When will Americans finally SURRENDER their firearms?

When will Americans finally SURRENDER their firearms?

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The day I stop living for my GANG is the day I'll give up
In other words:


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I dont even know why they are still trying
Mutts are just as likely to use their guns against the government as they are to give them up, so why even bother?

Hopefully never. Also why do you give a fuck? How does my having rights affect you exactly?

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I am a little bit evil ...

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"How many kids how to die" as many false flag attacks as there needs to be before they get their full on ass dictatorship controll.

Just watched a show about Boston Ohio. The government siezed the town back in like 75. Some cult put up a resistance and a bunch got killed. My point is...a whole fucking town was pushed out by the government and nobody put up a real fight. I'm wondering if Americans would really put up a large scale resistance if the government just went town to town taking people's guns. We seem so willing to let the government just randomly kill free people living their relgions. Waco. Ruby Ridge. There have been other stand offs...and NOT ONE has American's come to the aid of a group resisting the government. I think we should at the very least....come out in force to record all police actions on Red Flag laws. We need a network set up so we can signal for help and that way other people can show up and let the cops know...we are watching. Otherwise they media will make everyone of us a cult or terrorists for simply being free Americans. They are already tyring to get the NRA labled a terrorist organization. I say we get the ADL and SPLC and AIPAC labled as foreign terrorist cells.

Hey OP, if you're going to trot out old b8, at least put it on the street.

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Polebro, your entire country's history should be evidence of arming the population against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I'd only hit that with a baseball bat.

You can pry it from my ahhhhhhhhhh Warm ohhhhhhhhh sticky ugggggggggg Hands.

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Gun grabbers will be sprayed with Lofentanil-DMSO from commercial drones

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the moment blacks nationally organize to protect their homes and property, just like when they did it in cali

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Real answer. As soon as the democrats demand it.

I know it's unlikely because it's painfully obvious it's a salami tactics situation, but wouldn't it be fucking based if all the pro 2a soldiers staged a coup and and did a purge that would give stalin a stiffy.

I think your pic pretty much sums it up for me

Interesting strategy user.

The sun will explode before we give up our guns. Move on.

I learn more on Jow Forums than anywhere else.

God bless you user and keep stock piling

Samefag for all of these coomer posts, nice forced meme rabbi.

Never. The people that actually have guns aren't the pussies looking to get them removed.
Lets just hope nigs and spics can catch onto the fact that the best defence is a good offense, and that they start standing up for their rights in the face of gun grabbing spoiled rich kids.

Your flag isn't even on the moon user. Why get into a world powers politics when you're a peasant country.

Welcome to the rice fields motherfucker!


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