Aren't police against gun confiscation?

I need a source on how police view mandatory buy backs or just taking guns away from civilians for my paper. I need a source.

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Just following orders from the higher ups.

puppers says to do your own homework

I don't want to I suck at writing >:(

I asked my local sheriff about it and he said and I quote "I would shoot my own mother to death if I was commanded to."

you take the Guns = Chaos

>the reason I pulled you over is because one of your tail lights is flickering. do you have any guns or drugs or anything else I need to know about?
>do you mind if I look around?
>I don't consent to searches
>sir, please step out of your vehicle.
No. The police have been systematically disarming american citizens for decades now. The police are not your friend. ACAB

you forgot about
>get drug dogs to "hit" on your car
>tear your shit all to pieces
>tee hee whoopsies false alarm go about your day citizen

Oh fuck we're screwed if the red flag laws go into effect
yeah i guess you're right, I coulda swore I heard that cops were against this stuff

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Puppers are never unrelated

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>muh spoonfeed me so I can be smart around my friends thread
kys brainlet

All good, couldn't find anything so I just went without mentioning it.

Writing is easy as shit, you pleb. If Bethesda can make money with their creative writing, the standards are so low that you have no excuse.

You say that but my experience in writing in college is so bipolar. Some profs like my writing and some don't so idk if i'm doing something right or not

Police follow orders.
The 5 in the entire nation who refuse to take the guns get fired. The rest suit up and will be blowing up our doors the second the order is given.

I get that but I just figured they'd be against that kind of thing for their own safety. I guess I'm wrong since I couldn't find any data backing up what I thought was true.

They killed women and children for the sole crime of having fathers who wouldn't surrender in ruby ridge and waco.

In Alaska the Troopers will arrest and jail gun grabbers.

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You don't need to speak to police. Just look at what they're doing in California and New York. Balls to the wall, full-on gun confiscation. And they love it.

They're thugs and mercenaries out for the next paycheck.

Yeah true, didn't think of that
That seems pretty based

Clearly what I thought was true was wrong lol

Anything that keeps getting their cushy pensioned job more funding

You can have your opinion. But police have to enforce laws. If they don't like it they can resign or get fired.