Asmongold based?

>European Immigrant problem is a Muslim Invasion
>Same thing Brenton Tarrant said
>His Whole chat agrees
>cucks get mad and start boycotting they get btfo'd
>Mcconnel and Asmon both browse Jow Forums

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Asmongold did this INFRONT of 150k people also, redpilling them.
>Twitch can't ban him because he is too popular and his fans are nazi sympathizers literally BASED

literally who?

He just redpilling thousands on a Muslim Invasion of Europe, shut up newfag

Ugly wow eceleb who dates a twitch whore is a Nazi.

U got played cuck

>being this bluepilled
Cry harder desTINY leftypol faggot.

I used to always see his thumbnails on youtube thought he looked dumb until one day I watched some WoW & I thought he was very funny. he has a good sense of humor

He Is also very based & redpilled on Jews, and Mudslimes

asmon has always been based, you just havent been paying attention.

what's up Talesin / Talesin fan you fucking faggot bitch

>literal rotting food laying around
cmon hes redpilled but hes fucked hes even teash at WoW

Dating a tit cow that spreads for teens is BASED and REDPILLED

His playthrough of Dark Souls 1 is pretty funny, although a few hours in it becomes pretty obvious how much of his persona is fake and how staged some of his conversations are. The same goes for his regular streams.
Dude is raking in millions per year though.

cringe and retard

>leftypol retardation



Shut up cringe retard, you don't understand anything you absolute newfaggot. Go back to being a MIGApede on /ptg/ faggot retard onions nigger kill yourself you genetic dead end retard go back to fucking your dog or eating it you absolute chinkoid small dicked retard

>autistic retardation only rivaled by leftypol degenerates

is he a chad for dating that bimbo even though she's a gold digger? as long as he doesnt knock her up/marry her right?

Dude's alright but i do want proof of them browsing pol more than once, and if posted time stamp.

Sup, Mccool

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sup dude

he gets pussy and tell me u wouldnt fuck this 24/7 she even said he has a 9inch cock

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Reminder that Assmongold is Jewish.

yeah dude she wants to get pregnant by him so fckin bad

factually wrong
he hates jews and is not jewish rather 90% irish and 10% french or sum shit

He’s good at what he does. Entertaining, can talk for hours. Literally went from dirt poor to millionaire in 2 year span just from streaming video games.

Ironically he is from Texas, I wonder what he thinks about the Spic invasion there?

courts say to women you need that baby to get that gravy

this woman is a basic gold digger

mcconnel always says fuck nazis and that shit
also, post timestamp i'm not goint to watch through the entire video

Dude freaks out over anyone mentioning faggots or niggers on his stream OR IN GAME and reports the fuck out of anyone with a remotely politically incorrect message or username.
He also says WEEBS are WORSE than BRONIES and FURRIES.

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fuck u cuck
It's at the start, and mccool doesn't say "fuck nazis" you autismo retard mccool has to use optics to stay on twitch though so he cant go 1488 fully
no he doesn't you retard he has to use optics to not get banned he doesnt have youtube to fall back on plus he says its true whenever someone says 13/50 and shit fuck you dogfucker chinkoid

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Called a leftist for dropping truebombs, cucks the lot of you

You can't tell me that you would turn her down if you looked like him.

>olympussy not even once

>cucks the lot of you
The only retards that use "lot" in that way are actual leftypol degenerate scum next thing you'll say is "buddy". lmfao fuck you faggot

>fall back on
This greedy bugman has multimillion dollar bank account you fucking idiot.
If you think Asmongold likes White nationalism or National Socialism you're clueless and delusional.
He explicitly disavows Nazis all the time on stream.
He repeatedly bans people from Twitch chat for mentioning niggers or faggots.
He is pro LBGTQ and he is 100% on board with zoo apes living among us.

Othmar Garithos did nothing wrong.

Fake post, Man browses pol as part of show ripping on this board. Denounces the alt-right, His best friend is both a fag and says fuck Nazi's. All in all the day of the rope will not spare them and they will find the fate of pic related.

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>this greedy bugman
Way to project chinkoid dog fucker It seems I hit a nerve.
>no one cares about white nationalism fedposting
>he explicitly disavows nazis on stream
Seems like cope, he doesn't do that retarded newfag
>he is pro LGBTQ
like you chinkoids? 70% of u are fags lmfao

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Oh and don't forget that literal bloated demon Esfand his best friend literally trash talks 'Europeans' all the time on stream.
He literally blames everything on Europeans and says theyre stupid and shit and backwards.
He also says its good whenever anything bad happens to Europeans, and Asmongold will occasionally join in on bashing Europeans for no reason.
Keep in mind Esfand is literally a 400 lb troll of a man from Iran.

>being this obvlious
He literally called the Immigrant crisis in europe a Mudslime invasion, and he said previously some pretty "anti-Semitic" stuff.
stop with the retardation
>nooo noooo /pol NO ONE IS ON UR SIDE!!!

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Not entirely. He has a real sensitivity against "racism" and "sexism" and believes the mods of WoW should be even more Orwellian.

He is 70% based

>Oh and don't forget that literal bloated demon Esfand his best friend literally trash talks 'Europeans' all the time on stream.
He literally blames everything on Europeans and says theyre stupid and shit and backwards.
He also says its good whenever anything bad happens to Europeans, and Asmongold will occasionally join in on bashing Europeans for no reason.
Keep in mind Esfand is literally a 400 lb troll of a man from Iran.
Seems like disinfo, no one has said anything this thread "debunking" him calling the Muslim immigration into Europe a INVASION the same thing Brenton Tarrant the mossad agent said.

Keep idolizing a literal WORLD OF WARCRAFT player you fucking handicap.

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>Not entirely. He has a real sensitivity against "racism" and "sexism" and believes the mods of WoW should be even more Orwellian.

Show me where south african nigger.

Saying Muslims are ruining Europe is not 'brave'.
This is Zionist approved kosher rhetoric.
Nobody will fire you for criticizing muslims unless youre literally living in Paris or London or Berlin.

>Gets triggered over being called a chinkoid dogfucker
Yikes, Canada truly is 40% leWhite. lmfao
>u you... handicap!!!!!
You have a small penis, and your exact kind spams (((blacked))) on Jow Forums 24/7 I think we ALL know who has the mental illness here. And then you call yourself "masculine" on r/aznmasculinity lmfaoooo no wonder your women are addicted to BWC

Weird how the twitch community, which would be considered degenerate, is mostly redpilled about these problems.

Asmongolds best friend consists of niggers and Middle Eastern Persians. He is oke with LGBT, niggers, spics and other degenerate creatures. He is against muslims because muslims don't like LGBT, so of course he calls it an Islamic invasion. You stupid assholes need to understand by now that most western people are against muslims, not only whites but also niggers and spics because muslims are hostile towards their sexual degeneracy.

pink sparkles posts happy pride day shit on her twitter and i would not be trustin a girl who is always as make-up decked as pink sparkles when she posts stuff like this

she's hot but she's up to no good im tellin u

>Saying Muslims are ruining Europe is not 'brave'.
This is Zionist approved kosher rhetoric.
Nobody will fire you for criticizing muslims unless youre literally living in Paris or London or Berlin.
Trying to act educated? When your infact edumacated, you're not spouting off something we all already know. But It's a step you absolute newfaggot. Go get aids from your dog leaf.

Asmongold literally got cucked by Pilav.

get ready for triggered desTINY fans

>female being degenerate somehow reflects Asmongold being based
The Absolute state of /NUPOL/ LMFAO fuck off migatard kike

Yeah they're already flooding this fucking thread look at this shit

I mean we've known this for years now. He was always a big fan of Sam Hyde.

Who actuly cares about that carpet cleaner tho? Most undeserved ego existing, no wqy anyone with iq over 100 takes that ex-janitor seriously.

Ok buddy

What the fuck are you even saying.
Why am I surprised someone who watchs asmon(((gold))) is an unapologetic schizophrenic.

I've seen Asmongold bash White people countless of times for being NatSoc or WhiteNat.
I've seen Asmongold bash Europeans with his cuck friends Mcconel and Esfand countless times too.
I've seen Asmongold literally file a report to blizzard in Ironforge cuz someones character name was making fun of queers.
I've seen him and his chat laugh about banning twitch users who mentioned niggers or faggots and then promptly tell his entire stream with the webcam maximized that making fun of niggers or faggots is unforgivable and he does not condone it.

Go to one of his streams and redpill him if you really think you're right.
You'll need a second account cuz if you mention Jews, Nigs, and Faggots you are getting a perma ban.

Him mentioning muslims invading Europe being bad is a vanilla level normie tier conclusion for him to make.
Not controversial at all, and he is not redpilling anyone.

If you think this millionaire WoW player who thinks FURRIES AND BRONIES are cooler than WEEBOOS is a role model then don't let me stop you from worshipping a literal manchild.


Give me a quick rundown?

The absolute state of nupol. Cringe as fuck.

>tldr please
I don't read Chinkoid dribble, It seems like a huge cope. Calling others schizos for pointing out your chinkoid dogfucker

I've been here for almost 15 years now.
You are free to promote Asmongold I really don't give a fuck.
Sending him some people from Jow Forums into his stream chat is a good thing.

>give me a quick rundown
Literal plebbitor. LMFAO
Go back to r/aznmasculinity, and r/destiny faggot

>got mad at the guys who said "let's shoot some nagas"
>endorses their ban
he is a twitch lapdog

>i've been here for almost 15 years mow
Wanna know how I know that's a lie? r/desTINY retard.

Fucking animals was legal in USA before Canada.
Not sure why your mind is so fixated on beastiality.

Jow Forums is comp'd my dude i come here for entertainments but people can't even see basic shit anymore. normally i hate leafs to death but you're 100% right man but nobody here is gonna back u up (i will)

Says the guy who freaks out about people not liking a twitch streamer who plays video games from the early 2000s.
Go watch him wipe on onyxia again you pathetic faggot.

okay bet, should i post results and is he streaming now? I dont like the guy but to prove a point.

The funny thing is before Asmongold was huge he used to honestly bash faggotry on stream.
I remember clips of him from like 2014-2016 where he would freak the fuck out and call people dirty cock sucking faggots and really gutty slurs about homosexuals.
He cucked out.

if I lived in spicmerica I too would worry about the "invasion" of europe

He's a white knight cuck.He became a complete white knight after he started dating that whore.

It will be very difficult for you to even make the most unoffensive joke or redpill about anything remotely related to jews or fags or niggers.
You might get away with redpills about Mexicans or muslims.

His chat definitely has a lot of Jow Forums lurkers but they all know by now they can't say jack shit without getting banned.

You'll see some of us but its pretty much a dead end.
I'm already banned from the chats of like 90% of the people on Twitch who are front-page famous.

hating muslims is like 2/10 of based. 7/10 is Hitler did nothing wrong, Dylan Roof and Brandon Tarrent are 10/10. If hes truly based hes got video of him saying Saint Tarrent did nothing wrong. We both know he doesnt. He supports niggers, so he cant be anywhere near a polock (love yall). So how about u put some fucking timestamps for some proof im sick of doing this bs research for you shill.

see you gotta realize in the past year or two he has blown up to be one of the literal faces of twitch streaming, one of the top 5 streamers on the platform. he's gotta say a bunch of shit he doesnt believe in.

so not worth the time unless its for the lol's thank you. Op is hopefully for some reason, when guys like this dont deserve any ounce of respect.

>asks for evidence of asmongold being in favor of censorship.
>starts yelling CRInGE when given some for showing asmongold.

Make up your mind on what you want you absolute potato chip

imagine believing that on the secret secret asmongold wouldn't fucking turn you in case he's secretly based


just imagine for second

ur a dumbass

I don't really care either way whether or not twitch streamers are "based" im just saying its obvious that once you reach a certain echelon of success, especially on twitch, in current year, you have to say a bunch of that obligatory shit. plus I saw his rise from irrelevant to 150k+ viewers first hand so ive seen his personality change as he's gained more and more fame.

Being a yellow bellied coward is not admirable.
He doesn't 'NEED' to say anything he doesn't believe in.
He is beyond financially secure and not someone bound for the homeless shelter the money runs out.
He is a greedy narcissistic psychopath who's entire gambit of his personality is just
>I say everything twice
>I say everything twice
That's literally the sum of his ego, he just repeats the same shit.
Sometimes when his mental retardation is really showing he'll tell his chat or raid the exact same sentence like 5 times in a row.

He doesn't bring anything to the table and he consistently rejects anything remotely close to the interests of White people and their beliefs.
All his friends are even more extreme about protecting their precious jews and faggots and niggers.
I'm not saying him shining a light on muslims isn't true or is a bad thing.
Muslims are retards. So is Asmongold.

good post

He knows what's up but he checked up.
He unironically admit wanting neet life and endulgin in world of warcraft escapism.
At least he is self concious of it, still not based.

He seems like a smart dude, if he were to have been born in other age he would be probably commanding real man into real battles instead of escaping reality in a battle simulator.

The white man is going extinct for these reason.
A race of inventors, conquerors and explorers, not paper pushers.
When you take the inventing, conquering and exploring from them then they will create it in virtual worlds.

Watch his 'welfare' videos where he watches user(donator's) submitted videos from youtube.
The entire premise of this 'welfare' event he does is anyone can send in a donation of at least 3 dollars and include a youtube link and he will watch the video and react to it.
If you donate more money you get a longer duration of the video like for example 20$ might get you like 50 seconds of video playback.
He specifically says as long as its on youtube he will watch it.
I saw someone send in a video of a German marching band song, something similar to Erica - like a war marching song.
It wasn't even close to Nazis or Hitler or anything, just a folk song in German.
He immediately skipped the video even though he NEVER does that unless its like borderline child porn or gore.
He freaked out within the first 2-3 seconds just because he heard German people singing.
There are other examples like this and this is exactly how I learned that he thinks LITERAL FURFAGGOTS and BRONIES are cooler people than weaboos.
Imagine what kind of mushbrain is required to even tolerate bronies and furries.

>He seems like a smart dude, if he were to have been born in other age he would be probably commanding real man into real battles instead of escaping reality in a battle simulator.
Hes literally not even good at the easiest game on the planet.
He specifically says he doesn't like PVP and all he does is do the same raids he's done for over a decade against the same scripted bosses using the same class hes always used.
His intellectuality is absent.
Anyone who plays WoW is by default a fogbrained manchild.
You could be a top ranked WoW player in Arena and I'd still think you are a retard.
There is no requirement for intelligence within the entire scope of gameplay provided by blizzard.
None of it takes any form of skill.
It's a game designed to play itself.
It's a game designed to pacify and neutralize white people into a virtual world where they do not participate in real life beyond their computer monitor and the toilet.
If Asmongold was smart he would have shaved his ugly head, got his girlfriend married and pregnant, and invested his millions into a home for real estate appreciation.
Instead he spends his time perpetually worshipping the shallow lore of a borderline 8-bit video game from 2006 made for the type of people who used to be covered in acne and smelled like garbage in your highschool classrooms.
All he talks about on Stream is money. He literally confesses all the time he was born to a rich family and says that his dad taught him to worship money and always crave more. All his friends are fatfuck neckbeard shitskins. He spends the last 5 minutes of his stream demanding that everyone watching the stream donate money to him monthly even though he makes like almost 100,000 USD a month and has been making more or less this amount of money forever.
I think I've heard the word 'White trash' more out of Asmongold's mouth than any other e-celeb in my entire life.
He said muslims are problematic, and nobody fucking cares because it doesn't matter.

he was more based 3years ago desu we could spam antisemetic stuff in chat and talk to him about red pilled stuff. this was when he had 600 to 1000 viewers. now its not allowed.

pilav is the only based person on twitch

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Asmongold's a pretty based boy.


If you don't realize he works for some organization or government you're an idiot.

he dates an e-thot

>Stating obvious facts
wow so based!

He just cares about not getting banned or latched onto by SJWs or polcucks.

how long have you followed asmongold? you seem like an expert at his behavior...

AKA greed you filthy yid.