Do worthless degrees exist?

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Not necessarily. Probably the biggest mistake people make is majoring in something that they enjoy, while lacking the skills to be a competitive candidate in the job market. Another is getting a degree in something that’s somewhat respectable, without having any real ambition to pursue the respective career path. It’s easy to fool yourself when your young.

Porn Studies.

Been kicked in the balls by the public education since kindergarten, had minority shitskin teachers and corrupt unionists teaching me bullshit and verbally abusing me. Finally graduated high school form a ghetto neighborhood and got into university. I tried to get into STEM but they wouldn't allow me and kept pressuring me to get a useless arts degree. I dropped out because it was waste of time. Been unemployed since because employers think I'm an idiot just because I don't have a piece of paper from shekel college. Post-secondary education isn't just a scam, its a lottery system that per-determines who gets the STEM degrees so they get jobs while the others are milked for cash or thrown into the streets because they're not from an "oppressed" group or their parents didn't have connections. Fuck this country and fuck the cucked forefathers. People of this country deserve suffering and death.

About to finish a History degree. What is that worth? Do I keep a high GPA, or risk everything and offend the cultural marxists?

School councilors, teachers, and professors all know 90% of the students will never find a job or that only certain STEMs is the key to success. They hide this fact and manipulate stupid brainwashed kids into getting basket-weaving degrees because its easier to milk their tuition. STEM education is a luxury reserved for the elites and gib-takers. But then again if everyone got into STEM then the markets would get saturated. Doesn't matter since the system is all fucked up anyways.

Go back to Twatter, Dean, we know it's you.

No going back there pal. I doubled majored in linguistics and spanish but I tried to switch into STEM. The school wouldn't allow me and got threats for asking too much questions. Part of me regrets in standing up for myself and taking it up the ass and graduate. At least i would've had something but worthless.

is your degree STEM? if not congrats, it's worthless

They do and they don't. You generally need some sort of Bachelors to get your foot in the door at a company. I think they are meaningless unless it's a professional degree.

If employers could go back to IQ and aptitude tests most degrees would be meaningless.

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STEMs here have 0 requirements besides graduating highschool and everyone gets enrolled no matter what.

>waaah, waaaah, waaaah - the fact that I'm a useless thicko is all everyone elses fault.

Anything not engineering, medical or law is worthless.

>Do worthless people exist?

he current teaching system in schools and universities makes me nauseous. Especially in some universities there is visible the communist intellectual concrete, which stopped in the development of a decade ago. Learning on the principle of coming to lectures, transcribing slides and fiddling with the exam is everyday bread. What happens during the exercises and lectures is a total failure. Teachers pat the rules from books, dictate notes from books, they can't answer questions because they probably don't understand the subject themselves.
For 3 years I have been looking at this pathology and it is possible to even do a doctoral dissertation on the subject of what "work" at the university looks like. Presentations from 20 years ago, on the basis of books from the 1970s, publications are probably once in a few years, if one is threatened with expulsion from the university or other punishment. Consultations? I was lucky not to kiss the handle, although this person had a damn duty to be at home at that time.
Replying to e-mails? And what does anyone need it for? I often went to get my entry on the index and had to wait and interrupt her when they ate cookies and drank coffee. A friend defended himself 2 months later only because the promoter didn't want to check his job (authentically, that's what the promoter told him). And the money for the next person who writes for him is already taken by him.
What is the point of studying if you still have to learn sensible things yourself in your free time?

The only thing that is better here is that there are no ubiquitous wealthy Asians who give money for their studies and take up places for other people like in the USA. Unfortunately, this is also changing, a year ago the UW/PW list of technical faculties were mainly Russians and Ukrainians, and Poles. Is it strange that Russians and Ukrainians qualify for a prestigious university in Poland? Do they have better education than Poles?

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Yes, but you also can't be a retard and complete a STEM degree either. They are totally worth it

Yes, most degrees that aren't in STEM, law, or medicine are.

There are a lot of jobs that require just a bachelor's or masters degree. So no.

Another trap I see is that people never stop to check if their major actually had a distinct job that it can be used for and will require them to have that major. This is why I dab on liberal arts majors real bad since I remind them that no employers really want somebody who took a 4 year long English class

Though graduates of it I have seen are often good at rhetoric, which is a great mask for not actually being that intelligent and they often repeat all the bullshit they were told because if they had to accept it was bullshit that means they have wasted years and money on lies.

So instead they usually make Youtube videos.

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That's the other crock of shit that makes education a waste of time for many people, the fact many companies require a degree yet it can be any BA. That begs the question if ANY BA somehow is a qualifier for the job its not too crucial of a requirement since whatever the major was doesn't seem to have any bearing. Not to mention how does answering the phone, sending some email, filling out some spreadsheets and making a copy or several demand a college degree?

Why many people shit on (specialized) economy degree, especially young people? Because muh evil capitalism?

Not exactly, millennials and zoomers think they are supposed to earn six figures no matter which degree they earn even if its something obscure and has no career intended for it like Post-Soviet Interpretive Dance History

All bachelors degrees

College should only be for Medicine, Law, or getting graduate degrees so you can actually get jobs in the STEM fields.

STEM degrees require you to have not just a brain but also critical thinking skills, NPCs lack the latter so they STEM degrees are impossible since they want to "have fun" and "follow their dreams" instead. Meanwhile I got into STEM because my dream was to make a lot of money and afford things that are hard to get

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This one is not worthless; Doctorate in Law, do not take the Bar, have a degree mostest powerfuls than a Masters in only five years, get high paying job, reap.
And, allowed to Teach at University Level, when idiots go to school for five years or more, then intern slave for a year to be k-12 teachers and make less than 40k a year.
Remember Kids; Dees get Degrees...

Non STEM degrees basically.

Everything that comes from India.

anything non-STEM is either 100% worthless or does not require a degree to get a job
Although networking has value it's not worth the 4 years of your life (plus 30-40K$ if you are in burgerland)
Chances are there are job certificates that can help you get a junior job that require 3-9 months of (self-) training and their costs are also significantly low.

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