What are Jow Forums's thoughts on JQ (the janny question)?

What are Jow Forums's thoughts on JQ (the janny question)?

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what a shocker
A Jew posting blacked porn.


FUCK, I forgot about the IP. Please ignore this thread.

already saved it and will spread in a screencap

The entire block of several subnets: -
Is 100% israeli owned.

More specifically is all owned by the ISP in your pic ie "Partner Communications".

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what do you mean?

this has to be shitpost

My fellow Jewish people need to lead by example when it comes to immigration by opening Israel's borders to love and diversity!

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ya don goofed

It's almost entirely exclusively israeli jews posting blacked stuff.
And when it's not israeli kikes, it's kikes being parasite in europe or merica.

and this same netherlands poster says jewy things ALL THE TIME
Im convinced thats a vpn Israeli.
Cannot simply hide your jewishness.

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I don't know where the servers are located i think in Asian. Jannies need to swift out trolls idk

Whaaat really?

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Holy shit...make a separate thread detailing this

>What are Jow Forums's thoughts on JQ (the janny question)?
((Jow Forums))




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>Jews post blacked.
Exactly, do you recognize the difference in masculinity in blacked porn?
Only if a white wants to be the black guy, the white has to go for even smaller human beeings. Blacked porn is therefore the best pedophile propaganda in the entire porn industry. So, Jews promoting that shit more makes scense.

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oh my god, those comments are gold