For the Christcucks

You wake up tomorrow morning thinking and find yourself at the pearl gates and God says

>user, why were you so hateful?
>why did you speak such hatred against my chosen people?
>didn’t I tell you to love your neighbor as yourself?
>all are allowed into the kingdom of heaven, but you hated my children, your brothers and sisters
>black, brown, yellow, or Jew it doesn’t matter to me

What do you say?

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Fuck multiculturalism lmao then I'd do a fortnite dance and say I drove my car through a mosque because my GPS fucked up.

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>love your neighbor as yourself
didn’t realize that meant being deceitful

The kikes are evil because they hate Christ, not because they have a large nose

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>user, why were you so hateful?
I have tried to minimize it as much as possible, but it is in my nature; it is what I was born like, and presumably an essential part of my soul. Do not blame me for defects in your design.
>why did you speak such hatred against my chosen people?
I have not. I have spoken hatred against you. The actions advocated in your book are morally unacceptable, and you fail to impress me.
>didn’t I tell you to love your neighbor as yourself?
You didn't tell me a damn thing. You sent some pedophiles with white collars to deliver that message and you expect me to use them as a valid resource? Either speak to me directly or don't expect me to take your message seriously.
>all are allowed into the kingdom of heaven, but you hated my children, your brothers and sisters
I have not. I hate only those who claim to hold immeasurable power yet choose to propagate suffering as I have seen in the world.
>black, brown, yellow, or Jew it doesn’t matter to me
You might want to edit that book of yours and get your believers in shape, then.


How To Be Saved And Go To Heaven When You Die

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>morally unacceptable

I'm guilty, my Lord.

God is morally inept. He even loses a moral argument to Abraham in Genesis.

well, im a catholic and I find your answers acceptable. Thanks for doing the thought experiment.

God will understand. Faggot. He's the all knowing. I cant decipher the layers and layers of bullshit you've bestowed upon me. All i know is you deserve hell.

And you're gonna fucking get it.

>well, im a catholic

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>15Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world. 17And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.

Wake up and realize Jesus was the first zombie.

Does that technically mean Satan is red pilled

God didn't say give all your shit away because its nice and you deserve niceness. He said give it away because its useless. Like you.

Chad Taoists realize big sky mommy just gives birth to creation and doesn't judge shit

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Typical deceptive jew

Jesus loves you

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God fuck you. Love is more distructive then hate and you have proved that

I'd just remind Him that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came to Earth not to bond people together, but to split them, stating He was the sword that would do so.
Niggers and arabs are killing my brothers and sisters, and they are sent by the Jews, that's why I hate them

Based. But Christcucks only please

19But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak. 20For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you.

I do love christianity more then i do love the hypocritical atheism so maybe i join into to christianity again.

>for all who believe in thing
We're getting the top tier kikes in here tonight, boys.

>What do you say?

>O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee, and I detest all my sins because of Thy just punishments, but most of all because they offend Thee, my God, Who art all-good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace, to sin no more and to avoid the near occasions of sin.

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Atleast christians are million times smarter then atheist ever where.

thanks for fixing it all along god
now fuck off and die

Simple apology for your transgressions isn’t good enough, nigger. You’re b& to hell

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cringe ass retard.

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Oh yes, thou merciful God.
Judge my actions in terrestrial years and punish me for unending eternity. Truly thou art a God of justice. The scales are truly balanced in a fair manner. Totally not a way to motivate peasant retards through fear.


In that case I would beg forgiveness for my incorrect understanding of His Word.

Does not help your cause.

>linking a song

Shouldve linked hallelujah instead Jewish faggot

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No, he doesn't. By putting his son on the altar, Abraham gave him up as an offering, making Isaac God's property. By then returning Isaac to Abraham, God puts an entire bloodline, a family tree, onto the earth which can truly be called "his people" in the most literal sense of the term. All who originate from Isaac's seed literally belong to God. In doing this, God fulfilled his original promise to Abraham.

God didn't "change his mind" at the last minute, nor did Abraham talk him out of it. He knew exactly what he was doing from the start. If you don't care to read and understand the story, that's your problem.

"You obviously haven't been paying attention to the world you made and your 'chosen people's if you have to ask me why I was hateful of them."

I'd question whatever the fuck someone slipped in my drink to give me visions of the anti-christ because these fruits fucking reek.

But user isn’t all of God’s creation beautiful and made in his image?

>What do you say?

depends on what the situation is but if someone crosses the line with me, they started it, and i'm not wrong for defending myself or anyone else.

and then the jew declares war on God and burns heaven thy say my name

I try everyday to be nice and avoid hate. I treat everyone kindly but sometimes feel frustration and anger in my heart towards others. I self reflect and pray on it each day. If I’m questioned at the end I can say I put some effort than nothing at all. The vitriol I sometimes display online is hard to quit. It’s easy to forget I’m communicating with other people and I feel guilt over it. I use language I would never use towards anyone online. I don’t jnow if anyone feels this way too but it bothers me

What kind of God makes niggers and fails to give them any sense of intelligence or reason?
What kind of God make Jews who actively hate all others people's on the planet and think they are beneath the dirt under their feet?
A God who must be imperfect like his creation.

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I know i am faggot. But my name is Johannes in old North African it only means a person who has turned into their original faith. I use be satanist, pagan, jewish and now christian for philosophical and religious reasons this is the third time i am a christian.

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What a profoundly stupid statement. Name one Christian who has beaten a reputable atheist in debate? Matt Dillahunty has stomped everyone thrown at him. Pick any well-known Christian, Muslim, or Jew faggot, and I can guarantee you he's completely annihilated them. Shit, YouTube fags have been making a mint off of refuting religitard claims for years. Normally, I wouldn't give a shit about theists vomiting their bile, but the nonsense you've just posted is beyond retarded. Please tell me you're a Pakistani Mudslime? I couldn't bear it if you weren't. That would mean that there are actually white people who are that fucking dumb.


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Attached: 11.jpg (1024x968, 280K) I am pretty sure no matter what philosophies we learn this still the end times.


I say, must be lonely in there mate

Sure an afterlife is cool, but how about dying and just finally being able to fucking sleep?

No matter what you say.
No matter how much i hate christians and atheists. When you call finnish people white people. You are giving us more power then you are giving to jews when you trying contract their demons. Belial loves you.

It wasn’t hate that guided my mind. It was love for my nation and justice of the world. I accept my judgement for holding everyone accountable and wanting to protect a culture you god yourself created and flourished to create beautiful things in this world. When you gave me the mental capabilities to see these beautiful things at risk, I had to hold a mentality of protecting those things.

Go visit a mosque during friday noon

Cautious avoidance of niggers for personal safety reasons is not hate.

each race for better or worse, greater or smaller, have had their purpose under this sun. in the end after the resurrection and judgement the talk of race is kind of goofy as we will not be embodied as we are now. so basically OP is gay

I am maybe a very drunk person. But what everyone with little bit brainsels knows or should know about atheism is this: Atheism is not any better then any religion.
Atheism works with group narcissism. Nobody in this world can make atheist think outside the box of philosophical group narcissism. Atheism work really like a massive religion. Atheism also has almost as much followers as islam. Still atheist are always crying how stupid most people are for following islam and christianity in massive billion people sheep groups. If anybody tries to tell a atheist about thinking outside the box. They are the ones who will seem like a fucking idiot to atheists. I use think that christian's where stupid. But they are most times much smarter then atheists.
I really hate islamists. But today i hate atheist much more because atheists own massive hopycrisies and blindness to their own stupidity is almost non real. In a strict religion you say something again's the religion you are sinner and go to Hell. Atheism do not see itself as a religion. So you say something agains atheism you are stupid and need to die so that world can become better. Atheism is like the most horrible communism that most normies will never see as communism. But it really kinda is.

This is a comment i try to post many times but philosofical atheism group narcist deletet. So i will just post it so long that somebody will see my opinion about atheism.

This is why i like you fins you just trying to get by and enjoy life. Like you might be crazy drunks but you guys actually look happy in spite of the terrible snow demons that haunt your lands. Like you understand that a big ego is the downfall of greater men and would rather just start and Finnish. Like spurdo is muh spirit amimnal. That's life. Being in to much of a blissful jolly stupor to give a fuck about dilusions of idealology. You guys just living for the weekend

I use to believe in atheism more then i did to christianity but the older i get the more i believe that maybe christians where right all these years.

I hate these threads. These 'Hey Christfag what if God met you and believed literally the opposite of everything He claims to. I bet you'd feel pretty stupid huh?'. Its like some reverse revenge fantasy for the propagator of globalhomo, often done in webcomics too. He gets to see God exalted [in his imagination] punishing the Christian for being sinful [bigoted] without actually believing any of it to be real. Its merely 'Oh, your God claims I am unrighteous? Well what if He punished you for being 'unrighteous'?'

Its exhausting.

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"Why did you allow such vile people to be your Chosen, Mr God?" Yes. For a long time in Finland i talked about the immigrands causing trouple nobody believed now they do believe but they still call me a nazi. I dont care i talk about the end of the world and why all of us need to build bomb shelters. They still call me crazy. When will these people learn. The anwser is never.

I honestly didn't ever think any of this was real.
I was "alive" down there, but it all felt so empty. Fake dreams from a fake company ran by people who wear layer, after layer of masks/
Now that I'm here, I can see clearly you are God. That I was confused, not sure what was going on really. It was a dark time and place. Now that I'm here, I can tell you I haven't died though. I thought I did, but apparently I didn't because I'm here. I really don't even get the point of all of this though. I try not to think too much anymore, or question much. I tried that to a point in life, I realized there wasn't a purpose to it that led anywhere.
IF it's a question of my soul, well it is rather obvious in your presence now my soul had been confused by it all. You are God. This is evident, it's known by all. There is no question, yet in your presence one could question everything and find every truth, just by your presence. I'm not sure how to put that confusing time into words God. It baffles me that things ended up like that. I won't apologize though, I can't say I'm sorry. In those moments, not a single wrong was done. Just the best a wayward confused soul could do with it's heavily limited insight and compromised form. I'm only here before you, because you have already made your Judgement. Ye knew me before I was born, and all of my days, and the thereafter. Were I not here, I would be dead. So thank you for reviving me. I hope to be of service.