better looking kids...but had to keep on pushing didn't you? Well, now you are soooo fucking fucked. Who gives a fuck what Muslims do anymore. You have filled our lands with them and NOW..we have to start getting tough. Now we have to beat down our women. What other choice do we have? What? Did you just think we were going to roll over and die you sick fuck? You Jews...have woken a sleeping giant, the likes of which you have never seen. The whole fucking world is starting to hate you. And we all was YOU. You fucking traitors. And we are not going to forget or forgive.

*rich leftist diaspora jews

Yeah...I've seen the videos of Zionist Jews tossing the diaspora Jews under the bus and vice versa. It's an age old tactic so there is always at least ONE good Jew. A little reminder for Jow Forums>>>>>>

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Daily reminder that we are being raised by Muslim shill faggots.

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>cuck whiteknighting for women
Jesus christ shut the fuck up

So you want to give them subtle rights to cuckold you? Sounds like a foolish christcuck.

You won’t need a hitler, the platform was already there and you killed it, it was called the Islamic state. Renounce your racism and sin, and become a Muslim and destroy all jewish subversion and degeneracy in its entirety, like many muslims are doing.

It’s not like you retards are any different by killing nonwhites and jews to pave national socialism with blood. You’d have to be a real cuckold to not accept islam as a man.

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Shut up we’ll let the sandniggers continue to rape you, their ideology is best.

>scared of ebil brown people
You just summarized Jow Forums in a nutshell. Congratulations

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>islam missed the mark on fucking goats and kids
big oof famalam

If Millions of white men all of a sudden became Muslim and marched in the streets with Muslims threatening the UK government for example as Muslims did....holy fuck...would the KIKES shut down immigration. They would come up with so many bullshit reasons for why immigration is bad it would make the earth spin backwards. The Jews are counting on white men being subjugated by Islam....not joining Islam and making it ten times stronger. Also we could shame women right into their fucking burkas. That would be the end of the KIKE hold on white women too. The Jew must have been utterly mad to think they could stuff millions of Nationalist Muslims into secular white nations that have ZERO religious resistance and not get blowback when Islam reaches out to white men.

i dont like how they sniff eachothers butts. is that in the koran?

its customary to have sex with little boys in islam, pedophilia rampant and polygamy. sex slaves etc
cant bear to see women not covered up yet they are all degenerates

They're still right. Fuck off shill.

Islam is a shit religion for inbred savages. The point of IIRAW is to make white women realize this.
It's reverse psychology. You have to be a complete retard to fail to grasp this.