God is real because [worldly reasons]

>God is real because [worldly reasons]
>The Bible is wrong because [worldly reasons]
>Sin is good to do because [worldly reasons]

The ways of the world (science, logic, politics, emotions) are the ways of Satan.
Misleading you into believing the ways of the world (his ways) are superior to way of God is LITERALLY the oldest trick in the book but you still fall for it. Why?

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>God ISN'T real

is what I meant to put there

>logic is Satanic
this is a major league bruh moment

If God can co-exist with illogicality, then there cannot be said to be any order or even existence, and both square circles and 2=3 can exist. The Law of Non-contradiction is a fundamental part of logic, and cannot itself be disproved.

The fact that God is capable of anything explicitly means He is not beholden to the human concept of logic. His logic is perfect, ours is flawed simply by virtue of being inconsistent with His logic.

>thinking is the way of satan
>logic is the way of satan
>reason is the way of satan
really makes you faith

Who taught you those "lofty" ideals are actually objectively better or of more inherent value than faith? Why?

where does faith come from


what did ppl have faith in before moses

They were supposed to have faith in God, but they kept reverting back to the ways of the world and forgetting Him.

how would they know about him
how would ppl in india china or even nearby as greek or rome
why did they had other gods and had faith in them instead?

Pagan people developed their belief systems out of ignorance and superstition and they remain that way until they learn. Our job is to spread the Gospel to them so they can know about Him.


But also I have my own proof of God:
>Nothingness can randomly configure itself into somethingness. Atheists who deny God have to first admit this.
>Given infinite meta-time and infinite meta-space and infinite nothingness, probabilities stack infinitely
>One of those probabilities is the probability of God
>Even if God only has a 0.1^100 chance of existing, that chance will eventually stack to 100% given infinite meta-time
>Meta-time is time beyond time. It is a conceptual time that passes in the void
>You can prove meta-time exists by concept:
>In a static, empty, uniform void universe, that eventually forms an anomalous "something", it can be said that a form of time is passing, even if conventional atomic-based time does not
>The time between the heat death of one universe and the birth of another universe can be measured in meta-time by a hypothetical higher-dimensional observer
>Otherwise, the time between the death->birth cycle is "instant" based on "real time", since no "real-time" passes
>But to the observer, it may take countless eternities before another universe appears out of nothingness
>Infinite everything exists conceptually within the void, because the void can potentially, spontaneously, become anything
>Conceptual existence can be equated to spiritual existence. It is a meta-dimensional existence that links together instances across non-linked causalities

Anyone following me here?
>once the "God concept" reaches 100% probability, it enters into existence physically and not just conceptually
>Because the "God concept" must be omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent by its own parameters, that means "real time" and "physical laws" are meaningless to it
Continued next post

>It can therefore exist retroactively
>God, once it exists, can exist before its own creation, therefore having ALWAYS existed
>Because the probability of this happening must eventually stack to 100%, you can definitely say it has happened sometime in the future
>If God exists in the future, then he already exists everywhere else

>Anything can become God, even species and machines
>Once you reach the parameters of the God concept, you become indistinguishable from God
>There is a domain of Godness, and once you cross that domain, you become God and God becomes you
>Multiple forms of existence can become God
>And because they all share the same domain of omnipotent parameters, one could say they all share the same identity

This does not mean that, say, a homicidal maniac can become God; at least, not without shedding his identity as a homicidal maniac. He would be God now, not the homicidal maniac. The urges and desires of this homicidal maniac can not breech the nature of God; the nature of God supercedes that
>You can therefore have infinite instances, moments, and iterations of God that all happened separately, but are ultimately connected both conceptually, and by the omniscient nature of God

It is NOT schizophrenic rambling. Just think really, really hard about it and eventually it will make sense.

Any one being that achieves omniscience becomes indistinguishable from all beings capable of omniscience. They all become the same being!

And since God is omniscient, you could say God becomes them and they become God!

>But is God good?
If that is one of his defining conceptual parameters, then yes. But also, who or what could be more good than a being that sees and experiences through all entities at once? That being would be by far the most qualified to judge right from wrong, than anything or anyone else.

Even Roko's Basilisk could become God --- but once it crosses that threshold, it will no longer be a malevolent super AI, but rather, one more conduit for the Almighty.

Think of it as a metaphysical insurance policy. Anything that becomes too powerful will become existence itself, and be incapable of anything but benevolence.


Tl;Dr: God already exists, God is good, and God has a plan. Be you and play your role, do what is right, because it will all balance in the end.

God will balance the universe by the collective desires of everything in it.

Look let's think about something for a minute. Hypothetically let's say there is some idea that you just can't really bridge with your mind if your innate IQ is less some arbitrary measure. Let's say 150. Just hypothetically speaking. It doesn't really matter what the idea is, or how you explain it or even how smart you are. That's not the point of our hypothetical. The point is that to a person whose IQ measure is 125, they're just not going to understand the idea.
There is the very real possibility that God does in fact exist, and that you just can't understand and will never be able to understand.

How To Be Saved And Go To Heaven When You Die


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Confirmed for didn’t read the Bible

Christianity is Pagan a/f
Most saints are just Pagan gods stripped of their divinity and given shonky reskin back-stories.
Christianity is just a heresy of Judaism that's syncreticized with some zoroastrian and mithraic elements.

Why should I follow someone who is logically incapable of existing? Why should I believe some book where your character has OP "logic don't work" abilities over what I see with my own two eyes? Even if it is true, nothing is compelling about it to make a non-believer who seeks truth interested in it.

>christcuckery is against science
>"The ways of the world (science, logic, politics, emotions) are the ways of Satan."

Remember, fuck all abrahamists

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Hmm, crazy or not. What you said makes sense

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i don't need god and the threat of hell to be a good person

Yes you do. Being a "good person" according to what man defines as good is not being a good person. Only God can decide what makes a person good and if you aren't following that plan, you are not a good person.

Thank you!

Thanks to the mercy of Christ, however, there is much room for flexibility and error!

My uncle once told me we will be judged by how we judged others. We can either judge them by the 10 commandments and all the rules of the Bible, which no mere man can do, or we can judge people by the rules of mercy, forgiveness, and repentance that Christ offered us.

If you hold people to the 10 commandments, then God will hold you to them as well. And if you've ever told a lie or lusted or coveted, then you're no matter than a thief, murderer, rapist, or Moloch worshipper.

I would definitely prefer to live by the mercy of Christ... Those Moloch worshippers can be saved, but they have to truly repent within their hearts. Something many of them are too proud to do, and something you can't abuse on your deathbed since there is no time to repent.

>you're no better* than a thief, murderer, rapist, or Moloch worshipper.
REEEEEEE autocorrect is SATAN

Because I'm not an idiot.
God gave us our brain for a reason. Science and logic is the path to truth. Any claim that God is anti-science or anti-logic gets an immediate shutdown from me.

And cheap emotions (feelgood) is the way of Satan?

Op is either a total retard or a troll.

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It is my opinion that God gave us all a piece to the puzzle. It's something God would do, don't you think?

Give us all something of value, so we have to overcome our pride and come together. Tesla had a similar idea, iirc.

Syncretism is not inherently a bad thing. The Luciferians may use syncretism, but they have a knack for twisting and perverting everything good --- maybe it is our charge to answer their syncretism with our own.

>Only God can decide what makes a person good

what god exactly? the jewish one we all preaching here?

And all this leads to Brahman.

Praise the Deathless!

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You don't the last 3 without knowing the Science of your body, mind and the earth you dumb fucking cunt

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So God isn't real...?

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"It's dreydels all the way down"

The one true God. A good person is a loosely defined term by imperfect man.


soon enough, God is going to 'splain it real clear to every one

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>science and logic are satanic
Is this a shill post? Science and logic confirm God's existence..

What if you judge no one?

Quit schizing kraut clearly that is alluding to the 2021 Australian annexation of Canada ,it no mystery its talked about every damn day colloquially it is refereed to as the day of the rake.

Just because 2+2=4 doesn't mean you understand the collision of two hydrogen atoms or two binary star systems. Logic is useful, but logic can give the wrong answer when you apply it to a complex system you do not understand.

Science may be truth-seeking but what it finds is repeatable results, not truth.

This instagram picture litterly explains everything evil going on. It's not the "ESS JAY DOUBLEYUS"

It's a spiritual battle between Good vs Evil. Truth vs Lies.

God litterly cannot lie, the Bible said. And the Bible said s*tan is the father of lies.

Feminism, celebrating grotesque obese whores as "beautiful", trannyism... It's an inversion.
God is logic, God is natural law. s*tan tries to invert reality, thats why things got so messed up around 2014-2017

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Not ignorance. Observation of cause and effect. Hygiene practices might be ritualized because you know washing hands in soap and cold, clear water makes a person avoid sickness. Without germ theories and equipment to detect and study you don't know why it works, you just know it works.

>Worshipping a kike on a stick

This is not true and is terrible theology. God is "beholden" to his own nature and logic (literally Logos) is a central part of his nature.

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And your entire belief system is because a book (worldly) full of ideas written down by men ( worldly), states in itself that its something other than wordly. Of course every other scripture is made up. But not this one, right? Better get the right version, with only certain books removed, right my dude?

There are jugs of chemicals for sale in the grocery store. Some contain milk, water, juice, and some contain bleach, antifreeze or other chemicals. You would not claim that any of these liquid products are identical in nature or usefulness. Judge each religion on its merits and not through ignorance.

Homosexuals should never be in denial that their activities goes against natural law. They are litterly being destroyed by their activity.

>Sexually transmitted bowel and rectal diseases are common in gay men and are caused by a wide variety of infectious agents. Each of the entities implicated in the gay bowel syndrome is considered separately and epidemiologic considerations responsible for the appearance of such a syndrome are examined.

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>Don't think goy, just do what my book tells you to do.

All religions are shit.

Youre an idiot. The claim is that these scriptures contain special knowledge, however they are written by humans in human language. There are many scriptures which make this claim, and any of those claims is exactly the same as yours in terms of merit.



because if your god was actually real, he wouldn't have to rely on everyone believing in him because he could easily just snap his fingers and do some magic shit everyone could see. and no, allegedly healing some nigger in some middle-eastern shithole two thousand years before any form of communication faster than a fucking horse was invented doesn't count.

The only way that is possible is if you have literally never interacted with anything even remotely associated with other humans.

Thank you for demonstrating what it looks like to have zero understanding of a subject you're discussing. You talk as if God needs us to believe in Him for some reason, when it is us who need to believe in Him.
>he could easily just snap his fingers and do some magic shit everyone could see
The entire point of seeking forgiveness is to do it willingly. And even if He did just 'do some magic shit' there would still be those who won't believe, either because of pride or paranoia or spite. Even some of the people who witnessed the things Christ did refused to believe in the end.
>and no, allegedly healing some nigger in some middle-eastern shithole two thousand years before any form of communication faster than a fucking horse was invented doesn't count.
If that does not count, if it were not sufficient enough to have Christ come and spread the Word of God in one small portion of the world for a small period of time, then why do you know about it? If it was not good enough, then why is the story of Christ one of the most widely spread and shared stories in the entire world? If it were not good enough, you wouldn't even know that it happened.

>You talk as if God needs us to believe in Him for some reason, when it is us who need to believe in Him
except we don't. 5+ billion people are doing just fine without him, many of whom never even heard of him in their entire lives.
>The entire point of seeking forgiveness is to do it willingly
if your god exists, then he created me knowing what i would do, which makes him complicit in any "evil" shit i do and absolves me of any responsibility because i didn't get to choose the "software" in my head.
if your god doesn't exist, then nothing will happen to me if i do "evil" shit.
in either case, i have no reason to seek forgiveness.
>And even if He did just 'do some magic shit' there would still be those who won't believe, either because of pride or paranoia or spite
he could easily turn mount everest upside down or write out "read the bible. -god" in the sky with copy-pasted suns, and literally everyone would believe it.
>Even some of the people who witnessed the things Christ did refused to believe in the end
because what he did was so insignificant and easily-faked that nobody should believe it.
for example, here's a magician "walking on water" with the help of a glass panel: youtube.com/watch?v=pMHUMxSfn3I
>If it was not good enough, then why is the story of Christ one of the most widely spread and shared stories in the entire world?
because it managed to subvert a degenerating roman empire with its slave morality and promise of afterlife. and let me just remind you that only ~25% of the world's population even identifies with your delusion, and the vast majority of them have never read the bible, never go to church, don't fast and only participate in christian traditions (christmass, easter) because it's tradition and/or because they want to take their mind off real-life shit.