Fact: Anime turns young men into pedophiles, and it should be banned

Fact: Anime turns young men into pedophiles, and it should be banned

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Must be why pol is full of pedophiles

implying pedophillia is bad

Anime isn't real, get over it...

even if it didn't cause this, I still think it should be banned, because it does actually cause incel and the news told me incel is not a good thing to have :(

18 is 18 roastie


lol fuck off cryptokike

No it doesnt
I just like cute girls doing cute things
like any sane person
also fuck flan and remilia
Rumia is peak adorable

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The anime jew and the porn jew are close friends, maybe even cousins.

Please dont breed

As does weed.

Too late

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As does faggotry.

>Anime turns young men into pedophiles

Mental Illness is not a result of triggers

I enjoy anime as much as the next guy, but everytime someone like you opens their mouth, I realize how much of faggots we sound


vidya does too

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anime is mainstream as fuck now
i must find a new contrarian genre of entertainment

he wont unless he rapes someone

I don't see Japan having a pedophile problem, but sure. Let's ban 2D cunny comics to increase black market demand to actual children being exploited!

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So hentai is incest?

Fact: the 19th amendment turns women into whores and should be expunged.

Unlikely as you have autism

Anime and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

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dont lump your faggotry in with every other fan of the medium CGDCT is arguably the best right now with all of the black pill faggots around

>this made you a pedophile

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How about instead off banning anime outright, we give it a ultimatum to get rid of all moeshit or be banned. I feel this would be the best solution.

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I wholeheartedly agree. Anime is degenerate filth. It's for kids and pedophiles and every single anime I've watched had included references or outright features of themes surrounding pedophilia and other forms of degeneracy, but that's the worst. It also makes young men want to escape reality and live in their perfect anime utopias which makes them incredibly beta. While I am generally against outright banning things, I can make an exception for this absolute filth.

>anime originated from an ethnostate
>memeflag trying to tell me it’s bad
So pedophilia is based and redpilled?

Reminder liking flat chests and lolis is the same as being attracted to little boys.

Suddenly I have a craving to rape anything with underdeveloped genitalia
Thanks, Nip!

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What a stupid argument
Saudi arabia is an ethnostate. Israel is an ethnostate. China is an ethnostate

Only it's not. You can like flat chests and be not interested in dicks at the same time.

I know, hard to swallow for closet faggots, but that's how it is.

Touhou is a video game

If you watch loli animes, sure.

Meanwhile, in the good ol' US of A, the media kikes are pushing outright pedophilia into EVERY FUCKING THING, especially tranny pedophilia.

I think (((they))) are just mad that we're turning to Anime instead of their shit.

Cute aggression ^^

Don’t forget to watch the hot new show in America (((Big Mouth)))!

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If that is so, how do you respond to Nazi loli anime?

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That sloot works at crunchyroll. Yells everytime she speaks like every fucking Korean trying to sound like loud child.

It’s nice how the least perverted form of modern entertainment has been given the reputation of most perverted by those who want to control everything, and of course it only works on the ignorant and stupid. Meanwhile literal brain damage in the form of cute aggression is seen as normal.

In this clown world, everything has been inverted. Bunch of satanists.


Don’t forget gay and/or making them want to become trannies

fbi going overboard with their honeypot spam

Can someone provide a version of this I can actually read, text is blurry when I zoom in.