When was the last time you met with friends?

3 years.

>this is political because friendless incels are apparently a political topic nowadays and it's in the terms of our data mining contract hiro

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3 as well.

6 months ago.
I also have only one "friend" left and I'm starting to see him more as an acquaintance now than a friend...

Have a bump and a nice anime picture

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Why not try and talk to new people somewhere? Shit I have the autism bug and I still manage.

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Where do you find good people who won't take advantage of you or even abuse you?

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Never. I tried once. They invited me to the movies. I showed up and nobody was there. So i made new friends. Its actually been about 6 years since i hung out with them. We went to the skatepark. Smoked a cigar and some weed. Then went home and played some video games. Was pretty fun.

last weekend. Friend group has been dwindling but a large part of that is due to the fact I'm not drinking 15 beers a night and smoking weed everday, though. Fuck em. Feels good being sober and I'm doing better at work and finishing my degree by taking night-classes. Good friends stick, shitty ones weed themselves out, and I look forward to meeting new people now since I'm not just getting fucked up alone in my room.

when 9 out of 10 people are not worth your time you stop searching for little gems that will too fade anyway given enough time
living lonely is easier and more predictable

There's no anwser to that. Theres good people and bad people peppered everywhere. You can't go to one place and find the "good people". The best you can do is talk to people without focusing on anything other than friendly conversation. You may meet 10 douchbags and if you do then fine you have an example of what not to be but you may meet 10 friends and that simple stupid shit can be life changing.
Obviously im not a guru but thats what ive done and I've been pretty lucky.

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yesterday, watched Rambo(movie sucks btw), went to subway and then went to relax near the lake

If that's how you feel then so be it. But IMO who the hell wants a predictable life? Talking to people that disagree with you can be interesting it's why I'm running a commie flag on pol. Just because 90% of people are different than you doesn't mean they aren't worth anything. If you don't open up to outside opinions you will never grow..

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couple days ago. friends set me up with a girl. I failed miserably and they got pissed at me for it

>But IMO who the hell wants a predictable life?
me and you will want it too when you get tired of shit you don't expect
>Talking to people that disagree with you can be interesting
for a time but in 99% they don't agree with you because they're fucking retarded and I already have enough retards at work
>Just because 90% of people are different than you doesn't mean they aren't worth anything.
They might be worth something to someone, not to me.
>If you don't open up to outside opinions you will never grow..
Of course you will, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and it usually smells bad, pondering over different opinion is fun, pondering over same and debunked opinions(like women are equal to men) over and over gets tiresome.

they all moved away

Just go to collage nibbas. I see my four excuses of engineer friends everyday for eight hours.

Couple days ago.

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btw I'm a tankie and your ideologies will end up like bald journalist guy Italy.

2 months ago at a friends funeral.
The older I get the less time I have to just hangout with friends.

Also making new ones is next to impossible, you'd think the internet opened things up but it kept us all indoors instead.

People are so fucking stupid that there's no 2 sides to a conversation, it's just me talking circles around them while they hurr durr at me.

I hoped that university would be an interesting experience, getting to meet intellectual driven young people and have my eyes opened to the opportunities the world provides, but everyone is a fucking retard at my school. I spent all of my university life babysitting people through classes. At best you can find some zoomer or art hoe who is "passionate" about something but doesn't have an endgame - people into quantum computing or humanitarian aid to developing countries and stuff. My professors, while probably skilled in whatever-the-fuck they're researching, felt like stone wall teachers that could barely interpret my questions and inspired little passion with their lack of enthusiasm, just going through the curriculum.

Last time I went out hiking with some friends, I briefly touched on immigration. They could not seem to comprehend how a labour market and housing market would function, and would literally just fall back to "capitalists bad" or "food tho" arguments. Everyone I know has turned into this shit. Like it's simply not worth talking to them, they have no interesting input.

>muh 99% of people are retards because they don't agree with everything I say.
Grow the fuck up. You're not that nuance you're just like everyone else. Get you're shit together before you're a total outcast screaming about NORMIES!

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About 3 years, too. I still get invited to things but I don't really want to see them. Got married and all. Occasional online chats is fine with me. Hanging out is for singles.

over 10 years ago

it's not because they don't agree with EVERYTHING because I don't know everything, it's because they disagree with OBVIOUS AND IRREFUTABLE and get very aggresive when they're proven wrong
Maybe you're the one who should grow up and stop relying on NPCs as crutch for your hollow life.

I'm promoting talking to people with different views and you reach for the same old MUH NPC meme. Whatever dude continue just shouting pol shit I'm sure that's going to get you far.

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Last week. Typically every week or two. I also eat after work with colleagues too from time to time.

Right people on both sides can be complete autists who can't even speak to the opposing side with having a melt down. Pathetic really.

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and I already told you that 99% of people share same views, when you meet a new person you almost never learn anything new or interesting, just regret wasted time on such person
>Whatever dude continue just shouting pol shit I'm sure that's going to get you far.
Well so far it got me as far as your bubbly friendly attitude, we're both stuck here.

I had dinner with my friend tonight. 2 Hours of great food and conversation.

Day before yesterday.

friends who don't align with your ideology are merely coping mechanism for loneliness which proves you haven't rid yourself of the disgusting need for the company of others

you don't need friends
nigs, spics, kikes, chinkos, fags, trannies? fucking haha women?

all you need are your knightly brothers
and a wife at home
that's it

how was the sex?

Just because people in your area are bland and boring doesn’t mean it’s the same everywhere else. Inb4 personal attacks based on flags.

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wow that sounds objectively terrible. jesus

define friends? Do people at school count, because if yes, then it is 21 years ago.

I have three friends left - they’re all people I know from doing music and they’re all some degree of red pilled.

I was never particularly vocal about my views, in all honesty was left leaning a long time. But I learned this about leftists. They’re actually worse than we are as people. Most of their friendships are friendships of convenience. If you go through difficulty it’s actually the ‘social Darwinist right’ who will look out for you, because they have values and are capable.

I’ve met not one leftist who has compassion for those around them, it has to be a very distant and exotic other, and it has to be post-worthy.


If that's the attitude he's going to have then he can get the fuck out of my face. If that autistic shit of "muh 10%" happened in lets say a bar you would get the same reaction.

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Years ago, when I was a young woman, I encountered jealousy, cliques, I was interested in from married men and other women were cock blocker competitors. Aquaintences would use me, when I was volunteering, and one of them telephone stalked/ harassed me.

Three weeks ago for a birthday party.

Further to that, if they do sense you even slightly deviate from their perspective, they will use that as a means of shelving you, whatever the circumstances.

I’ve called right wingers cunts and taken a swing and they came back for more. Why? Because they understood I was in pain and believed enough in themselves.

I place friends above politics, not everyone is a backstabbing faggot.

>99% of the people are the same UWU
Motherfucker we would have had world peace by then if that was the case.

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Have you tried not being an easily manipulated door mat?

>your area
I used to be social and met people from internet all over the country, until I realized they don't actually care about me as much as I cared about them, I communicated with tens of people every day through ICQ and spent every weekend with some of them in their city but one day I made experiment if somebody writes me first on ICQ or miss me or our wekends something.
Nobody wrote, nobody cared, now I keep 2 friends and rest are people from work. It was just the realisation that people take more from me than they offer to me and I changed them for drugs because with drugs you always get what you pay for, with people it's 90% scam, 5% wonder and sometimes 5% happiness.

If you are a very capable and thoughtful person they will disappoint you too, but I say good on you regardless.

Yesterday, we returned from our trip to the moutains, after that I've met up with one aditional friend and we went for a walk.
I'am asocial autist btw.

we would, too bad jews and nonwhites are not people and have to fuck up everything for people

Hmmm, sometimes people like to give and that attracts people who will turn when you can’t supply whatever they need. It’s a valid question.

I think the answer to having friends is not needing them.

>last week
>two months ago
>couple days ago


Based and redpilled.

don't forget treacherous suicidially altruistic virtue signalling cuck whites

Just get fit and get tinder. Hell you don't even have to get fit, just slim down enough to see your abs. Don't look for a girlfriend there, they aren't worth it, but it's easy pussy.


~5 years ago

they spiked my booze with acid and I had a severe mental breakdown, I haven't gotten out of my room since

>defaults to pol memes while calling others NPCs
wew lad no wonder you don't get along with 90% of people.

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Yesterday. Go out, faggots!

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>repeating himself like a broken record despite having everything explained while using commie flag and anime images
and if you look into mirror you will see how such average retarded person is not worthy of my time, thanks for proving my point in everything I just said

I'm careful.

Anyway just realized this thread is about friends, not girls. That's a lot harder. Most dudes you meet are either faggots or cookie cutter conservatives, it seems. The latter is easier to inform but it's often more trouble than it's worth, IMO. Maybe worth it in the greater scheme of things. But as far as finding like minded brothers who would actually have your back and be worth having theirs when shit gets bad, seems to be a matter of luck and perseverance. Join groups that interest you and sift through them. It's important to not just be looking for quality, but also to be something of quality yourself, lest they sift through you as well.

>when I was a young woman

Have you completed the transition darling?

Also FUCK Jow Forums! How do you guys put up with this Google captcha bullshit, constant connection errors, garbage file size and type limits, etc etc. Fucking annoying.

buy the pass, pay the toll

1 day
Man you're depressing

>with drugs you always get what you pay for
with drugs, you know they're gonna fuck you up, and usually know how. A bag of dope also will never walk out on you. Once you got it, it's there, for the moment when you need it for comfort. People, even the so-thought closest friends, have bailed on me in times of SHTF. These days I'm sober, but I don't really have friends anymore.

Friendships are overrated. Most people are so dull and shallow. Zero intellectual thoughts or ability to carry a decent conversation.
Or they are cliquish and unapproachable.
One less person I don't have to worry about trying to fuck my wife.