Reddit wants to make sure their basedboy constituents vote for whichever democrat wins the nomination in 2020...

reddit wants to make sure their basedboy constituents vote for whichever democrat wins the nomination in 2020. "remember g0y, we must vote democrat in 2020 or hitler will literally win"

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bro i visit the star wars subreddits and its full of people saying the last jedi is great, which is the opposite opinion of what i hear literally everywhere else online and offline. redditcucks are brainwashed s01boy zombies for sure


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imagine posting something like this in earnest


wow thats pretty racist, abolish Nazi voter registration

>I go to and all I get is shills, I don't know what's up with that
Yeah, real strange how that works.

unfortunately the cucks who post there are real people who have been castrated by both the system and their domineering wives who cheat on them while they watch star wars, marvel and play with legos.
it didnt have to be like this

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Le Leddit is basically just fucking astroturfed with the following:


You know, when I first started fucking around on chans, I thought to myself, these are the most obnoxious fucking neckbeards I'll ever run across. Le Leddit proved me totally wrong.

At least there are less pedos on reddit, also trump fucked his daughter

Jow Forums neckbeards are obnoxious but at least they have actual intelligence

true, and its at the point where redditfags will downvote the shit out of anyone who critizies new disney star wars shit even tho its creator, george lucas has denounced it LOL
these cucks are so deluded in their little echo chamber of upvotes and peer pressure

also imagine how disappointed walt disney would be if he realized the same jews he criticized were in charge of all of his creations today

Wtf I love trump now

Somehow three of my family members, who I know to be smart people, are fully on the Marvel/Star Wars sjw fan train. To the point where they immediately get pissed off if I mention something negative about those movies. They are all men over 30, I don't have a fucking clue what they are doing. The SW sequels are objectively bad, even if they are made for kids they are still bad. But somehow people have wrapped up those movies with politics.

what a based and redpilled site

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Lol.. weird to think I used to like Star Wars

I used reddit twice, even being leftist that place is an extreme hugbox. Tried commenting about how I did not like Bernie's polices and just got shoa'd into eternity.

Also if you want civil discussion I recommend bodybuilding forums misc area

Jow Forums neckbeards are at least somewhat intelligent and pretty fucking funny.

Leddit is just a fucking humorless cesspool of dipshits circlejerking endlessly over capeshit, Keanu Reeves, awful new Star Wars movies, Harry Potters and Da Witcher. Oh, and their favorite topic is Big Don T and how he's gonna destroy the fucking planet with his next policy change despite him being a pretty lukewarm fucking conservative.

understandable once you realize its creator sold it before all these disn3y movies that exist now

Thats what they said last time

I used to think hey maybe it changed since 2011, tried it back in 2016... God damn was I wrong, plus the condescending attitude they have towards anyone with differing opinions, of course they are passive aggressive faggots and just downvote you like the cowards they are.

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Right... I used to love star wars favorite part of all time in my honest opinion is the old republic, however show wise I loved the clone wars.

It is very concerning how they destroyed starts just to send a message politically

Side note: Can you people stop posting discord shit on Jow Forums of all places? If I did not want to speak anonymously I would use it. Also political discords of all types are psy ops by the Government to put you on a list. Discord is known for having extreme privacy issues...

d1sn3y is literally run by jews now. no exagerration. the star wars movies after revenge of the sith were all created by jews without any input from the man who created star wars himself

I can still enjoy the older stuff, but the new stuff is terrible. I really don't think it's even an argument, anyone should be able to tell that the writing sucks ass. Also, I was a huge manchild myself until about a year ago so I understand the interest, what I don't understand is how they can be so defensive about them and unable to see their faults. They are not even acting like manchildren, they are acting like actual children.

I was fine with Dave filoni but besides that, sick of star wars and sci fi in general... Space dramas just make me roll my eyes now. The magic is gone.

the leaks subreddit downvotes TLJ haters, but those guys have their own space. saltierthancrait

If it's not Bernie, I'll probably vote for Trump. I'd take him over Biden.

dude, I'd vote for actual space alien invaders the campaign promise culling 75% of the planet, over Biden

If there is one thing everyone agrees on is not voting for biden.

yeah accurate as shit. i visited that subreddit for leaks and its full of weird cucks who act like the last jedi is so good with their stockholm sydrome shit and downvote anyone who challenges them

Make sure if you have an account to post in Reddit threads saying things like "thanks for the reminder, time to vote straight GOP again"

Really riles them up

I liked TLJ.

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Facebook is doing this shit too.

All the Big Tech faggots are on a tear to make sure they get every braindead Dem voter ready.

problem with reddit is its a LITERAL circlejerk and theyll downvote any wrongthink against their s01boy hivemind. thats why its a shitty model for any forum or discussions to imitate

thats fine thats your opinion mate, but u must realize that its creator george lucas no longer has any input in star wars, its all being engineered by literal d1sn3y jews, which walt disney would probably be outraged about as well