So this videos circulating on Facebook right now, and a quick look at the comments showed the state of America

So this videos circulating on Facebook right now, and a quick look at the comments showed the state of America.
>Top comment is a nog saying to prepare for the day the state collapses and they can freely murder whites and cops.
Seriously fuck these savages.
I have a million questions.
>How do I prepare for the race war before it escalates?
>How do I craft a legal pistol?
>What do I do when it breaks out when I live in the city?
The Facebook page is called CopBlock

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Most blacks nowadays aren't even like that. You know how many hipster effeminate latte drinking, tight pants wearing black dudes are out there now? The old school ghetto ones are just getting older and older and are the 30 Year Old Boomer stereotype of their culture. There won't be any race war and there won't be any revolution. Rappers today are wearing rainbows and dresses and coming out as LGBT for fuck sake. You think that would have happened in the 90s? Your most "hardcore gangsta" today would have had the living shit beaten out of them back in the day and they would have been shot for being "urban style" in 2019. Everyone will just wait to get the new technology and sit around circle jerking on forums or worldstar and making their older generations shake their heads in disgust.

Based nigger basher


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25,000 white women are raped by blacks annually.
The race war has already begun.
People just haven't woken up to it yet.

This is probably the reason crime has been dropping the past decades. Everyone is a faggot. Especially the city folk. I was watching video a couple days ago and it was set in California. The school was loaded with Hispanic kids. The thing was though the vast majority of the males had piercing, dyed hair, and just dressed like straight fags. It was an eye opener.

Why do so many young men want to get their ears pierced? It's so unbelievably queer

>How do I prepare for the race war before it escalates?
Do you have a bug out bag?
Are you physically fit?
>What do I do when it breaks out when I live in the city?
Find a wildlife park and get to know it well you can use it as your new home, unlike the UK you have some stunning wildlife parks.

The fuck does jaywalking mean?

Pretty just walking into the road randomly and not a crosswalk. Human frogger

Walking into the road . Not in a cross walk. Getting cited for jaywalking is kind of a running joke because it's like the least offensive thing you can do.

The only difference between cops and niggers is you won't be shot or indefinately imprisoned if you defend yourself from a nigger

59 yo white man just got killed in the KO game by niggers in VA.

I agree for the most part but there is clearly still a lot of gang violence in the cities.

People on here are always saying white people are being subverted but they don't realize that everyone else already got subverted a long time ago and way harder.

It's funny, I've actually used this as an example before to illustrate how everything is backed by violence. He got caught jaywalking. Crossing the street in an unmarked area. Resisted attempts at peaceful punishment, and he got his shit pushed in. If he really pushed it past the point of all sanity, they'd have shot him and been justified for it. For crossing the fucking street. Never forget that

The perpetrator is a nigger, the cop is therefore a hero.

the same old shit ad nauseum

>don’t comply
>verbally threaten
>be as defiant as possible

>get forced to comply

Awwww lawd look at the racism, who wants to be my lawyer and sue these goddamn crackahs.

Rinse and repeat.

They've been feminizing/pacifying men for decades. 1994 crime bill was based and got a lot of niggers off the streets and they couldn't reproduce anymore. It gets criticized but it helped.

It stopped dropping in 2014, though. The US murder rate has been going up since then.

Obama and his BLM coalition caused police officers to take a hands off approach. Murder rates have risen back up in certain inner city areas after this. The irony of course is they mostly murder other niggers.

first post retard post
Do I have to cite the crime stats you dumbfuck?
Are you too stupid to see the obvious reality and how nogs are more embolden and hate white more than ever before due to media and education propaganda along with social media?
>oh but there's a small percentage of nog faggots therefore they're not all like that so don't worry
imagine being this stupid

The only reason I like cops is because they execute niggers.

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Dindu nuffin

I hate niggers and cops.

Fuck off like, niggers will always nig

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>"Top comment"

How the fuck do you view top comments on Facebook, I hate this stupid interface and companies that make things that should be very easy, annoyingly convoluted.

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The problem is black niggers don't know how to interact with police and escalate things to the point of violent conflict.

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He took off his coat and made a gesture that clearly signaled cum at me whitey. Pig happily obliged. What’s the issue here?

It means you walk across the street instead of shitting in it, Pajeet.

No, not "this". Go to the hood right now. You will not see one rainbow or smile

Imagine defending cops

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go to chicago, philly, camden, compton you dumb retard

He's a leftist troll.