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You know the drill, post your opinions and see how long it takes for a post that only says "kys"

I think you should be able to get whatever the fuck you want, hell buy a combat ready abrams if you have the money.

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Americans are even bigger faggot's then Canada.

*than, faggot

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>hell buy a combat ready abrams if you have the money.

This is what disappoints me. You guys can go out an do exactly. Buy artillery pieces, tanks and shit. But you dont. I really would have thought that with your love of all things guns that there would at least be some groups or clubs equipping themselves with large ordinance, sharing the cost and maintenance, getting together for training days and exercises. Like a real proper 21st century well regulated militia.

Can I get a .50cal AR15?

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Hot take indeed

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turns out this kook is a gun owner living in a gated community with almost zero crime. I guess her guns are not as dangerous as yours.

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I feel like this joke was stolen from me. Then again I probably stole it too.

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the based leaf returns


>Aussie IP
>doesn't understand English Vocabulary
Ching Chong.

You did see the red maple leaf, right?

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Having guns is a fundamental human right.

p.s. Shitskins are not humans.

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The funny thing is I'm full retard lefty on most things. I just really like guns.

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goyim are not human


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>didn't stop women's suffrage
>didn't stop Hart-Celler act
>didn't stop Obamacare
>didn't stop $30 Billion yearly to israel
>didn't stop trannies from teaching your kids to masturbate
>didn't stop bugchasers
What's the point? It's like you are waiting for a revolution that will never come.

See, shit like this is why jews have been persecuted in every fucking society throughout history.

For different reasons

>It's like you are waiting for a revolution that will never come.

That's part of it. Since we have guns the government can't oppress us in the same way as with an unarmed populace. That law was written before mk ultra type research, I'm not sure the founding fathers envisioned unaccountable government agencies using subtle conditioning techniques to convince men to cut their dicks off and women to vote for endless browns to flood in.

If you can't load a gun in seconds from muscle memory then you are not a safe gun owner.

ive been bamboozled

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It was a bamboozle for the great good, nippon-san