Muslims were right about women

The more freedom and power women are given, the more degenerate they become.

Prove this wrong.

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>How hard Is this to understand you incel small dicked wh*Teboi? Fuck YOU, FUCK YOU ALL

Women can't even take power, it must be given to them. But they know how to manipulate weak minded and desperate men.

Why do you let female trash manipulate you, user?

do not post in real world only for minecraft

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only for minecraft - do not litter

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Are you retarded?

That's man-ass. I'm not falling for your strawpoll.

No, I think JEWS are right..... :D
(nice memeflag)


It's not a man, dumbass

don't tell me ...
Could it be that men are not degenerate?
it's not about sexes it's about people.

Any stupidity invented to justify absurd machismo.

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Shut up, faglord

Yes it's about the sexes. Women make decisions based on herd mentality, men do not. Women shouldn't be in power.

Are yo u retarded? Stop trying to change the poster faggot.

I didn't know men's bums could be that flabby

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Personally I think the main contribution to women becoming degenerate is the pill. It removed the biological responsibility all women had for millennia. It also made having children more of an option. It helped push the "equal/superior to men". I belive if men had a drug they could temporarily make us sterile with few immediate side effects, men would just turn into whores as well. And with Vegan diets and onions milk. Anything that lowers testosterone and sperm count you see this. Because you've removed a source of responbility. But does apply more to women. They don't have to grow up anymore, society actively encourages that now. Look at the media aimed at women too "Be a whore, use men, kill your babies" etc Its all accepted now because they can forgo the risk of getting pregnant.

So you admit islam is a mistake?

Way to be subtle user

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Many, but not all, and not exclusively, who claim Judaism are in fact the synagogue of satan.

Shitty bait

Have sex

Shut up, Jon Dunk.

Have sex, virgin.

Anyone who wants Sharia law is un-American.

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Those hips (or lack of) don't lie, faggot.

best part is you can't make them non-degenerate, because for every man that doesn't tolerate their bullshit and degeneracy, there are 10000 other men that do and will gladly let women do whatever they wish

it's not muslims who are right about women, it's liberals who are wrong about women.

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Yeah you’re fucking regarded. I just met a lady who converted to Christianity in Afghanistan and she was raped, tortured, and had to flee for her life constantly being attacked by disgusting Muslims.

The point of the Muslims are right about women meme is not to say that Muslims are right, it's to force liberals and Muslims to realize their views are completely at odds. Lefties bring in Muslims and give them gibs to get votes. But Muslims are not by any means in line with leftist """"values""""

The typical lefty box can't handle being faced with the inherent contradiction. Usually they don't have to think about it because it is unusual for their brains to think about 2 things at once

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