Why are we losing pol...

Why are we losing pol? Surely there must be a silent majority of whites who see the orchestrated attack against our right to exist?

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There really isn't. The media is incredibly powerful in terms of determining what most people believe. The NPC meme didn't go far enough - NPCs are probably close to 95-98% of all people, liberal or conservative.

Buuuut you and Jow Forums are special, right?

Pol isn't for certain

>Why are we losing pol?
We're losing because Trump isn't winning. He's been even wackier than I anticipated, but a few victories under his belt would embolden us even more against the attacks against him (and his odd moments).
Instead he sucks Israel dick, made the swamp bigger, and now wants more poos than ever. MAGA indeed.

Duh. No. Most of you are npc too

Duuurrrr haha nonwhite bad ahahaa ddddduuurrrr i love trumpp he funnyy hebh@aa duurrrrr greta cute but dumb hhheeeeaaahaha me funyny ands smart cuz im white ajehh duurrr *is fat, poor, uneducated"

pic from where?

Most white people are total ignoramuses. Sad.

Some of us, in any case.

RIP kitte

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this summer I was hiking with a friend, and we were talking about overpopulation and stuff.
we crossed the path of a normie, who heard us, and said "nature will self adjust as usual".
I think it sums things up wuite well.
Normies won't do anything, but expect stuff to explode sooner or later.

Who says we're losing.

Sometimes you gotta let the fire die down a bit before you can put it out.

Whites entered extinction level a while ago.

It was planned.

Nope, we the next Jews.
We should probably be nice to Jews because we are going to rely on them completely for survival. Which is what is being done.
We have been chosen as the servants to improve life in Israel for the Jews. It's a great honor. I hope I'm chosen.

yeh lol we're not losing shit

the future is pol, all paths lead there

You're all just as worthless as I am. Take the blackpill, goys.

You got a piece of shit you like to talk to when you get lonely there fingolian?

The original Europeans haven't existed since at least the fall of the Roman empire 2000 years ago.

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When I talk to other whites and that in the work place we are pretty racist (normal) about minorities
And I am in education of all places

Most of us have debts and family to rely on us, showing power level means losing everything

We need to lose everything, then we will rise

>be nice
>to jews
Easier said than done.

So, theoretically, would it be possible to found a National Socialist party in each of our countries? It would start out small like the NSDAP did, obviously, but if we avoid subversion I don't see why a coordinated uprising in hundreds of countries couldn't work.

I work in an american factory full of niggers.

Niggers are infinitely more racist.

One nig I work adjacent to was talking to me about a piece of shit white guy we worked with and actually said "this fool a waste of white skin. He the biggest nigga I ever seen". We laughed hard.

Sucks that my based nigbro is retiring this year.

The real battle is inside and "we" are not losing.
On the other side kikes are losing it, so yeah, slidethreads at all time high and what not.
If 9/11 was climax I'd say we're near or past some success/failure phase looking at the last FED stealth POMO.

Will the horde of immigrant invaders get pensions or jobs?

Anyway, life goes on. Nevermind the fake news, the media fearmongering and memory holing and never relax.

For some Epstein follow up check this: youtube.com/watch?v=olGSOydtOgY

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can anyone tell me what happened to the kitty?

She's now a big girl and plays with with her brothers and sisters in OP's backyard(some went to other nice places).
They all cuddle at night beside the fireplace.

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It was wounded in combat and the medic kitty is about to carry it into a black hawk

>Normies won't do anything, but expect stuff to explode sooner or later

welp thats basically Jow Forums ryt there. faggets that just w8 for shit to happen while doing nothing. not even try to workout or do any sort of martial training.

I thought it was being body slammed

since Jow Forums's inception we could be considered losing. there is nothing wrong in fighting the good fight. sun tzu also say that cornered army is most dangerous army.

I thought little kitty refused to go to school

gusic died?

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>i don't even remember the culture anymore
· fucking newfags
· Q
· no pics
· phonefags can't meme
· letting Feds redefine and astroturf polian:
nigger is the old racist definition again
based now means "good user" in binary mindthink
shill now means "bad guy" in binary mindthink
NPC is actively being conflated with hive mindthink
glow now means associated with Feds only
glow nigger now means Fed shooter b8 poster
redpill conflated with right wing
kek being conflated with kekistani god
checked now means mere recognition of digits
· nobody jumps on jewtoobers
· nobody jumps obvious twatters
· nobody jumps obvious plebs
· everyone expects 2 or 3 user to do all the sliding work
· letting feds larp
· letting anyone larp
· attacking cross board raids instead of letting jannies handle it
((they)) are using (You) pol, brainwashing you through your very own language and erasing pol culture insidiously.

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So Yellowstone and the other supervolcanoes will go soon, and we're gonna have hurricanes for days and shit like that? Plagues of locusts and Ebolachan on the loose at last?

Looking forward to it.

>Why are we losing pol?
An outright refusal by most people to stand up for borders and nations and sheeit.

we're not losing. it's just a hard time. it's a test for all people. ww3 soon

escape the city if you want to survive


As the gen Z kids who grew up with Facebook are becoming adults and migrating here, they bring their mentality with them. Likes before meaning. Look at the catalogue. It's the same pointless garbage over and over again. Older anons like me have tried calling this out, its pointless now.

Most people are propagandised beyond help or stupid.

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psyop race b8
memefag propaganda
didn't say "you glow"
no meme
no meme
lazy -> Jow Forums54186020
lame b8
moar b8
50% quality post stolen pic archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/59703984/#59704562
50% quality post stolen pic from 2015 pinterest.com/dianacaligirl/warm-and-cozy/

why Jow Forums?

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>Why are we losing pol?
Are we? We were losing BIG but things are turning. Only fringe people were talking about jews and their control groups ACLU, ADL, SPLC 5 years ago. Pewdiepie had to apologize for donating to the ADL bc it's mainstream that they are a terrible jewish org. That's why they want to deplatform all persons that show any white racial consciousnesses.

Get gnosis my friend
If not in this life then ik the next.

Anyone can be awakened, if they are ready.

We're not losing. We just had to let the weirdos have a day in the sun to shut them up. Everything will be back to normal soon.

>Why are we losing pol?
Because women are the majority.

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Fuck off nigger kike you know he's right

us goyim gotta stick together, united we stand divide we fall, simple

fashyfy as many people as you can, lolbertarians and cuckservatives should be your targets just red pill them on kikes

Pewspunk is unironically a butt fucker ( You) are still glorifying in your twisted mind. Go back to jewtube then neck yourself on livestream to prove it.

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