Does anyone here actually have a rebuttal to this image...

Does anyone here actually have a rebuttal to this image? Face it capitalism doesn't work and no good Christian or traditionalist should support this evil backwards system.

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People didn't go hungry before capitalism?

more people would die without capitalism.
Its the best most effective system that we as humans developed.
nothing comes even close.
If not for capitalism you wouldnt have a computer to shitpost your shit christcuck opinions on. so embrace it you dumb motherfucker.

Capitalism is the system which has kept the deaths from starvation and disease the lowest it has ever been. This is someone who either knows nothing about what they're talking about or a jew.

>Capitalism may not be perfect but it's better than all the alternatives. Gommunism gilled 100 billion beebl.

Spoken like a true boomer/NPC.

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Socialism is wishful thinking
Communism now is upper middle class white guilt
Capitalism has done more for the world, good and bad, for the betterment of society.

It's very easy. Some people are better than others, which is something the left will never accept or understand.

The imbalance is completely natural. Put more effort into what you're doing and you can stop working at McDonalds and stop living in your car.

So, go see how can implement your faggy communism in Africa and India, see how it works out for you.

Without Capitalism we wouldn't be where we are today. you wouldnt even have the tools or knowledge to imagine what basedboy.png wojak edit even is without capitalism.
you would farm potatoes like some poor 3rd worlder and starve around.

So basically capitalism works supremely if it's so effective that (sadly) only 18 turdworlders still poor. (Who typically live in socialist countries).

Onder leftism, everybody is poor

>its capitalism's fault Africans are starving
Pic assumes America has responsability for the world just to shit on it for failing that responsability. Nobody in America is starving.

>Onder leftism, everybody is poor
besides the ruling Elite that distributes the goods.

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capitalism is fine
the problem is that the government doesn't get terrorists to push around rich people
if it did, then there would be no war on terror

Most of all those deaths and famines happen in countries that lean towards socialism. Should capitalism go full colonial again so that it can provide them with the food they need? And is there any real reason why they should be hungry, if you're hungry you shouldn't create more mouths to feed and most places that have famines are the ones with exploding populations.

When did capitalism start?

You need to read Any Rand "Capitalism: unknown ideal"

BTW. Communism much more doesn't work. Believe me.

Capitalism is a shit system. But, I prefer it in a diverse society. In an all white society Id support socialism.

>Capitalism must take care of every single country on Earth
>or it doesn't work
>What do you mean that shit holes with inflated birthrates thanks to socialism are the cause of starvation?

humans will always have markets. Capitalism isn't a 'system.' It's a natural phenomenon like gravity.

the first time two hominids made any kind of trade.

I think he's saying the scorecard isn't very impressive and we might could do better.

Eradicating the third world and making them into farms would make the scorecard better.
More deaths, no starvation, more jobs, and no niggers.

You can manipulate it, though. That's what government does. It manipulates the economy. It's why mixed systems are most common.

How do you get rid of them?

but 'the economy' is just people
the government is just people
capitalism is people making agreements
government is part of that
at root it is all against all
what we see in the world is just an extension of that

Capitalism isn't perfect but it's the least worst system we've got.

Extreme prejudice and overwhelming firepower

>capitalism doesn't give me free shit so it means it doesn't work
maybe you should read a book nigger to learn what capitalism is

Just do capitalism! 18 million people dead per year, and that's just rookie numbers as western countries keep giving them food!