Ugh.....mmmm....a..are you going to eat those bugsss?

Ugh.....mmmm....a..are you going to eat those bugsss?

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I'll eat you, because you're BUGGING me!

Badum tiss

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I do by here declare a Jow Forumshumor thread!

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I can't take it any more
This place has turned into potato chan.

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Yes Lilith!

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you'd best start making new pasta and pizza recipes using maggots and beetle juice, italybros

Eat the bugs, goyim!

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I will not

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The leftists do not intend to eat the bugs. If they wanted to eat bugs, they would. But they don't. That is for everyone else. The leftists just want to boss you around, rob you, and laugh as they eat steaks and watch you eat bugs. The Dems must be purged.

i dont get the "eat bugs" meme who made it viral?

leftist websites, and pop "scientists". It started trending at the same time when advertising for beyond meat was popping up non-stop.

There's been a few articles pushing the "eat bugs to save the planet" narrative lately.


Is that what the new whopper is made of?

here thats much better

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It's made of estrogen bean, and fillers of questionable origin, but it's literally "beyond meat" so no;at most fragments of bug. also don't eat that shit. it has almost no nutritional value, besides the breading/toppings.


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Oh don't worry about me eating that trash fren but thank you for the advice and information

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>be goyim
>refuse to eat bugs
>eat mcdonalds

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no problem, and if your companions bring it up redpill their asses that they're being fed cheap fucking filler for exorbitant prices to encourage the production of goy feed.

I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body

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I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body.

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Oh man she looks so fucking alien and weird.

Bot posting?

Oh maaan, imagine the smell