Blacks are so good at music i love black music its the best

blacks are so good at music i love black music its the best

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ayo we shakes-pear and sheeeit

ooga booga, nigga nigga, fuck da pigs innit

The fact white women like it just shows they have no taste, no artistic impulse and will follow the herd.

All of the rgeat western art was made by white men. Pajeets and orientals men also made art in their civilizations

blacks made primitive art and still do today - understand that blacks can't think beyond primitive mating rituals and dances and you'll understand any given beyonce video

the jews control media so push the idea that dindu music is a serious artform to try to undermine the west

simple as that, innit

yeah the videos too
i like to watch dj khalid "fuck" his "wife" in black music videos
they got the best music

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I was expecting OP to be Swedish.

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Das rite

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what the heck is black music? like, we all have ears

they're also good at bestiality, fag

Blacks do great jazz.

It was the high caste indo-aryans, not the dravidian hordes that make up the majority of modern poos, who were responsible for the achievements of ancient India.

It’s not blacks that make music, that is a myth. White man never stole music from the black man.
Straight men stole music from gay men, that’s the truth.
It’s not nor has ever been black men making music, it’s gay men some of whom are black.

My sister is dating an upcoming nigerian local rapper.

Bix nood'ing to a drum beat that got mixed in a studio for you because less than one percent of you can actually play an instrument isn't music.

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bet u like it wbite boi

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